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10 feats of ordinary people


About heroes written many books and filmed a lot of movies. They seem so far out of reach. Most people think that they exist only in the imaginations of writers and screenwriters.

Still, if an ordinary person wants to perform the feat, where will he go? "It is easy to perform the feat in time of war or when at the right time in the right place" – so many believe. Actually it is not so.

In our days there are a lot of dangerous situations, not necessarily to live in a time of war to become a hero. Moreover, not everyone can risk their lives to help a relative or even a stranger.

Still, heroes exist, they are ordinary people. Maybe someone lives near you or works at the same company.

Some of them helped a drowning child, someone stood up for the girl, someone brought an old lady from a burning house. If you are interested in this topic, we offer you a selection of events where ordinary people showed themselves and become true heroes.

10. Blind man saved by neighbor

This story happened in the USA, in the state of Texas in 2006. Jim Sherman, 54-year-old man was born blind. Next to him lived an elderly woman of 84 years with his daughter. Jim kept in touch with them friendly relations.

Annie Smith worked as a nurse, sometimes at night the old lady was alone. Annie Smith was blind and was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The girl was worried about her mother, even put radio nanny one instance was Jim.

That night the man turned on the radio-a nanny and realized that a terrible thing happened. Annie was calling for help. Jim, without a moment's hesitation, rushed to rescue a neighbor. He was often at her house, so well focused in the house. Jim found Annie and led her out of the burning house. Such an act dared not every healthy person, and this man is not afraid to go into the burning house, though didn't see anything.

9. The instructor gave his life for the salvation of the parachutist

It happened in Missouri in 2006. Robert cook, then worked as an instructor in parachute jumping, the guy was 22 years old. The unexpected happened, and he sacrificed his life to save his ward Kimberly deer.

That day was scheduled for classes. The team landed, the plane took off. At a decent height it turned out that the engine refused. The plane began to fall. Robert kept his head, didn't panic, he explained to his student what to do.

He strapped himself to the girl so close to her with his body, and then jumped. At the time of the fall he turned so that Kimberly was on top. Robert died, Kimberly received a lot of injuries, but survived. All of her family with tears in their eyes recalled the day and Robert, who rescued the girl with his life.

8. The man rescued four soldiers

The family of Joe Rollino emigrated from Italy to Brooklyn. We were poor, the boy grabbing any opportunity to earn. Often worked as a loader, here he learned about her unusual talent. Joe was very strong, they called him Hercules, the strongest man in the world, but he became famous not only because of these titles.

During the Second World war he saved 4 soldiers, he brought them to the hands of the battlefield. It was not the only feat Rollino, he repeated it several times. Surprisingly, "Hercules" was quite puny, growth 165 cm, weight 68 kg.

7. Father saved son from alligator

This story happened in Florida. The details of it are unknown, we only know that the boy was attacked by the alligator. He grabbed his hand. The boy's father Joeph Welch rushed to his aid. He started hitting the alligator on the mouth that he released his son's hand. Passed by a man who could not remain indifferent. Together they rescued the boy.

A similar case happened in Zimbabwe. Tafadzwa Kacher son bathed in the river, when the boy was attacked by a crocodile. Father did not panic, he grabbed a stick and began poking her in the face with the alligator. The boy lost his leg, but he managed to save lives.

6. Two women were able to do the impossible to save their loved ones

Not only men can do heroic deeds. It proved two different women who were in the same situation.

One occurred in Virginia. The man was repairing the car, broke the Jack, the car crushed him. She was able to lift a car to move it, it saved daddy's life.

The Georgia woman also raised the car when he fell on her son. These women did not differ supernatural powers, but was able to do the impossible, for the sake of their loved ones.

5. Woman saved students

This case occurred in new Mexico. Woman with her daughter standing at the bus stop and waited for the school bus. Soon, he thought, but went oddly. The woman was not taken aback. She ran for the bus. Rhonda Carlsen shouted and showed the children that those have opened a door. The woman managed to jump in the bus and stop it.

It turned out that the driver had a heart attack. If not for Rhonda, the story would have ended very sad. Would hurt not only children but other road users.

4. The young man saved man

This case occurred in New Zealand in 2008. The truck driver has not coped with management. It should be noted that the road was very dangerous and rocky terrain and cliffs. The truck was hanging over the cliff, the driver was wounded.

Nearby was a settlement, Peter Hannah was at home. Suddenly he heard a loud noise, went outside. The young man saw the truck and rushed to help. He broke the glass in the cab and took the man. He was not alarmed by the fact that the truck was hanging on the edge and at any moment could snap. Peter was even awarded with the medal "For bravery".

3. A mother rescued son

In 2014, the Indian village of Malin has suffered from the landslide. 4 dozen people died, was not lucky and Pramila Lembe. The woman closed her young son, who was only 3 months. For a long time they lay in that position.

The woman was in great pain, but kept hitting the ceiling the whole day. Then they helped members of the search and rescue team. The boy received minor injuries, and his mother severely injured his back.

This case was further evidence that a mother's love is boundless. Mother willing to sacrifice everything, even their lives, if only her child survived.

2. Swimmer saved by 20 people

In 1976, the swimming champion Shavarsh Karapetyan, as usual, was running in the morning. He became an involuntary witness to the accident. The bus fell into the river. The cabin was 92 passengers.

The young man rushed to help. The bus plunged into the water. The depth of the river was about 10 meters. Shavarsh broke the window and started to get people. He managed to save 20 people, then he fainted.

Karapetyan was the real hero, is not his only heroic act. In 1984, he again accomplished the feat. Shavarsh saving people from a burning building, however, he received severe burns.

1. The man rescued his colleague

This story happened on the set of the popular series in 1988. The helicopter fell into the ditch, and the pilot was pulled under the water. His colleague Warren "Baby" Everal rushed to his aid. He lifted the helicopter, which weighed more than 700 pounds.

Pilot Steve Kaaks received several injuries, but survived due to the strength and resourcefulness of his colleagues. By the way everything was captured on film. Interested parties can look at the feat "Baby" with my own eyes.

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