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Top 10 most famous adventurers and liars in history


"Fraud" – a word with negative color, it is difficult to imagine that for someone to cheat and gamble can be a way of life, not just a fleeting guile.

There are people who are able to change the voice, the looks and even his own biography. No, they are not magicians, but just a master of disguise. And with their talent, they misled the whole corporations and state governors, deception reaching their goals.

In our top we will talk about the 10 personalities who have glorified his name through the consummate ability to deceive others.

10. Mata Hari

In his youth, Mata Hari wanted to work as a kindergarten teacher, but her life is turned so that the whole world knows the girl as a seductive spy.

The child Mats some time fun: big family, loving parents, a father who became rich thanks to a successful investment.

The children of the family Zelli was in school for rich kids, and had no need for anything. However, the father went bankrupt, then divorced his wife, and that, two years later, died. The Mat was sent to live with godfather when she was a young girl.

In 18 years, Hari is married to 39-year-old man, who later gave birth to two children. The marriage was unhappy, and Mate soon fled from her husband, joining the dance troupe. Then the girl took the pseudonym by which they will know the world.

After a divorce, the girl will go deeper into learning the dance to the beginning of the 20th century will strengthen the image of the courtesan, having relationships with many politicians and the military of the time. During the First world Mata was convicted of double espionage, and that was the cause of her death.

9. Balthazar Cossa

In the fourteenth century money could be earned in sea robbery, but because Balthazar already from his youth began to walk under a pirate flag. After completing naval "career", Balthazar entered the University, where he received the glory of a fairly capable student, but troublesome fellow students and their girls.

Walking on the way of life of Balthazar composing legends, stumbling from the account, how many girls he had seduced and how many married women. Another love affair with another man's wife, almost led to the execution of Balthazar, but the man bought the former "colleagues", thus, the CMRR began to walk again under the pirate flag.

Once caught in a sea storm, Balthazar gave his word that if you survive after the crash, I will dedicate the rest of her life to serving. Pirate survived, but on the shore he was taken prisoner by the troops of Pope urban VI. Balthazar became the right hand of the Pope, rose to the rank of cardinal, and after he took the dad's place and during his "reign" in Rome there was an atmosphere of debauchery, incest and violence.

8. Princess Elizabeth Tarakanova

When, after the death of Peter I came to power Catherine II, politics and economy of the Russian Empire leveled off and began to flourish. Catherine II was a just and wise ruler, but the woman had no blood ties with the family of the Romanovs, and therefore the first heir of the Imperial family was able to remove from the throne of Catherine II.

In the early 70-ies arrived in Paris the girl, whose name no one knew, that in different societies imagined a new name. In the end, Princess Tarakanova was the one who claimed the throne, posing as the daughter of the Empress Elizabeth.

7. Moritz August Beniowski

All of the personality of Moritz shrouded in mystery, historians can't even determine the real name of the soldier. Through adolescence he lived in Vienna, but then entered military service.

In his memoirs Beniowski will list the battles in which he participated, as a soldier, but historians agree that Moritz did not avoid lies in writing your autobiography. Finding out the year of birth of the soldier, it becomes clear that none of the battles listed in his memoirs, Benyowsky to participate could not.

But the truth that the character of Maurice was rebellious, he became violent sprees and duels. Life Belovskogo pursued the lie, which he is expertly trained for adult life. Even the rank of Colonel Moritz was trying to accomplish by lying, exaggerating his superiors his war record and a successful operation.

Beniowski visited many parts of the world, throwing teammates and friends, establishing new business contacts and achieving the stated goals are not the most honest of ways. Moritz finished his adventurous life with the rank of king of Madagascar.

6. Jeanne de La Motte

Beautiful appearance of the girl enabled her to marry. Through marriage, Jeanne, born in a poor family, entrenched in high society, becoming the mistress of a wealthy cardinal. Mott supported a rumor that is a close friend of Queen Marie-Antoinette that helped her and her lover to achieve your goals.

Jeanne de La Motte became widely known in the case of "Queen's Necklace". The fact that the well-known jewellers of that time was in possession of an expensive diamond necklace, which was made by order of Louis XV. Unfortunately, by the time of completion of the necklace, the king is dead, and now the decoration was no one to buy, but to find a new buyer for such expensive things seemed impossible.

While in the shop to jewellers not looked Jeanne de La Motte, close to Marie-Antoinette. Mott convinced the owners that the Queen is going to buy a necklace, however, to buy it it will be in parts. After signing papers, Motte took the jewel and disappeared, and at the time of the first Deposit money it turned out that Marie Antoinette knew nothing about buying jewelry.

5. Charles-Genevieve D EON de beaumont

Life Beaumont is a story about how a man dressed as a woman, played a significant role in the agreement between Russia and France. The man lived 82 years, but 34 of them he was in female form. D EON de beaumont was the perfect diplomat, soldier and secret agent of Louis XV.

That during the life of the adventurer, what now about the personality and tricks of Beaumont, talks and debates, it's not often you can find such a skillful liar and a born actor.

4. Lola Montes, Countess von Landsfeld

Lola Montes was the mistress of king Louis I, and the first time she walked through the doors of the Royal Palace as a dancer presenting herself as Maria Dolores-Paint-and-Montes.

Possessing an incredibly attractive appearance, Montes could live a calm and happy life in the East, prisoners of its charm any noble man. But the character of Montes demanded escapades and adventures, she left India and went to Europe. In the uncharted lands of Montes decided to change the nationality, posing as a Spaniard.

3. Giovanni Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo so much famous for his love Affairs that his name became a household name. That's where originates known to us all, the word "Casanova".

Giacomo stood out from the crowd good looks and beautiful clothes. He was an active man who replaced more than one profession in hopes of finding something that will bring him pleasure and a decent salary.

He led an erratic and noisy life, until one day medical knowledge did not help him in providing first aid to the local official. The official, appointed him as his assistant, but Giacomo couldn't part with his dissolute lifestyle, which eventually brought the young man to prison arrest.

Giovanni flees from the law to Parma, thence to Spain, then France, more and more praising his name as a successful in the Affairs of men.

By the way, first sexual experience at Giacomo happened at the age of 11. All his life the man was careful in choosing partners and strictly used contraception, as children born out of wedlock Casanova didn't want to. When he lost interest in his mistress, before dumping her, he found the girl a rich man or even marry her.

2. Giuseppe Balsamo, count of Cagliostro

Cagliostro is rightfully considered the king of all the known world adventurers and impostors. Parents gave the boy the education of the monks, and Giuseppe, his memoirs will admit that the service of God went in his favor. Because the walls of the temple he studied medicine and astronomy, and then it is easier to suck up to people in order to deceive them.

In the beginning of his career, Giuseppe was engaged in forging of documents and passports, and then decided to change his name and to bestow upon myself the title of count to do a more major fraud.

1. Count Saint-Germain

Count Saint-Germain still considered the most enigmatic personality in the history of mankind. Even within the same city on the graph were all sorts of rumors: some claimed that Saint-Germain – Jew, others that he was the illegitimate son of the king, others that the adventurer belongs to a noble family. And everyone was sure he was right, although none of the rumors count is not confirmed, continuing to remain a mysterious person.

The count traveled to Europe, well speaking in all European languages and charming the audience with his charisma. He set alchemical experiments at the court of Louis XV, was then a member of the Masonic Lodge and even visited Russia in the age of revolution.

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