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10 exotic fruits that you want to try


Oranges, tangerines, kiwi and other fruits have become also familiar as apples or pears. No need to travel hundreds of miles to try them, just walk to the nearest supermarket. There you can buy more exotic fruits, such as, pomelo or mango.

But in the world more than 200 types of fruits, some of which differ by special taste and scent, worth a try.

10. Carambola

This evergreen tree can be seen in India, Indonesia and Brazil. Its fruits are yellow or green. The shape and size they are similar to peppers.

If they are cut in half, cut the shape to resemble a star. Therefore, this fruit is sometimes called "rain stars".

Ripe fruit is crispy and juicy, not too sweet. The taste is light, floral, kind of. Aroma similar to smell of Jasmine.

They put in the salads, decorate cocktails. In the unripe fruits are very rich in vitamin C. they Smell like cucumbers, the taste slightly sour. The length of the fruit – from 7 to 18 cm and they weigh up to 135 g

9. Pitahaya

To try this fruit in Russia will not work, because they are easily damaged and can not tolerate long transport. And in the fridge they can be stored for more than 4 days.

Other names of this fruit – pitaya, LUN Yang. Also called "dragon fruit", because according to the legend, he came out of the mouth of the dragon. When in battle with people the beast could not spew flames from his heart flew pitahaya. His skin covered with large scales, resembling the armor of a dragon.

It is the fruit of a Liana-type epiphytic cacti that grow in Mexico and America. The white flowers of this plant are disclosed in 1 and 15 days. 35-50 days formed fruit.

A year can collect up to 6 harvests. Most common red dragon fruit, which fruit is red with white pulp. There are fruits with red flesh. But the sweet is yellow with white flesh, they have a unique flavor.

Inside the fruit are many small seeds. Similar in size to the big Apple, but some specimens can weigh from 600 grams to 1 kg. tastes like kiwi with a hint of banana or strawberries.

8. Papaya

The tree, which grows papaya, coconut palm tree. Maturing, they become amber or yellow in color, in form like a melon, but smaller (to 50 cm).

Prepare for various dishes, for which papaya fried or stewed, added to soups, meat and fish dishes. Its taste is characterized differently. The tourists sure she resembles a boiled sweet carrots. Others describe papaya, as a ripe melon. Someone thinks that the taste is a cross between a melon and a pumpkin.

Unripe fruit is not so tasty, they are used for cooking different dishes, for example, when the stuffing of meat. Ripe fruit can be eaten raw, like slices of melon.

7. Passion fruit

The fruits of lianas, round or oval, can be red, green or yellow. It is impossible to try in Russia, because it spoils quickly.

Passion fruit is sometimes called a great grape, because in form it resembles those berries. She has a thick rind, which is located under the jelly-like pulp.

Not the enticing smell. Taste – sweet and sour, tart. But do not eat too much fruit, because they want to sleep.

It is usually cut in half and take out the flesh with a dessert spoon. If it is sour, add some sugar. It usually is cooked pies, jams, juices, added to ice cream and yogurt.

6. Kumquat

It is also called the Golden Apple or Japanese orange. It has an oval fruit, similar to a large plum, up to 5 cm in length. In kumquat sweet edible skin, which has some pulp. Fruits of different colors, from bright yellow to orange.

This is the only citrus that has no nitrates. And it is the smallest citrus. Kumquat smells like lime. Tastes like orange, but a little more sour.

5. Feijoa

This green berry is oblong, not more than 7 cm in diameter. It weighs from 20 to 120 g. the Fruit is eaten whole, with the peel. It is thick and tart. And the pulp of berries soft and juicy, the taste is sour-sweet.

Feijoa shaped like a plum, but, unlike her, they are bright green. On the surface of the skin is small bumps like lemons.

Prepare compotes, jams, salads, wine. If inside the berries, hard white flesh, the fruit is not yet ripe. A ripe fruit it is translucent, and the brown color indicates that the feijoa overdue. These berries contains a lot of iodine.

4. Lychee

It is also called Chinese plum. First evergreen tree 10-30 m in length were grown only in China, but it gradually spread to neighbouring countries.

It grows in clusters, the diameter of the fruit rarely exceed 4 cm, This fruit is always sold together with the branches, because without them it spoils quickly.

Lychees are oval, their length is 2.5 to 4 cm. they Have bright red skin with many tubercles. Under her white flesh. It is watery, jelly-like, very sweet with a slight wine taste. Inside there is a brown pit.

Tastes like grapes with strawberries. They can be a bit astringent if not ripe to gather the fruit. They can be eaten fresh. For this you need to cut the peel with a knife and separate the flesh.

It can be jelly, ice cream, wine, canned in sugar syrup. You can not have a large number of these immature fruit on an empty stomach because it can cause poisoning.

3. Jakfrost

This close relative of the breadfruit tree the largest edible fruit. They grow up to 20-110 cm, can weigh up to 34 kg. the Rind of this fruit has a smell not very nice, but the flesh has a sweet flavor similar to the smell of banana and pineapple.

Unripe fruit green color, they are prepared like vegetables, stewed or fried. Hurrying, they turn yellow. The pulp consists of segments, in which you can find bones. She, too, or yellow, or orange.

At first taste the taste may not like it, but then you get used to it. The flesh is sweet, somewhat similar to a melon. It is eaten fresh, added to desserts and salads.

2. Guava

With one tree you can collect up to 100 kg of fruit. In appearance they resemble a lemon, a pear or an Apple. They are about 10-15 cm in diameter, covered with wrinkled skin. Its color depends on the variety: green or crimson. The flesh can be white or red.

To cook some of the food use unripe fruit, sprinkling them with salt or pepper. Ripe guava tastes like a mixture of pineapple and strawberry. It is eaten along with the peel.

1. Mangosteen

It is also referred to as mangosteen or mangosteen. It is round fruit with diameter from 3.5 to 7.5 cm. it has a thick purple rind, which is edible. Under it is a few cloves, resembling garlic cloves.

There was little flesh, but it is very juicy, tender and elastic. The taste is difficult to describe because it is unique: sweet, but slightly sour. Everyone describes it differently: someone thinks that it looks like grapes, someone he seems to like strawberries.

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