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10 most famous bridges in the world


The bridge is amazing invention. People always wanted to explore unknown territory, and even the river did not become a hindrance to him — he created bridges.

Once it was a primitive design, helped to overcome only a narrow river. However, with the development of science is complicated and arrangements. The bridge has become a real work of art and a miracle of engineering, allowing you to cover distances.

10. Bridge Vasco da Gama (Lisbon, Portugal)

This structure is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Europe with a length of more than 17 thousand meters. The name comes from the fact that the "start" of the bridge coincided with the anniversary of 500 years of European discovery of the sea route to India.

Bridge Vasco da Gama is well thought out. In creating it, the engineers took into account the opportunity of bad weather, earthquakes up to 9 points, the curvature of the bottom of the Tagus river and even the spherical shape of the Earth. Moreover, the construction does not violate the environmental conditions in the city.

During the construction of the bridge on the coasts remained a clean environment. Even the light from the lighting devices is configured to not to fall into the water, thereby not breaking the existing ecosystem.

9. The old bridge (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

In the 15th century the town of Mostar's Ottoman Empire was divided into 2 banks connected by only hanging swaying in the wind bridge. During the development of the city was necessary to establish a strong bond between the two towers, separated by the river Neretva. Then the people asked for help from the Sultan.

For the construction of the Old bridge took 9 years. The architect designed the structure so thin that people were afraid even to ascend to it. According to legend, the developer of the project for three days and three nights sat under the bridge to prove its reliability.

In 1993, during the war, the Old bridge was destroyed by Croatian fighters. This event shocked the entire world community. In 2004, the structure was rebuilt. This had to fold to each other in the ruins of the former, and the blocks to carve manually as it was done before.

8. Harbour Bridge (Sydney, Australia)

Harbour bridge, or as it is called by the Australians, "hanger" — one of the longest bridges in the world — 1149 m. Made of steel, rivets in it six million. The harbour bridge has cost Australia dearly. The toll it drivers pay $ 2. The money goes to the maintenance of the bridge.

On New year's he used for the spectacular fireworks show. But the object is interesting not only in winter – the rest of the time on the construction of guided tours for tourists. Since 10 years, people can climb the arch and have a look at Sydney from a height. It is completely safe and is under the supervision of an instructor.

7. Rialto Bridge (Venice, Italy)

One of the symbols of Venice. In its place since the 12th century was built a wooden transitions, but collapsed due to water or fire. In the 15th century once the crossing it was decided to "bring to mind". Michelangelo himself offered his sketches for the new bridge, however they were not accepted.

By the way, throughout the history of the Rialto bridge, it is constantly traded. Today there are more than 20 shops. It is interesting that even Shakespeare mentioned the Rialto in "the merchant of Venice".

6. Chain bridge (Budapest, Hungary)

This bridge over the Danube river connected the two cities – Buda and pest. At the time of its construction was considered a miracle of engineering, and span was one of the longest in the world. The architect was the Englishman William Clark.

Interestingly, the bridge is decorated with sculptures of lions. Exactly the same sculptures, but more size, then put in the UK.

5. Charles bridge (Prague, Czech Republic)

Is the calling card of the Czech Republic, filled with many legends and traditions, one of the most beautiful stone bridges in the world.

He was considered one of the longest — 515 metres. The discovery occurred during the reign of Charles IV on 9 July 1357 at 5:31. This date is picked up by astronomers as a good sign.

Charles bridge, surrounded by towers, made in the Gothic style, and is decorated with 30 sculptures of saints. The old tower, which leads to the bridge, is among the most famous Gothic structures.

4. Brooklyn bridge (new York, USA)

One of the most famous landmarks in new York and the oldest suspension bridge in the United States. Its length is 1828 m. At that time, the project of the Brooklyn bridge proposed by John Roebling, was great.

The construction was accompanied by the victims. First, by chance, died himself John. The work was continued by his family. The construction took 13 years and $ 15 million. The names of the family members of Roblingen was immortalized on the building for their unwavering faith and perseverance.

3. Tower bridge (London, UK)

It is a recognizable symbol of great Britain. He remembered always when it comes to London. Includes two towers in the style of Gothic and the connecting gallery for spectators. The bridge is an interesting design — it is both a suspension and a drawbridge. And when breeding gallery with tourists remains in place, and viewers continue to admire the surroundings.

2. The Ponte Vecchio (Florence, Italy)

In Italian, the Ponte Vecchio means "Old bridge". It's really old: built in the mid 14th century. However, Vaccu still "live" it is still actively traded.

Until the 16th century in the Pont-Vaccu traded meat, so there was always a lot of foot traffic. They say the king even overheard people's conversations when walking through the upper hallway of the building. Today the bridge is called "Golden" because the butcher shop was replaced by jewelry.

1. The Golden gate bridge (San Francisco, USA)

This suspension bridge symbol of San Francisco. Its length is 1970 meters. During the "gold rush" in San Francisco sailed UN-crowded ferries, then there is a need to build normal transition.

The construction was difficult: regularly hit by earthquakes periodically stood fogs, rapid ocean currents, and gusts of wind interfered with the work.

The opening of the Golden gate was festive: the movement of cars was stopped, instead, on the bridge were 300 000 pedestrians.

Despite the adverse climatic and seismic conditions, the building has withstood all and still stands today: in 1989, the Golden gate has survived even the earthquake at 7.1 points.

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