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10 Soviet things not heard abroad


The history of any country is unique. The history of our country doubly unique. "Mind Russia not to understand" with this statement classics to argue difficult.

And even most of the last century, our Motherland had a different name, and in it were these things that still do not have the concept of most foreigners.

Submitted 10 Soviet things that are not familiar abroad.

10. Brew

The history of this amazing drink extends far beyond the Soviet period. And even when revolutionary ideas were called for to drive away all vestiges of the "dark" past, the brew was still the most popular drink in Russian society.

Because kvass is something so traditionally our (almost like boots or balalaika) that for foreigners to understand, with their primitive view on gastronomy, the beauty of this drink is as hard as to comprehend all the secrets of the mysterious Russian soul.

By the way, is native to most of our compatriots dish okroshka on kvass leads foreigners into confusion, and sometimes even provokes them intestinal distress.

9. Birch SAP

It is no secret that the birch grows not only in Russia. However, only our forefathers had the idea to produce this graceful tree with delicious juice.

Maybe it's all in our genetics that allows our people to feel subtle sweet taste familiar to everyone from childhood.

8. The bag

Something more Soviet than this strange but very useful item, hard to think. The name of this bag owes to the legendary monologue by the great satirist Arkady Raikin, and its popularity is ease of use and compactness.

7. Coasters

In those days when glass was considered not the cheapest material, the Cup holders were like armor and protection for fragile products.

When the glass is no longer considered scarce raw materials, coasters sunk into oblivion, and the memory of them was erased from most of humanity. It happened everywhere, except the most beautiful countries in the world.

This country was not only the most wonderful and great, but the biggest, so its inhabitants have to spend much time to ride the trains. A long road without tea and society charismatic conductors seem tedious. And how in the train to do without this wonderful item not only protects the glass from cracking, but the hands of passengers from burns of boiling water.

6. Trust the turnstiles

That's where were embodied the basic principles of national psychology. Only in our country turnstiles function like carnivorous plants. They are hidden in iron boxes, thereby creating at an unsuspecting person the illusion of absolute freedom and serenity.

However, each time you try to illegally sneak inside, their jaws snapped shut around the body of the offender in the sphere of the most sensitive organs. Yes, to look for easy and comfortable way is not our method. In the end, overcoming obstacles we tempered our national character

5. Buckwheat

Despite the fact that the root of the "Greek" suggests that popular in our country, cereal has something related with Greece, buckwheat is a native Russian product.

Ancient sources confirming the fact that even then some representatives of mankind eaten buckwheat, were found only on the territory of modern Altai Republic.

Therefore, most likely it was from croup has spread throughout Asia although it was not so popular. Only the Japanese and Chinese partially preserved the memory of the buckwheat and sometimes use it in your diet.

Nutritionists say that it is due to the fact that buckwheat should be used from the earliest years, otherwise adult first time trying prepared according to the rules of buckwheat, will feel the bitterness of nonspecific and synthetic flavor. Therefore, in addition to our fellow citizens, buckwheat nobody eats.

In fairness, it should be said that buckwheat is sold in some European countries and in the USA in stores "natural" food. However, it is quite unusual for the Russian eye type: roasted, green in color and crushed.

4. Bath broom

For most foreigners broom is an instrument of torture, but we manage by using this simple product to an incomparable pleasure. Steaming broom we have is reminiscent of a ritual and has a lot of subtleties.

But to make a good broom is not easy. They say that with the help of certain brooms can be treated a variety of ailments and these arguments are not unfounded.

Yes, baths are not only in Russia. But the obligatory presence of brooms can only boast of our country.

3. Activated carbon

This product has an absorbent effect, i.e., it is able to attach and excrete toxic compounds.

It is no secret that in Russia and the former Soviet Union activated charcoal is considered to be something like vitamins – they treat everything: hangovers, poisoning, obesity, and even intestinal infection. However, few people understand what uncontrolled intake of this drug can lead to very sad consequences.

2. Brine

Marinades in the stores of countries near and far abroad – more than enough. But our cucumber pickle in the afternoon with fire not find. So, we can assume that the pickle is our national heritage.

It is strange that you have not configured the export of this miracle drug. Because in this world, contrary to stereotypes, not only a Russian can uncontrollably use alcohol.

1. Footcloths

Despite the fact that we live in an age of incredible technological breakthroughs, including in the military sector, such a simple thing as portyanki is still an indispensable element of equipment of soldiers.

Because synthetics are very harmful for the health of the feet which is under an hour you have to run 20 miles in the canvas boots. And socks made of natural fabrics need every soldier to sew on individual measurements, otherwise they will shrivel, and the legs will appear bloody corn.

Of course, there was a period when the Russian army, similar to Western countries, tried to remove the puttees from the list of mandatory equipment. However, such experiments on the Patriotic armed forces have failed.

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