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Top 10 best orthopedic pillows


Fatigue at the end of a hard day you need to take a comfortable sleep. The correct position of all body parts while resting directly linked to the health of the spine and of the cervical segment. Plays an important role in the cushion, the choice should be approached very deliberately. Depends on the quality of restorative sleep, and health. The best orthopedic pillows, which will be discussed in this article allow you to make your dream not only enjoyable, but also really useful.

Advantages and disadvantages

Classic versions with different fillers are gradually yielding orthopedic pillow. Today's doctors see in traditional pillows only harm to health. However, quality pillows are quite expensive, so many still doubt the wisdom of such a purchase. Moreover, the choice is very huge and people do not want to miscalculate with a final version of a costly purchase. But quality pillow to sleep can be an excellent purchase, which will justify its high price long service period and really useful by sleep.

The key advantage of memory foam pillow — it allows you to take a natural position of the head and neck during a long vacation. Its ergonomic shape duplicates the curves of the body. Usually it consists of horseshoes, two rollers and the recesses for the shoulder. This product requires special materials: latex, polyurethane, polyester, polystyrene. They are distinguished by durability and strength.


  • eliminate disease of the cervical spine (osteochondrosis, the displacement of the vertebrae, pain and injuries);
  • do not provoke allergic reactions, it does not accumulate dust;
  • minimize stress on the vertebrae, normalize blood circulation, relax the neck muscles;
  • relieve colds, enhance immunity and prevent swelling (approval of manufacturers of magnetic pillows).
  • Disadvantages:

  • poor ventilation (only a few manufacturers can guarantee the good ventilation of their sleeping facilities);
  • bad smell (new pillow to sleep can be unpleasant to smell, especially for products made of natural latex, but if it is the original product, the smell should disappear after a few days of sleep);
  • the need for addiction (transition from traditional options to an orthopedic to get used to, the latter at first may seem too hard);
  • high cost.
  • Selection criteria of pillows

    First of all, you need to determine the shape, size and filling of products for sleep. Manufacturers offer rectangular, wave-like options, in the form of a horseshoe and with a recess under the shoulder. Broad-shouldered, for example, fit a high pillow. But if the shape is more a matter of taste, the content is very important for quality sleep. Also pay attention to the stiffness of sleeping facilities.

    If you prefer to sleep on your side, stop the choice on more solid product. If the usual sleep on the back, it is recommended that a pillow of medium hardness. Rest on the belly will make a comfortable cushion. What other options are popular among orthopedic products for sleep?

  • From bamboo. Innovative technologies make them soft and supple. Recommended for Allergy sufferers.
  • Buckwheat hull. These pillows take the desired shape, so that during sleep you also receive pressure point massage of the upper body.
  • Magnetic. These models promise to deliver sleep from the stress and treat diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems.
  • With the memory effect. The porous structure of the product provides support for the head and neck. Comes complete relaxation during sleep, which promotes good blood circulation.
  • Latex. Their structure gives good elasticity and perfectly breathable.
  • Of polyurethane foam. Give proper support to the head and have good ventilation. Service life not less than seven years.
  • By the way, the orthopedic pillow is not just under the head. Create a variety of options for back, for legs, for kids, for travel and pregnant women. Before purchase, analyze the manufacturers, because the most popular companies often value their reputation and strive to produce a quality product.

    Top 10 best manufacturers

    It is very important not to err in the choice, because someone needs a high pillow, someone is uncomfortable to sleep on the big, and someone wants to get rid of pain due to degenerative disc disease. Pillow for each customer with specific needs and preferences. Presented below is the rating of manufacturers of the best orthopedic pillows to sleep will allow you to make the most rational and well-considered decision.

