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Top 10 cult horror movies


People will always love horror movies for the adrenaline rush while watching and a pleasant sense of relief and relaxation when on the screen start to go the final credits.

And while the demand is there, producers invent increasingly ingenious methods to scare the audience.

In good horror films always worked out the villain and interesting Central characters to, in the case of an accident, the viewer could feel for the hero.

We have compiled a list of 10 cult horror movies that will make you watch the movie, holding their breath and closing their eyes to the most horrible moments.

10. The mist 2007

The film, loosely based on the book by Stephen king "the Mist". Directed by Frank Darabont, and the movie is loved by many viewers for the surprise ending of the film.

The story develops within the supermarket, where they stuck a group of buyers. The fact that the city fell thick and impenetrable fog through which could be seen only a frightening shade of extraterrestrial organisms. The people unanimously decided to wait out the fog and wait for help from the authorities.

Soon, however, the people covers a wave of panic: someone wants to get out of the supermarket, someone starts Orthodox preaching, persuading frightened people that came upon them God's punishment and someone's trying to come up with ways to survive.

9. The exorcist 1973

The film's tagline States that this is the worst movie of all time. The plot revolves around famous actress and her daughter. For unknown reasons, the girl starts to behave strange and even frightening. Mother trying to find help, turning first to doctors and then to the priest.

Doctors say that the girl is mentally ill, but to diagnose and prescribe treatment, they can not. The priest is convinced that the girl's body was seized by the devil and suggests an exorcism.

8. Rosemary's Baby 1968

The Director of the movie by Roman Polanski, and the style of the film asks the viewer to pray for rosemary's baby.

The plot revolves around a young family Woodhouse who are trying to have a baby, but all their attempts will not succeed. Then rosemary and her husband guy decided to move to Bramford to change the situation. In the new house they quickly get acquainted with the neighbors who are obsessive offer their company and friendship.

Soon rosemary has a dream in which her husband was possessed by the devil, rapes the wife. A few days later the girl learns that she is pregnant, and his neighbors begins to classify satanic cult.

7. From dusk till dawn 1995

The famous film by Robert Rodriguez, in which the main roles were played by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino.
The story of the film revolves around two brothers who Rob a Bank and then hiding from the police, take hostage of the priest and his family.

Fleeing to the American border, the brothers decide to spend the night at the nearest Motel, but on the eye they come across a bar. The bar and begins a murderous action, when one of the brothers decides to start a fight with the regulars.

6. Misery 1990

Another film based on the works of Stephen king. The main roles in the film played the inimitable Kathy Bates and James Caan.

Caan played writer Paul Sheldon, who was known for his stories about the girl misery. However, the way misery so tired of the writer that in the last book he kills your character, to start a new story with interesting characters.

Once Sheldon gets in a snowstorm and crashes his car. He regains consciousness in an unfamiliar house, but doesn't remember who saved him.

The hostess – Annie Wilkes, a long – time fan of Sheldon's books, and most of all she loved the heroine misery, which the writer not long ago was killed in his book.

5. Dracula 1992

This movie can be considered iconic if only just for the cast: Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins and Keanu Reeves.

The events of the film take place in the late 19th century and tells the viewer about a young couple. Jonathan loves his bride, but is forced to temporarily leave the work in Transylvania. After a count Dracula wishes to buy a house in London, and the Jonathan, as a young lawyer, agrees to advise.

Of course, the viewer knows who is the famous count, however, Jonathan does not even know with whom he will soon have to meet.

4. A nightmare on elm street 1984

This film is terrible even one of his ideas: being locked in his own dream, and try to escape from bloodthirsty maniac. Even the rare nightmares affect the human psyche, to say nothing of constantly repeating nightmares?

High school students pursue the dream in which they are chased by a disfigured man and tries to kill. Soon students realize that if the maniac will kill them in their sleep, they die in reality. Children have few sleepless nights to figure out how to escape from their pursuit of a maniac.

3. The shining 1980

Stephen king, Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson is a good set to create a cult horror film. Therefore, even after 40 years, scenes from the film make the blood freeze in his veins.

The story develops in a secluded hotel comes Jack TORRANCE to work as a caretaker. Together with Jack at the hotel to settle his wife and son.

Torrens'm sure had never seen this hotel and especially it it never lived. However, nightmarish reality soon greatly surprised the man.

2. Sleepy Hollow 1999

The Director of "Sleepy Hollow" is Tim Burton, and starring role in the movie performed by johnny Depp.

The story of the small town of Sleepy Hollow, which began a series of mysterious murders. All of the victims beheaded by the sword, the headless horseman, and Crane Icabod need to find the killer. Of course, before making sure that the headless horseman is not a local tale, but the real scary reality.

1. Alien 1979

As you know, in outer space did not hear sounds. But because the film evokes the horror, claiming that in space our cries no one will hear.

The time period of the film – distant future in which people are free to travel through space with scientific expeditions.

One day, returning from a mission to Earth, the pilots of the ship to catch the signal from an unidentified planet. Following the onboard instructions, the crew lands on an unknown planet in search of the source of the signal.

But they only find a mysterious black cocoons, which at first glance does not pose any danger. But this is only at first sight.

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