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10 best films, according to Francis Ford Coppola


Francis Ford Coppola is a famous American film Director, producer and screenwriter, which very large impact on the development of foreign cinema.

Always wondering what movies most influenced the works of an genius Director: they allow one to better understand his own creative ideas.

In this article, we reviewed ten favorite movies Coppola.

10. Ashes and diamonds1958

The end of world war II, spring 1945. Residents of Poland, which had previously been United by one misfortune and a common enemy, political differences began to kill each other. The country is becoming a "Soviet territory".

Maciek was formerly a student and now he is a brave and skilled fighter who needs to kill is very important for the Communist Resistance. But he's wrong and destroys the lives of ordinary workers, which have nothing to do with party activities.

Now the soldier and his commander forced to flee.

9. The best years of our lives 1946

Three officers of the US army after the end of hostilities returned to their loved ones.

Homer is left without the upper extremities, and his beloved girlfriend, whom he wanted to marry, have a serious test on the strength of her feelings.

Wife of Fred didn't miss much without his wife: when the husband was not, she left from his parents and began to live independently. Besides, Fred has a big problem with money, and to employ it not in a hurry.

Children of ELA for his return were starting to grow up: a former soldier have to re-earn the trust and love of family members.

8. Mama's sons 1953

Adriatica, a small city. After poverty, destitution and other sufferings of war times the inhabitants of Italy are only just starting to have fun, to have a family life, work, and enjoy the sea, sunlight.

However, several of the characters feel frustrated, they want to escape from these places, and as soon as possible. This is a grown-up "Mama's boy", which tend to leave the nest, but I can't do it.

7. The bad sleep well 1960

Koichi Nishi is a young man whose thoughts are busy with dreams of revenge. His father was driven to suicide by the head of the famous land of the company. Nishi wants all the people involved in the crime, was in prison.

Using documents that do not belong, Koichi gets a job in this company. After a while the enemies of the young man start to trust him, he is going to marry Yoshiko, daughter of Vice-President. See the unusual wedding cake, company leaders are beginning to speculate about what awaits them.

6. The bodyguard 1961

The samurai who came in a Japanese city looks very unusual for a samurai: he's a shaggy, poorly trimmed. Local oligarchs who are wanted and under investigation, created in this town, two gangs.

People are very much suffering from the mayhem of criminals and the samurai decides to help them and to reduce the number of members of these gangs. He is employed in one or the other group – and kills the villains, not forgetting its own aims.

5. Singin ' in the rain 1952

This legendary film was made on the basis of old Broadway songs. Popular actor don Lockwood began his career in the usual stuntman and musician.

He has to play with Lina Lamont is a selfish, spoiled and arrogant person. She has no doubt that between her and her partner is having an affair, but it is only a trick of the Studio, allowing the actors to provide additional advertising. Actually Lina is very annoying don, and he is not her next to him.

4. The king of Comedy 1982

Rupert Pupkin – the cheerful loser who has no doubt in his genius. He believes that his destiny is to become a famous comedian. Need only one time to be on stage, and fortune are sure to smile at him.

Daddy asks Jerry Langford, a presenter of the famous evening transfer, permission to speak on the show. But the popular entertainer is not eager to allow its transmission Intrusive mediocrity.

Rupert denied, however, he still did not lose hope and continues to go to his purpose, no doubt in their abilities and talent.

3. Raging bull 1980

Bronski Bull nickname Jake Lamotte, successful in the Boxing ring. Boxing allows you to throw out all his sexual and psychological complexes. Joey's brother Jake, who is his promoter and trainer.

Bruiser has his wife Vicky. He married the girl when she was a teenager. Their family life was unsuccessful: Lamotte did not doubt that his wife is cheating on him. He constantly yelled at her and sometimes even got physical.

Become more flexible Jake did not help even the entreaties of his brother. In the end, the boxer who never learned to control their aggression, very much ruined the relationship with family and friends and was completely alone.

2. The apartment 1960

C. C. Baxter is serving with the new York insurance company. In order to progress through the ranks, he gives the keys to his apartment not only friends who often spend time with mistresses, but to his boss.

When Baxter is still beginning to move up the career ladder, the unexpected happens: he experiences tender feelings to his beloved boss. The girl tries to commit suicide, but XI XI saves her, distracting from further suicide attempts a game of cards and conversation.

1. Sunrise 1927

The woman From the City convinces the Man to arrange the murder of his Wife. The main character is in love with the instigator, so too long to persuade him not necessary. They set an accident on the boat, the Man needs to drown his Wife.

Already in the boat, the protagonist is aware that it is not able to kill a man. The spouse realizes that he wants to do, and runs away when the boat is at the city Wharf. Then a couple to sort things out and eventually reunited again.

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