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10 most viewed reviews BadComedian


Evgeny Bazhenov, known in the Internet space as BadComedian, produces video reviews on bad movies since 2011.

YouTube channel there are a total of more than 600 million views.

In our top we talk about the most viewed movie reviews on the channel, Eugenia, with whom we recommend to you see.

One review will raise the mood humorous sketches and absurd scenarios, others will tell the truth about the creation of the film, stealing money, ideas and shoddy work.

10. Terminator 5: Genesis 7.6 million hits

Review on the new part of the "Terminator" was released on 1 December 2015 and has 153 thousand likes.

In the story, John Connor sends Reese to 1984 to save Sarah Connor and the whole of humanity. In the past, the Sergeant meets his face ally familiar to the viewer, the Terminator.

Bazhenov in the survey are dissatisfied with the story, casting the main roles and computer graphics, which, according to obzorschika, for 10 years was no better in the universe "Terminator". The movie is bad, even Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role.

Eugene draws an analogy, what if the version of "the Caucasian captive" in 2014 starred Travolta, the movie would be this good did not.

And in his sarcastic manner Bazhenov notices that the script of "Terminator" is so bad that he, Bazhenov, "ready to make a time machine and go back in time... not to watch "Genesis".

9. Maximum stroke of 8.5 million hits

Review on the movie collected on channel 399 thousand likes, according to IMDb movie rating 2.

The picture of the interaction of the agents of the FSB and the CIA, who must rescue the kidnapped granddaughter of U.S. Secretary of state.

Starring Alexander Nevsky, and any admirer of the Bazhenov knows it is bad a priori, if it involved Nevsky.

The plot of the film trite and written, like on the knee, a bad cast, dialogues and interaction between the characters is not spelled out. Nothing good about this film is impossible to say, except that the review on it was successful and very fun, so we recommend it for viewing to set the mood.

8. The grandmother of easy virtue 8.5 million hits

Review on the movie collected on the channel Eugene 359 thousand likes, directed by Marius Weisberg.

The idea is not new: the story built around men who for some reason dresses up as a woman.

A similar idea is known for the paintings "In a jazz only girls", "House big momma", "Hello, I your aunt".

During the review process, Eugene reflects on plagiarism, which can be traced in the film. For example, the plot of "Grandmother" is taken from the film "In a jazz only girls" where the main characters are criminals hiding from law enforcement, dressed in girls. Some scenes and ideas taken from the movie "Tootsie" that is celebrated by Bazhenov.

In the end, obzorschik concludes: ""the Grandmother of easy virtue" is a dull, stupid, empty and pointless Comedy in which disgusting the message."

7. Crimea 9.3 million hits

Review on the film has collected 509 thousand thumbs-up, but the rating of the film on the Kinopoisk critically low – 3.
The plot revolves around couples, which, after a difficult historical events associated with the annexation of Crimea, have to overcome adversity and save his love. So says the review, but the Bazhenov speaks of the story is not so pleasant.
According to Eugene, the film is inadequate from Kiev, the villain-Ukrainian and empty main character. The film is not disclosed nor are the conflict or contradiction between the countries, nor the love story the audience will not see.

6. Kids vs wizards 9.5 million hits

Review on the film has collected 309 thousand likes, but the rating on IMDb was only 1.

The film tells the story of the cadets of the Suvorov military school, which sent a mission to Scotland to rescue Russian orphans.

In the review of Eugene says that the film exposes the Russian blunt, but very good, and the other Nations – cruel bastards.

Between the lines of the creators of the film lay in the mind of the viewer subversive thoughts, for example, that the Serbs are to blame for the destruction of their country, and, in principle, in the picture other Nations exhibited negative characters.

Bazhenov analyzes and spent the budget of the cartoon, asking the question of why the creators have not invested the money collected by donations, hiring good animators, screenwriters and Director, and chose to purchase likes and positive reviews on the finished product.

5. Defenders 10 million hits

The film is directed by Sarik Andreasyan, gathered on IMDb all 3 points. Review on the film has collected 378 likes and tons of positive reviews.

The plot of the film revolves around superheroes, the "Patriot" during the Cold war. Superheroes for many years been in the shadows, hiding their identity, but the danger looming over Russia, forcing the heroes to join forces and to repulse the enemy.

Eugene says that in the movie, for that nowhere, everything is bad: editing, production, direction, dubbing, script. Praised obzorschik only casting, stressing that the acting is bad, but visually, the picture from the selected people well evolved.

The film has some good scenes of devastation created by using computer graphics, but the graphics without a script is not interesting to the viewer. Any successful movie needs a strong skeleton of the scenario, the motivation of characters and vivid dialogue, but the film "the Defenders" unfortunately, these rules did not take into account.

4. Viking 10 million hits

The movie has a IMDb rating of 4.5, and an overview of the channel reached 477 thousand likes.

In the movie shows the early middle Ages, the reign of Prince Vladimir. The project began to do in 2008, the premiere took place in 2016.

At the time, Viking was the most expensive Russian film production. It is full of historical errors that Eugene notices throughout the review, citing the sources.

Unlike previous videos, a survey on the "Viking" has turned serious, with a detailed study of the budget, visual effects, acting and script turns.

3. Attraction 11 million hits

A film by Fyodor Bondarchuk, released in 2017. The rating on IMDb is almost 6 points under the likes review film 520 thousand.
A film about the invasion of Earth by an alien spaceship and about human rebellion against the intruders.
In the review of the Eugene first parses the whole entire movie, and then focuses on individual characters, understand their actions, the logic, motivation and, of course, acting.
The success of the film Bazhenov explains simply: huge budgets were spent on advertising on Federal channels, the Internet and all sorts of media, positive reviews bought. After all, tickets to theaters were sold out, but spectators at these places was not.
Bazhenov believes that "Attraction" is only good camera work and visual effects, the rest of the main characters – an unpleasant personality, poor installation, the script is crude.

2. Hack bloggers 12 million views

The movie 2016 that has a rating on Kinopoisk 1 likes on the 518 thousand.

The film is about a popular Russian bloggers – Ivanhoe, Sasha Spielberg and Mariana Ro which were "hacked" by an unknown virus.

The film completely lacks exposure, so don't wait revealed of the characters and the motivation for their interactions. The film's budget – 35 000 000 roubles, but all the timing is a screen capture of the laptop is poorly drawn and animated characters of bloggers. So the review turned out sarcastic and aggressive, but it was no less funny.

Bazhenov came to the conclusion that "Hack bloggers" worst movie of 2016, although able to claim victory in the nomination "the Worst film in history."

1. Moving up14 million views

The film of 2017 with a high rating on IMDb and sincere positive feedback.

The film is really like Russian audience, but the attitude changed dramatically after a review of the Bazhenov.

The creators of the film claim that the film is historically true, but the real people about whom starred almost biopic "upward Movement", filed on the makers to court for libel. Why? Eugene understands this for 2.5 hours.

On the review done a great job, with links to biographies, historical references, books and interviews real people about whom a film was made.

In the end, after the review, "moving up", declared the best film in Russian cinema, in the opinion of the audience, was a brazen plagiarism and lies, and the main characters in the movie at all slandered.

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