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Top 10 forgotten participants of "star Factory": then and now


About the "star Factory", the audience heard for the first time in 2002. The show immediately became popular, loved by millions of viewers. Not surprisingly, the project lasted five years. The audience waited for the next season, rooting for new members.

Indeed, the project at that time was the only chance for young performers to break into the world of show business. If a person had no money, but he had good vocal skills, could try myself at the casting of "American idol".

Some artists became famous only thanks to the project. Now successful people, which knows the whole country.

To other fate was not so supportive. Someone got into the project, but immediately took off. Someone became popular, but after a while career went into decline. About them will be discussed in our article about the "former" stars of the forgotten participants of "star Factory". You will learn how a change in their lives since participation in the show.

10. Maria Alalykina

Girl with childhood dreams of becoming a singer. In 2002, she auditioned and got on "Factory of stars". All went as expected Maria. The producers created the group "Factory", Alalykina became one of the participants.

About the independent career of the singer could forget. But the door to the world of show business was opened. The group soon became popular: shot the clip, which was planned tour.

At its peak the girl left the band. The wealth and fame she chose to study at University and marriage. Maria studied to be an interpreter. She married a Muslim, converted to Islam. After 7 years, she divorced with her husband.

She is now engaged in the translation of Muslim sites, and also conducts "Living history", many editions devoted to religion.

9. Irina Ortman

Irina passion for music from an early age. Her father loved art and tried to instill this sense daughter. The girl studied music, have won local contests. She sang in the restaurant. Then moved to Moscow.

Soon she came to the project "Factory of stars-3" has reached the final, became a member of the group "Tutsi". Their song "bestest" was a real hit, however, the only. All subsequent attempts were failures.

In 2010, Ortman went into free swimming. In 2014, she released the album "Plagiarism". Now Irina continues to make music, but the clips do not show on any famous music channel, her songs are not heard on the radio. But the girl can often be seen in popular programs, as a participant and presenter.

8. Arseny Borodin

Participant in the sixth season of "idol." In his native city of Barnaul Arseniy quickly became popular, he performed in clubs, was a participant in many activities.

When Borodin was studying in the 11th grade, decided to go to Moscow, passed the audition and got on the show. He took second place, was the participant of group "Chelsea". The group released several hits, even received the "Golden gramophone". Their hit "Alien bride" was known to the whole country.

Arseniy soon realized that he wanted to try himself in the other direction. He began a solo career, participated in the contest "New wave", became the winner of competition "the Main stage". Borodin has created its own group, but Chelsea did not go away.

He's also involved in music, participating in contests, but the former's popularity can only dream of.

7. Elena Terleeva

Mother Helen worked as a music teacher, a girl with childhood dreams of becoming a singer. After participating in the "Morning star" invited her to Moscow. * Performed at clubs, in addition have managed to provide for themselves, she was not afraid of work.

After some time, Elena decided to take part in the casting. The girl was admitted, she became a member of "Factory of stars-2". * Took second place. She got a lot of fans, it still gave all of myself to music. The song "Take the sun" has long been popular.

In 2010, Helen decided to change the style. Pop music she is traded to the jazz, Blues, funk. Now she has toured in Russia, writes songs, but among popular contemporary artists girls with the same name there.

6. Alexander Kireev

In his childhood Alexander was interested in art, he played in the school theater, singing in the Church choir, and later formed a band. After graduation, he went to Moscow and entered the University of culture and art.

In 2003 Sasha dream came true, he got on "Factory of stars". He was not a winner, but after the project teamed up with other guys. I decided to create a group "KGB". The team lasted two years, after which the audience began to perform solo.

The great success he has not achieved. Now about it no one remembers. But Alexander became a successful businessman, he has his own business.

5. Anton Zatsepin

The boy was born in a creative family, it is not surprising that from an early age he was drawn to art. In 2004, Anton was struck by the jury of the "star Factory-4". He not only sang and danced, but also read his own poem. Took the second place. The song "shorter only Gubin" airplay on all radio stations. Anton has a host of fans, he soon released an album.

Now Zatsepin still can not imagine myself without music, but the triumphant success of well-known songs failed to repeat that success.

4. Alex

Another participant of the fourth "factory of stars". The girl was born in Donetsk. With 11 years began to study singing and dancing, participated in various competitions.

After a few years, Alex was cast, fell in the draft. The dream was close, but the girl was depressed. She wanted to refuse to participate and go home, but the producers turned her down. Alex coped with them and remained. The girl was not the winner, but the project's producer, Igor Krutoy, offered her cooperation. It seemed that ahead of only success, but a conflict with Igor dashed all her plans.

The singer has released several songs, but none of them became widely known. Now about Alex nobody remembers, only in the tabloid press periodically appear her picture. They say she suffers from anorexia and was seriously addicted to plastic surgery.

3. Nikita Malinin

It would be strange if the son of Alexander Malinin did not try himself in the music. That's just Alexander left the family when nick was 2 years old, his father paid him little attention. The boy has not dreamed of show business, he wanted to be a policeman. His mother thought differently, she gave the boy to a music school.

In 2003, Nikita has passed a casting on "Factory of stars-4". The young man won thanks to his talent and hard work, although many believe that the reason for the victory of the steel connection. The song "Kitty" for a long time occupied first place in various charts. Nikita continues to engage in musical activity, but not so successfully as before.

2. Masha Rzhevskaya

The girl came on the show when I was in 9th grade. She came to the audition with her older sister. As fate his sister has not passed, and young Maria noticed. She reached the final, but the prizes went to other participants.

After completion of the project, Maxim Fadeev offered Maria to cooperate. Her story is similar to the story of Alexa. She also quarreled with the producer, released a few songs, but all to no avail.

Still, the "Factory of stars" has not passed for the Rzhev gift, now she's doing music, but not so actively. The girl performs at clubs, in films and involved in interior design.

1. Michael Grebenshchikov

Michael got on "Factory of stars" having a great experience. He had his own band, quite popular, he worked briefly as a DJ. Grebenshchikov did not possess exceptional vocal abilities, but knew how to apply themselves. His "Dancing-obnimancy" became a hit, brought him the love of the audience and popularity.

After touring the "Factory" he was actively engaged in creative work, recorded a few songs. Michael became a permanent member of variety show, it can be seen in the "Big wash", "Army surplus store" and other programs.

Now Grebenshchikov is engaged in producing activities at school Alla Pugacheva, regularly performs in clubs.

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