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Top 10 mystical cartoons


Cartoons created not only for young children but also for adults. We all remain children, though older.

Cartoons from this collection will appeal to both adults and children – they are mysterious and specific

Typically, the authors of the mystical cartoons leave some innuendo... Unpredictability does not allow to break away from the screen.

You can arrange a perfect weekend to sit comfortably on the couch with popcorn and watch one of the great mystical cartoons!

10. Paranorm or How to tame a zombie 2012

As usual, every team is special man. In the cartoon "Paranorm or How to tame a zombie" is a boy named Norman who can talk to ghosts.

Surrounding guys are not even aware of what the ability has a boy – he's a real psychic!

But must pay for everything – the boy is very lonely and suffers the ridicule of their peers. But they don't know what Norman periodically saves them from death...

As it turns out, not so scary ghosts as adults – they prevent the boy to change his fate, and then there's the ghosts, which adds trouble.

9. Vincent 1982

For some reason, our reality consists of people who come up with another... But it is not always present beauty and happiness.

Vincent Malloy "addicted" to dark fantasies – he wants to find shelter, because even his own mother does not understand his desire and soul...

A kind of mysterious music, black-and-white picture of the carry hero in a frightening world... Here he owns a wax Museum and befriends a dog-zombies.

Of himself he is a brilliant man, but incomprehensible to others. What will come of fantasy Vincent?

8. The Mystery Of Coco 2017

In real life always turns out that the more we want something, the impossible we can get it.

It happened to a 12-year-old Miguel – a young man wanted to write music that brought him fame, but one of my family's rules States that the men of this Mexican family was engaged in repairing footwear. And also they are convinced that music is the curse of their family.

But the fate of the wizard for repairing shoes is not like the boy, he is obsessed by the desire to make music. In secret from his family, he does his passion and listen to the songs of their favorite singer – Ernesto de La Cruz.

Favorite singer of the boy already long dead and meet him, it would seem impossible if not for the traditional Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead, by which Miguel afterlife...

7. Coraline in Country Nightmares 2009

Coraline is a girl who gets the joy of being in another world – an alternate reality.

It all started with the fact that on the threshold of a new home in which the girl moved with her parents, she met a strange boy and gave her a doll that looks just like Coraline.

After this event the girl found the strange closet and was "transported" to a parallel world. Everything here is perfect as she likes, but once the girl realizes that her real parents are in mortal danger for her antics...

The Coraline will have to find a way out of the shadow world and return to reality. Will she be able to do it?

6. The nightmare before Christmas 1993

The town of "Halloween" brings fear and dread, its people exactly like scary monsters, which scared all the children. Sometimes they scare civilians. Everyone tries to do their job well, keeping at Bay all...

Cashing in on the fears of mortals, the inhabitants of the town become real celebrities and even receive some accolades.

Here lives the skeleton Jack, and he was tired of scaring people. He gets to a nearby town, opening a mysterious door called "Christmas". At the head of celebration and joy!

The skeleton decides to bring something similar in your town. For implementation of the plan, Jack kidnaps Santa Claus, and wanting to give pleasure, but I'm not sure the residents of Halloween will love it...

5. Monster house 2006

The guys name is DJ, Jenny and cheddar, I love adventures and exciting adventures. And tucks them something interesting – Mr. Nebbercracker living in the house opposite, a very mysterious and attracts guys.

During the game happens by accident, and the friends are forced to be on the territory of the old man.

The ball flew toward the house mystery man, was found DJ and almost went with another zone, but Mr. Nevercenter had a heart attack after he spotted the boy.

The house keeps a secret and friends have to unravel it...

4. Corpse bride 2005

Nineteenth century European village. Victor is dragged into the underworld... and all this "work" of the dark forces. They forcibly marries a young man on a strange Corpse Bride, but he already has a fiancee, and her name is Victoria. She waits for her beloved in the world of the living.

Life in the Kingdom of the dead is much better and more interesting the life he led in his own world, but Victor has only one love and he will never exchange her for one of the most beautiful alternative world...


Boy Victor loves his dog Sparky and considers him a friend. But the misfortune happens – Sparky falls under the wheels and killed.

Victor FRANKENWEENIE a very smart boy and is well versed in the natural Sciences. He's not going to accept what had happened and he manages to bring back Sparky to life! But is it a good experiment?

Despite the fact that two best friends are together again, the boy's parents and neighbors why not experience the delight of what is happening...

2. Transylvania 2012

Count Dracula loves his little daughter and wants to hide it away from people. For her, for himself and all the monsters he built a wonderful hotel. Dracula called his hotel "Transylvania", and it is a place where people won't find it...

But the hotel accidentally hits a young traveler. Disaster struck – a young man falls in love with Mavis...

The count Dracula appears the goal is to drive the traveler from your hotel, but Mavis and Simon love each other and they have to establish a relationship between the two different worlds. Get it from lovers?

1. The book of life 2014

Mexicans believe that on the Day of the dead other world can enter the world of mortals. They are convinced that the two worlds overlap, and no one knows what can happen in this day...

Just this mysterious day adventures of cartoon characters: Manuel, Joaquin and Maria. Boys have long been in love with Mary...

In Mexico there is a realm called "the Forgotten" is dead, no one remembers. There is another, it is called "Unforgotten" is, on the contrary, those whom I remember to this day.

The rulers of the worlds "Remembered" and "Forgotten" to conclude among themselves a bet, which involves three characters. The one who will win the love of Mary, and will bring victory to one of the rulers.

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