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10 illusions girls associated with the fairy tale "Cinderella"


Fairy tale "Cinderella" is one of the most favorite in young girls. Although to be honest, many women are still under the impression of this tale.

Beautiful story, where good triumphs over evil, and everyone gets on merit, is irrelevant to real life. But some stereotypes can firmly entrenched in the minds of young dreamers.

Few parents think that "Cinderella" can have a negative impact on the formation of the character of girls. It will again and again indulge in illusions, perceive the world is not what it really is.

We do not encourage you to act radically, this book will continue to take in the children's library a place of honor, but when reading it is not necessary to focus on some details.

The parents sometimes shape the child the wrong perception of reality, saying, "Here's Cinderella worked hard, behaved modestly, and the Prince fell in love with her."

This article will help you understand in what situations one should not focus on. Below are 10 illusions girls associated with the fairy tale "Cinderella".

10. You may not notice the problems and not to react to taunts

Cinderella was not lucky, her mother died early and his father married another woman. The stepmother and her two daughters are constantly mocked the poor girl, she still suffered. Such a sad beginning of a fairy tale. And immediately it becomes clear that Cinderella is good and her stepmother and sisters is bad.

Young readers can "to adopt" methods of Cinderella. You just need to endure all the bullying, ignore the problem, things will get better by itself.

Subsequently, the girl who was reading this tale, you will not be able to stand up for himself, for her, this behavior will become the norm.

Cinderella was able to fight back the stepmother to talk to her father, but she didn't, so it is unlikely that her little groupies will act differently.

9. Happiness lies in the status and wealth

As you read through the stories there is a feeling that happiness is not possible without status and wealth. If you look at what is happening in the world, you'd think a generation raised on "Cinderella".

Material values now for many in the first place. Money and position is all well and good, but happiness is not the point. Health, communication with family, and mutual love are appreciated much more than anything else.

Next time will discuss this story with your daughter, explain to her that money is no guarantee of happiness. Not all rich people are happy.

8. If you like, he will find

Cinderella met the Prince, he fell in love and now looking for her throughout the Kingdom. The girl begins to think that behaving like real men. That's only in real life, these princes can be counted on the fingers. Not the fact that one of them will fall in love with your daughter.

To be happy, not to sit idly by as Cinderella. Otherwise, it may happen that life will have to spend on waiting for the Prince.

In the real world, if a woman gets from a man, he is unlikely to rush after her. He'll think she made a decision, and there will be more to bother her. He was unaware that his beloved decided to test his feelings and play Cinderella.

7. In an expensive and beautiful dress you are the center of the world

Another statement of the tale, which, incidentally, works well. Of course, if the young lady coming to the party Golden youth in the dress of the mass market is unlikely to attract the attention of the Prince. Another thing Armani or Roberto Cavalli. That's just an expensive dress is not a guarantor of everyone's attention.

Many women who can afford things live without love. Around them many men, but none of them had sincere feelings.

You should not rely on the fact that a dress can change a life. It's just a piece of clothing, even if bought for big money.

6. Hard work – the key to success

Cinderella got her Prince because worked very hard. She served her stepmother and her stepsisters, performed the most menial jobs. Be sure to discuss this situation with your daughter.

Let her know that the Prince loved Cinderella not for her work. Hard work and love have nothing in common. If a girl is hardworking, she can meet his love, and may never meet. It does not make Cinderella's idol, the children are very suggestible.

After 10 to 15 years, your daughter will work for the benefit of any company, only the stepmother will replace the Director, and sisters – negligent colleagues. They'll hang on to it all the things that do not want to do themselves, and she will be happy to shoulder such a burden. And be sure that she will come reward.

5. A wedding is a beginning of a happy and carefree life

Have you ever wondered why all fairy tales end with a wedding? The key phrase "fairytale ends". Girls believe that after the wedding, Cinderella and Prince heal "better" will be happy.

In fact, the authors do not want to dedicate children to the problem of misunderstanding each other spouses, family scandals and squabbles.

Just girls need to understand that after the wedding, life turns into a fairy tale. Will have to work on a relationship, make compromises, sometimes even to yield to the man.

And to be honest, Cinderella can never be happy with the Prince. They have different education, they are representatives of different social strata.

4. Any Prince is love

This story is the cause of many broken hopes. Women looking for her Prince, and they reject courting those who are far from ideal. So it is possible an old maid to stay, but that's not a bad option.

Much worse when a woman takes over the "Prince" to any man, who drew attention to it. She cares for him, everyone forgives him. She is literally ready for him at all.

It often happens that the woman does not even experiencing feelings for him, she's cheating on himself, afraid to be alone. Not every relationship is love, many unions are made absolutely for other reasons.

3. Change can be a second

In the tale the fairy godmother helps Cinderella change in one second. Here then girls and go with the flow: eat cakes and sweets, not exercising, not caring for the skin and hair. They hope that someday, will be able to change themselves in a short period of time.

A beautiful appearance does not appear any where. If a girl wants to be beautiful, she will have to work hard. Proper diet, sports, skin care, beautiful makeup – that will help any ugly turn into beauty, and no magic wand fairy.

2. Beauty is a promise of happiness

After reading "Cinderella" girls start to think that happy can only be a beautiful woman. There are two versions of events.

If your daughter is beautiful, she will be proud of yourself, to put yourself above the rest. In the future, with problems in communicating with peers. Arrogant and haughty persons nobody likes.

If your daughter has normal looks, she will think that you will not be able to achieve success, become insecure, withdrawn. In any case, in the future she will be too much attention to appearance will not be interested in studying and career. Why, if all can be achieved by using a cute face and beautiful body?

1. Will always help a miracle

After reading this story the girl can take a passive stance. Cinderella did not attempt to improve their lives. Most of the work I had to do the fairy, the Prince, too little work, while looking for his beloved.

The girl will think that such behavior – the only true. You can just go with the flow. No need to make an effort to set goals and achieve them. You can just sit and wait, hoping for a miracle.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, a miracle happens very rarely. Try to convey this truth to your child in the future, there were bitter disappointments.

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