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Top 10 ranking of the best mascaras for lashes


Thick eyelashes are the ideal frame for a female opinion. But what if you are not lucky to become the owner of amazing lash? The solution was found by women thousands of years ago – special formulations for coloring. The modern version of the carcasses appeared relatively recently – just over a century ago. In ancient Egypt, the eyelashes were applied a mixture of burnt almonds, graphite, powder of antimony and honey. Instead of brushes used sticks of bone. In our days there are a huge number of different mascaras: lengthening, adds volume and thickness, water-resistant and the caregiver. Now women are concerned with another problem – how all of this diversity to choose the right product. A rating of the best mascaras for eyelashes, which will make the look expressive and not be deceived expectations?

The review will be presented to best products for eyelash out of the mass market and luxury.

10. Oriflame The ONE Eyes Wide Open

The Swedish company has long established itself as a manufacturer of good inexpensive makeup. She has products that can compete with luxury brands. One of them – this mascara, which is, as promised, has the effect of increasing the eyes. All the matter in the ergonomic shaped brush that separates the lashes, lengthens them and twisting, creates a graceful curve. The mascara allows your lashes don't look heavy even after applying the third coat. It is quite resistant, but not printed on the eyelids and flaking. A large number of positive feedback allows her to enter the list of the best products for eyelashes.

9. Essence Lash Princess volume mascara

The mascara brush has a curved shape with an interesting name "cobra brush". It allows you to carefully paint over each cilium. On the one hand, the brush has short bristles on the other – authenticity.

The ink according to the manufacturer as the volume and with the task it copes excellently. In addition, it lengthens lashes and separates them well. For the excellent result product from Essence takes the ninth place in the ranking of the best mascaras for eyelashes.

8. Maybelline NY the Colossal Go Extreme

The big brush allows you to get more mascara and paint over the lashes with the first time. Collagen formula helps to create volume lashes and leaves no clumps.

7. Max Factor Masterpiece Max

The volume four times as much with one stroke of the brush – this promises this mascara. In addition, it refers to persistent products. Mascara is not showered, does not leak, lasts a long time and it does not contain in its composition any aggressive substances. It is suitable for people with sensitive eyes. For quality and great effect of thick, voluminous and curled eyelashes to seventh place in our ranking of the best mascaras.

6. Vivienne Sabo Cabaret premiere

Company Vivienne Sabo proves that in the segment of inexpensive cosmetics, you can find a product that rivals famous luxury brands. Mascara Vivienne Sabo has made, without exaggeration, the furor. She creates true magic on the lashes. Oblong brush with small bristles gaining exactly the right amount of mascara to paint over the lashes the first time. To give a more dramatic effect mascara should be applied two to three layers. It does not stick eyelashes and leaves no clumps, lasts a long time and not fall off. The color of ink does not become paler in the course of the day. Another advantage premiere Cabaret – low price. The product is undoubtedly worthy to be among the best mascaras for eyelashes.

5. Guerlain Maxi Lash Volume So

This is a great mascara can achieve the effect of thick, fluffy lashes and perfect separation. All this thanks to a special brush, which increases the maximum lengthens lashes, giving the look of incredible depth.

4. Givenchy Noir couture volume mascara


Among the best mascaras not to mention the company's products Givenchy. This mascara makes your lashes expressive thanks to the special brush with dual bristles. The black part gives the desired volume, and the white gently separates and combs the lashes. In addition, the composition of the carcass and includes nourishing ingredients that protect and strengthen lashes. It is famous for its rich and deep coal-black hue. Those who value and appearance of decorative cosmetics, of course, like lacquered case ink, embellished with tiny prisms. It is a real jewelry.

Our rating for quality mascaras for eyelashes the top three positions occupied by the products of world famous brands. And it's not the big names or price – and often quite inexpensive mascara are not worse than the Deluxe. But still products for eyelashes these manufacturers have a huge number of positive reviews for the quality, appearance and care components in its composition.

3. YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils

Have mascaras from Yves Saint Laurent once had one drawback – they quickly dry up. But this problem was successfully overcome, and now their products again pleases connoisseurs of this famous brand.

Special complex "three-layer films" allows you to give your lashes incredible volume and length. Mascara provides a uniform coating of the eyelashes, not stick them and bending stresses. It creates a waterproof veil which permanently fixes the color. Well-deserved third place in our list of the best products for eyelashes.

2. Dior Addict IT-Lash

The second place unmatched expert in the world of luxury cosmetics companies Dior. The box carcase is made in the style of the famous line of products Addict and looks a little unusual, because all used to seeing this design have lipsticks and glosses from Dior. Large silicone brush neatly separates the lashes, separating them at the same time. The ink dries quickly and holds, not showering for 10-12 hours. While it is well removed from the eye cosmetics, such as micellar water.

1. Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

The leader among the best products for mascara was mascara, which for several years pleased with its quality. It satisfied most of the buyers and plan to buy it again (according to the information taken from various blogster and reviews). Brush in it, called Snowflakes (translated as "snowflakes"), consists of short and long bristles that allows you to paint over the most inaccessible cilia. It makes the eyes look more open and gives it depth. Applied in one coat, the mascara gives lashes a natural look, and with its overlaying is possible to achieve dramatic effect.

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