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10 movies recommended for viewing woody Allen


If you want to spend your evening watching an exciting movie, we suggest you to look at the selection.

Filmmaker woody Allen was advised to watch 10 films, sharing the list with the magazine "Sight Sound" (journal of British cinema since 1932. It was initially only carried out a survey of critics, but since 1992, the list forming part of the filmmakers).

Watching brilliant movies and not be bored!

10. Bicycle thieves1948

The film is set in Rome after the war. Antonio Ricky no work but one day a miracle happens – he finds her.

Requirements to run are very simple – in order to deliver the letters required to be in possession of a Bicycle at the man he just is.

Filled with joy, Antonio goes to work, but his bike goes missing... Someone stole it, but because without him the man will not be able to start their own business.

He's afraid to be on the street with his family, so his son, Antonio decides to find the thief and your bike. And nothing will stop him...

9. The seventh seal1957

One-act play Ingmar Bergman's "Painting on wood" was laid the basis for the film "the Seventh seal". This black and white film in the genre of Arthouse.

The Director was inspired by the fresco "Death playing chess" in the Swiss Church. The work was done in the Studio

The Albertus by Piktor about 1480, the year.
XIV century, the film begins with the fact that the knight offers Death a game of chess. He is not sure that the Devil and God exist... If Death wins, the knight will take with you, and if he wins, Death will retreat.

Throughout the film the Knight and Death go back to his party.

8. Citizen Kane1941

Is irreparable – in a very rich and luxurious manor is dying tycoon named Charles Kane.

He was able to achieve unprecedented heights, was surrounded by what you want to, but was not able to find the most important – happiness. He made every effort to be remembered by: his wife built theatre, built, bought, gave, but did not notice what is near him. He could not see the beauty in the simple things, those that surrounded him.

Before his death he said only one word: "Rosebud", which could not be of interest to journalists who decided to find out what the word means, and who really was a Mogul Charles Kane...

7. Amarcord1973

The film was shot by legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini in 1973. Amarcord is a world that sees a teenager.
The story takes place in the 1930-ies, at this time, the rules of Mussolini (an Italian politician). The film illustrates the story of 15-year-old younger boys, he was overcome by imagination about who she is curvaceous, which holds his cigar store, the lady in red...

"Amarcord" in romagnolian dialect of one of the resort town called Rimini (birthplace of Fellini) means "I remember". Young boys Horny, and the life that is shown within the cinema similar to the standard...

6. 8 and a half1963

Tragicomedy Federico Fellini. Figure 8 indicates the sequence number in the filmography of the filmmaker at the time he made 6 movies, 2 short films, and with Alberto Lattuada was filmed together the film "Lights of variety".

The film "8 and a half" tells you the story of the wanderings of Fellini, his impressions, search yourself... Surreal reality is intertwined with relationships with women who reciprocate, and the whole world of imagination transformirovalsya under the influence of experiences, of different emotional States.

5. Four hundred blows1959

Antoine Doinel is a 12 – year-old heavy teenager that had been given to himself from worries of their parents.

His mother is busy with her life, she has neither the time nor the energy for his own son, and his stepfather enough inner strength to somehow influence on his family: his wife and son. Besides, he's always busy with work.

Teacher Antoine is, until a boy thing, but only in those moments when he should be punished. From this nothing good happens in a boy is accumulated hatred... Antoine and his buddy decide to run away from home, but that doesn't lead to anything good...

4. Rashomon1950

Crime from Director Akira Kurosawa. The film is set in a Japanese village of the XII century. In the woods was discovered by a woman, and she was the victim of a maniac. Her husband brutally murdered.

The tragedy was observed by 4 parties: the victim, the victim, and the offender. Each of these different readings, so finding the culprit is difficult... Almost impossible. Whose of them be true? Will it be possible to find out?

3. Grand illusion1937

Is the First World war. German Rauffenstein shot down a French plane. You'd think that the pilots were born in shirts, because they managed to miraculously survive, but they were captured.

In the camp, where prisoners of war, pilots acquainted with the British officers, and agree with them to work on the creation of the tunnel, promising them freedom.

But after the victory of the French military on the Western Front, the prisoners, who were pilots, Moreshal and Bolde, was transferred to another prison. Here the head was the one who shot down their plane – Rauffenstein. He warmly greeted them and was convinced that from this location, no one does...

2. The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie1972

Comedy. If you want to laugh – must see this film by Director Luis buñuel. Thevenot and Seneschal for many years been friends with the Ambassador, Rafael, one fictional country called Miranda.

He invites them to his house, but his wife became very confused when he saw them, because she did not have time to set the table. Seneschal invites them to a restaurant nearby.

At the table, the company is discussing the menu, it seems strange that the portions are too small, and the caviar is not of the quality... After some time, they notice the restaurant owner the dead. And all the while some circumstances prevent a bourgeois to dine...

1. Paths of glory1957

1916, is the First World war. The regiment of infantry of the French army led by Colonel DAX. The relationship between subordinates and colonels nice and friendly, but they all want to hurry back, because the war lasted for 2 years.

Head of corps comes up with one idea – to sacrifice a few people to lure the enemy. General Brouhard ordered to attack the Germans, and Dex sends its men to certain death... the Germans kill them, but Dex tries to protect those who succeed.

General takes on the responsibility and does not recognize his guilt, and accuses the soldier of cowardice. He orders to shoot soldiers, chosen at random. Others are accused of failure to comply with orders and so the soldiers become a victim of the cowardice of his chief.

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