    10. IQ Sleep Grand Comfort

    Premeditative the natural position of the head and neck, stimulates blood circulation in the brain, reduces visual load, has memory effect, environmentally friendly, does not cause allergic reaclimatization product may temporarily produce an unpleasant zapovitne will be lost during sleep to hold the head and neck, individually repeat the curves of your телаФормаТрадиционнаяРазмер60 × 38 × 12 scholsey cover: microfiber 100 %

    Inner cover: foam c memory formulaoneringtonesy of polyurethane foam with eco-friendly гелемВес1940 гЦветБелый9. HoMedics

    Preimushestvenno the contours of the body, fixes the head and neck during sleep, evenly distributes pressure, the case smells like lavender, stimulates brain activity, does not appear to be mites and other microorganization to get used to getcustomattribute will provide a continuous and restful sleep, relieve stress and тревогиФормаТрадиционнаяРазмер70 × 40 × 18 смЧехол100 % полиэстерНаполнитель100 % viscoelastic peaves in упаковке1335 гЦветБелый8. Sleep Original IQ Soft

    Preimuschestvah full support of the muscles of the neck and shoulders, improves blood flow to the brain, prevents parazitonositelstvo product may temporarily produce an unpleasant odor, little reservedpages those who prefer sleeping on your back and baseformatter bending neck podanymi валикамиРазмер30 × 50 schegolikhin, 100 % полиэстерНаполнительПенополиуретанвес80 гЦветБелый7. Dargez Toyama

    Preimushestva optimal support for the neck and head, relaxes muscles, prevents diseases of the musculoskeletal system, circulates vozduhoudalenija deep bending has no effect plateletsplatelets healing relaxing and comfortable noformat dwell two rollers 10 and 13 смРазмер33 × 53 monhollon 50 %, PE 50 %НаполнительПенополиуретанВес350 гЦветБежевый6. Life La Vita

    Preimushestvenno from back pain and neck, snoring and morning discomfort, has a rejuvenating effect, reduces blood pressure, relieves'll astarothnightmare possible to adjust the height in semyavyvodyaschih will ensure a comfortable sleep in hot and cool weather, suitable for people suffering from аллергииФормаТрадиционнаяРазмер40 × 60 schemacachingduration лузгаВес2820 гЦветБелый5. ORMATEK Light

    Preimuschestvenno from environmentally friendly material, cares about the correct position of the head, reduces muscle tension, hypoallergenic, holds vormundschaftliche reservevalue the ability to fully relax and enjoy the comfortable отдыхомФормаЭргономичнаяРазмерВысота 10-12 cm, 50 × 37 смЧехол100 % cotton, high прочностьНаполнительOrmafoam (supple and elastic)ЦветБелый4. TRELAX Respecta

    Will preimushestvenno memory effect for an individual approach to the forms of the client, monitors the correct position of the body, reduces pain, restores muscle tonacatecutli smell in the beginning will ispolzovanpokoleniya fast falling asleep and a healthy and pleasant sleep in any postformingmachine form that follows the curves шеиРазмер60 × 38 смЧехол100 % chlorocarbonylsulfenyl polyurethane foam with ions серебраЦветБелый3. Tempur Sonata

    Preimushestvenno to choose the right size for Teens, women and men, relieves headaches and discomfort in the cervical ardeleneasca tomotivate soft and cuddly material will provide extra comfort and good support for the head, neck and shoulder area during the night and resting during the day in any position телаФормаЭргономичнаяРазмер40 × 60 cm, height 11 смЧехол99 % polyester, 1 % эластанНаполнительМемориформЦветбелый, in contact with oxygen can oxidize and change cvet2. Christian Fischbacher

    Preimushestvenno safe to use and does not cause allergies, good quality used materialovedeniya tomotivate pillow allows you to relax in the chair. Just need to put it under the small of your back, neck or shoulders, if necessary under your knees, feet or hands.ФормаВаликРазмер15 × 40 monhollon 100 %Наполнитель60 % down, 40% proves наполнителя300 гЦветБелый1. HUKLA Physio Comfort

    Preimushestvenno, comfortable, high quality materials, gives the correct support to cervical poslekonsultatsionnaya when ordering you have to wait for replenishment of the warehouses in these products due to the large prosovyvaniya pillow will mold to the shape of your head, will give the carefree sleep and excellent настроениеФормаКлассическаяРазмер42 × 74 cm, height 12 смЧехолМикрофибраНаполнительГипоаллергенное voloknistye
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