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10 the European series of the last decade


Statistics suggests that the bulk of television series coming to us from the US and the UK. However, other European countries also not rare delight of the audience very skillfully removed mnogoseriynoe.

The biggest demand right now are thrillers, criminal or social drama, although sometimes the tops in popularity leading positions in other genres, because the main thing in this case is an interesting script, talented actors and high-quality dubbing.

We present 10 of the best European TV series, created in recent years.

10. Shame

The TV series tells about the everyday life of pupils of the school Nissen. Here vividly describes the problems faced by a large number of teenagers.

In the first season of the television series as the Central character stands Eva. The girl is faced with a difficult relationship with her boyfriend Jonas.

In the second season the main character becomes Nur. Now the center of attention her relationship with her student of the graduating class by William.

Isaac is the main character of the third season. This guy is trying to understand to whom he attracted to girls or guys. In the end, he tries to build a relationship with a guy who suffers from bipolar disorder.

Each new season the series focuses on specific topics, ranging from problems marpolbul communication, sexual identity, psychological abuse, homosexuality, and ending with the peculiarities of mental health of adolescents, their religious feelings and a penchant for forbidden love.

9. The call of sorrow 2012

In a provincial French town, which communicates with the outside world only through narrow mountain roads begin to happen very strange events: back home, people died a few years ago.

They come in the house, as if he had not died. They have no idea that from the moment of their departure from life there passed years. Their physical appearance somehow remained unharmed and memory does not betray them: they remember their loved ones and their lives until the death.

What was the reason for this mass resurrection? And as yesterday's dead again feel alive?

8. Marcel 2016

Mired in corruption schemes, the mayor of Marseilles holds office for a quarter of a century. However, now he will have to go through a difficult election where his main rival will become his protégé – a young, energetic, full of ambitious policy goals.

7. Isabella 2011

The film is dedicated to the biography of the famous Queen of Spain, Isabella of Castile. The first season tells the story of her early life. Isabella was forced to leave her mother and come to the court of king Enrique IV Impotent, so named because of its infertility. The future Queen immediately inevitably gets caught up in Palace intrigues.

Her biography is very impressive: there will be a loud success, and the mortal disappointments and great achievements, and unbearable loss. War, the death of loved ones, betrayal of citizens – many trials have befallen this woman, which was destined forever to go down in history.

6. 1864 2014

The TV series tells about the war between the Union of Prussia and Austria against Denmark. The two brothers went to the front and took part in the bloodiest battle in the history of Denmark.

5. Trap 2015

Near the small town find a dead body that was brutally murdered. Then this town enveloped in a powerful storm, where the residents are virtually cut off from the outside world. As a result, local authorities have to manage only their own, and the population of the city is to survive the threat of becoming a victim of a serial killer, but due to the raging elements.

4. Hotel "Bo Segur" 2016

The creators of the series I propose to look at our world through the eyes of the cast. 19-year-old Kato heaven woke up in a bathtub full of blood roadside hotel "Bo Segur". After some time she realizes that she is gone, but the bathroom is its own dead body. Definitely she was the victim of a brutal killer, while she herself can't remember exactly what happened.

Now Kato decides to whatever was to find the killer. The heroine tries to investigate to the best of my ability, however, she discovers that five people can see it. Then it turned out that each of these characters one way or another interacted with the main character of the day of the accident.

Now Kato remains to be seen whether any of these individuals to be a murderer, or these people are merely fragments of a complex puzzle?

3. Young dad 2016

The Central character of this serial movie — 47-year-old cardinal from USA lenny Belardo, better known as Pope Pius XIII. He managed to become one of the youngest Popes in ever sunrise on the sacred throne. To take this position he was able with the help of the powerful intrigues of the cardinals who chose him as a compromise.

2. Darkness 2017

The tranquility of a small town in Germany, where people live a quiet measured life, broken terrible news — disappeared, a local teenager. Due to the fact that this boy was very difficult and his family was considered dysfunctional, the locals have tried to distance ourselves from this tragedy.

But unfortunately, after some time, there is another disappearance — this time in the woods lost 11-year-old Mikkel, the son of a policeman. Now the citizens are very concerned about these mysterious crimes. Especially these stories excited the elderly residents of the town, because something similar has already happened in 1986

1. Babylon-Berlin 2017

The film is set in 1929 in Germany, in the dusk of the Weimar Republic. The Central character of the series is a police inspector Gereon. He was summoned from Cologne to Berlin in order to understand the case of blackmail.

He begins to investigate together with his partner Bruno. Plunging into this business, every day they have to face the dark side of his work: drugs, political crimes, violence and incipient Nazism.

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