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Top 10 common stamps in the series


When Russia began to show soap operas, many women were crazy. A beautiful story about love. On the way characters face many trials, they suffer, but in the end you get what you wanted. Of course, in life everything is much more prosaic and easier, and women can not live without romance and feelings.

That's only if you seriously get involved in the series, will soon cease to enjoy them. Even if occasionally watch them, there is a feeling of deja vu. It seems that all this has already been shown more than once.

Indeed, why invent new, if there are proven scripts that the viewer definitely will like. Is a remake the story, and a new series is ready.

The most common stamps in the series.

10. The heroine is pregnant by her lover, but he hides a lot from her

This story will be of interest to every woman. Of course, if she's watching her for the hundredth time. Girl falls in love, then realizes that she is pregnant.

Male scenario or a bastard, or die. With the second option everything is clear. Here the main character can only sympathize. The second option is much more complicated. He can be married, in that case no need to worry, in the end his wife will die and he will get the main heroine. If he's cheating on her, the main character will support his friend.

Still, the series with this story will always be popular, women like to look at the suffering of others. They understand that their life is not so bad and, at least for a short time, forget about their problems.

9. Modest girl and "star" school – the best couple

Everyone knows that the most handsome and rich boy will get a modest girl. Another option – a successful businessman who got fed up with the girls of model appearance and decided to marry a hick from the countryside. Nothing she is poorly dressed, he will buy her the most expensive dress. Lack of education is also handsome not bother most importantly she is a pure soul.

Why is this serial stamp so fond of women? Quite simply, many of them brought up on fairy tales. Remember Cinderella?

Girls want to forget about your gray existence and find yourself in a fairy tale. In life this rarely happens.

8. A hick comes to conquer the capital

How many TV series filmed on this topic! The girl from the village or small town comes to the capital. She meets a Prince from a fairy tale, but something bad is happening, and she is left alone.

She needs to overcome many challenges: lack of housing and work, cold and hunger, bullying colleagues, blatant harassment of men around (especially the intemperate the chiefs of these girls). In
the end of the series it will achieve the desired. Apply for a job, buy an apartment, make registration again and meet her Prince.

Unrealistic? Yes, but very interesting.

7. The child will solve all problems

It was the Russian and foreign series taught women to get out of the situation with pregnancy. If a man does not love, is pregnant, and he throws himself at her feet the whole world. However, not always. In some cases, it leaves the woman with her trouble alone.

She has two options: become a single mom or give the baby to an orphanage or something. Anyway, in the end the man realizes that he did wrong, find a woman, they will go to the orphanage and take your adult child.

By the way, very convenient, do not need to spend money on diapers and sleepless nights. Somehow the children in this case meet his lost parents with open arms. Nobody thinks about their feelings.

In fact, it is a very bad idea, it is not necessary to bind man to pregnancy.

6. Any rival of the heroine and evil bitch

The main heroine of the series – a good girl, but her opponent is a real fiend. This woman loves only himself, and from the Prince she need only money and status.

Of course, not all opponents are like this, some like the main character. They all share one thing – foul play. They are trying to seize the man by hook or by crook.

The most popular way to drink a man, and in the morning to say that she is pregnant. He will have to marry a good girl will be left with nothing.

Things happen in life, but even women bitches is not capable of what you show us in the next series.

5. The heroine quarrels with loved ones, lose your phone and can not reconnect with him

This serial stamp makes tele-viewers to think about the mental abilities of the protagonist. If events occur during those times when mobile phones had not heard, to believe the writers can.

But if in the XXI century, does she not know that there are cell phone stores, where it can help? If she lost the phone, why can't she recover SIM card?

Probably, the creators of the series hope that tele-viewers is so striking in the events that they will forget everything and will not focus on such small details.

Still, much experience is not necessary, the story will end well. 25 years later they will meet, and between them again to start up a romantic relationship.

4. Provincial encounters with the bandits, but she is saved by the protagonist

And again about the girl who came to conquer the capital. As soon as she gets off the train, plane, bus, it immediately befall misfortune. It robbed, beaten, trying to rape.

By the way, in every Russian show all the surrounding men can't get past the main character. They all want to rape her. In foreign TV shows that happens less often.

Back to our story. To help the girl comes to a beautiful man, rich and beautiful. He rescues her, and between flashes love.

It is a pity that in real life, you rarely meet such a hero.

3. Go crazy is out!

Another soap cliche. The girl (Yes, talking about the same girl) can't cope with all her problems, and most importantly – with the indifference of the protagonist.

It no more remains, how to go crazy. Besides, she could be blind, deaf, break both legs. Surprisingly, the main character immediately realizes that he's lost treasure. He will come to her, to beg her forgiveness, to confess his love. Then health of the girl miraculously recovers.

Very sorry that method did not work in real life. Who needs blind, deaf and crazy woman? Right, anyone.

2. Province – hopeless place in which nothing

Of course, the series will show not only the capital but also the province. This remote village, in which there is nothing.

Even if it's a small town, there are no shops, beauty salons and other benefits. So the main character can't walk in heels, to wear beautiful clothes. She doesn't know how to behave in a restaurant, and on the rules of decency not even heard of.
Usually the girl will meet a good woman who decides to teach her everything she knows. And she knows very, very much.

1. Love is women's tears

When viewing the series there is a feeling that love is only tears. The main character suffers because of love, crying all the time. She wasn't happy for a single day, only grief and suffering. And all because the main character is a jerk or dead.

Every love story consists of three periods. The first is honeymoon, two weeks of happiness. The second test, this period lasts 20 years or even 30. The main character must survive infidelity, illness, loss of a child, drug addiction. In the third period, fate will reward her for her suffering, she will meet her love and feelings flare up with renewed vigor. It turns out that he has reconsidered his behavior or faked his death. It doesn't matter because everyone is happy. Only true feelings will stand the test of time.

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