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10 of the most brutal actors in Hollywood


The recent European trend spread to cinema – increasingly we are seeing on the screens coddled "henpecked", which is more concerned with the color of the scarf and style coat than the salvation of mankind from disaster.

Women miss the images of real men, and the children stopped to see the brutal and daring characters of most of these heroes, who want to imitate.

We present to you 10 Hollywood actors "" on your shoulder which you can really rely on.

10. VIN Diesel

Remember this bald abahu? A pile of muscles and charming smile, but also a special charisma makes an actor popular to this day.

Wines shot through the Afterburner, after which he actively began to entice prospective blockbusters.

Also Diesel has become the face of many well known magazines, advertised brands are for real men. The brutal success of the actor cemented and other movies: "the Chronicles of Riddick" and "xxx".

Wife "bully" Diesel took to himself not a simple modest girl, Mexican model and as a real man, patched with her three heirs.

9. Hugh Jackman

Famous Hollywood actor fascinated both female and male audience with his dramatic, bold and charismatic character Wolverine from the Saga "X-Men".

In the life of Hugh of the same bristly and vicious as his famous character. Not surprising, because the actor had to literally fight for their lives, step by step, overcoming Oncology.

Despite the difficulties, Jackman likes the adoration of the crowd and social life, so he boldly wears a tuxedo on the red carpet. The actor also shares that he loves to spend time with old friends.

8. Daniel Craig

Not long ago, the famous actor of the James Bond series celebrated its anniversary. Advanced age does not impact on the popularity and demand of the actor, on the contrary, wisdom and experience gave him more courage and charm.

Daniel charms the beautiful half of humanity for its stubborn and bold eyes, and strong cheekbones. But non-appearance is not everything. Craig has repeatedly caught in a Sorority, so it stuck for the glory of this brutal playboy.

The actor was married several times, and now is married to a real beauty – actress Rachel Weisz. Also Daniel is an avid fan of the manly football team "Liverpool".

7. Colin Farrell

Brutal actor with a gorgeous beard was brought up in rigor in a religious family. Since childhood, he was forced to play by the rules, to go to study there, which indicate parents. For the latter, it was surprising how the boy-Catholic suddenly neither from that nor from this there was a desire to go to Hollywood to star in not the most moral films.

For example, Colin not once caught in the company of various women, as evidenced by very piquant videos.

Failed Catholic, Farrell is proud of his exploits on the love front. Despite the image of a brutal macho, not associated with any obligations, Colin single-handedly raising her child, and along the way manages to star in these men's films.

6. Mickey Rourke

In his youth, the actor was a true Hollywood darling – his name was on a variety of social events, where you're free to squander dollars and absorb the alcohol out of shoes models.

Spoiled by popularity and female attention, Rourke at some period of life flew off the rails and began to harm society. And then news surfaced that actor somewhere to fight, to Adabashian or drunk.

Through several years of brutal Rourke squeezed all his will into a fist and was able to push off from the bottom, which turned out to be. He triumphantly returned to the world of cinema, and replaced the gloss and kolenati came omotenashi life and stubble.

5. Gerard Butler

Few people do not know this "Spartan" Butler, who does not descend from pages of magazines about the most men. The actor organically is the image of the bastard and brutality, as well as a loving and caring family man.

In the time Butler has faced with alcohol, obbivaya thresholds of the local English bars. In the record of the actor can be found not only courageous movies with blood and sweat, but also tearful melodrama, by which Gerard and gained popularity among the fair sex.

By the way, brutal actor really looks good in a beard and stubble. The actor now boasts more than 40 roles in films of various genres.

4. Denzel Washington

Twenty years experience in film and many of the heroic roles was reflected in the appearance of Denzel – few would recognize his splendor and masculinity.

Washington is called to save all the wretched, from the passengers of the train, and ending with humanity as a whole.

A breakthrough for the actor was the film "Glory" in 1989, where he received the role of a soldier Trip and well-deserved Oscar.

3. Jason Statham

The actor still can not lose popularity, and is gaining her frantic pace. This is surprising, because outwardly, Jason little remarkable – bald, small in stature with the regular features.

However, women spotted in his appearance and the brutality of manhood after the film series "Carrier".

Jason now played in over 40 films, and most of all was implemented in the crime genre.

Statham not engaged with anyone, and with a young model (under a 50-year-old Jason for 20 years).

2. Tom Hardy

The actor has a classic English appearance with her usual gallantry and chill. In his 40 years That continues to fall in ratings of the most attractive men in Hollywood.

In his youth, hardy was also pugnacious, getting into adventures along the way dreaming of a great movie. And now for an actor there are eccentricities – for example, recently it seemed the paparazzi in a negligee.

1. Bruce Willis

Completes the rating of a memorable retrosexual, Bruce Willis. "Die hard" doesn't seem to split the anyone – his heroic images so powerfully into the world of cinema that even the younger generation avidly reviewing old blockbusters.

Bald, with a sly and charming smile, calm and confident look – he really can be trusted with the salvation of the entire planet.

Interestingly, the famous Hollywood brutaly now the weight of gold, so are still in demand and highly paid, even despite its age.

They are always hovering around attractive girls, and the producers shaking in front of his nose lucrative contracts to film in films and serials.

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