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Top 10 Most largest subways in the world


Worldwide there are about two hundred underground transport systems. One of the most important indicators of the scale of the subways is the number of stations, lines, network length and annual ridership. The rating included the metros with the greatest number of platforms.

10. The Mexico city metro's 195 stations

The Mexico city metro is one of the largest by number of platforms, for a total of 195 stations and consisting of 12 lines. The official title of subway Sistema de Transporte Colectivo, which translated into Russian means of Public transport system. Length is 226 km and annual passenger throughput of the transport system – more than half a billion people. The features of the metro include the duplication of the names of the stations logo in the form of people, animals, plants, etc.

The reason is that many of the inhabitants are illiterate and can't read. During rush hour, due to the huge flow of passengers, there are three the first car of the train exclusively for women and children. Sometimes you have to go to the police for help, which helps the passengers to squeeze inside of the car. The metro as a whole looks tidy and efficiently decorated.

9. Moscow subwaystations 197

Subway of Moscow is among the ten largest metro and consists of 197 platforms and 12 lines. Full name State unitary enterprise of Moscow "the Moscow order of Lenin and order of Labour red banner of metro named after Lenin." The annual passenger flow of underground transport system is about 2.5 billion people and is one of the largest in the world.

Length of the Moscow metro – 329 km. the deepest station is Park Pobedy, its depth is 84. Station Printers located closest to the surface and located at a distance of 5 m. Vorobyovy Gory are the longest platform 282 M. during the next five years it is planned to build 78 stations, and the length will increase by 160 km. In may this year, metro was 80 years old.

8. London underground's 270 stations

London tube is one of the oldest in the world. It has been operating for over 150 years. The total length of subway 402 m, which is 270 stations and 11 lines. The annual flow of passengers is about 1200 billion. Locals call the subway "The Tube", which translated to English means the pipe due to the shape of the tunnels. During rush hour, some stations are suspended. One of the busiest stations is considered to be Waterloo, where annual passenger traffic is over 80 million. Amersham station is the highest, it is located at an altitude of 150 m above sea level.

7. The Tokyo Metropolitan290 stations

The Metropolitan Tokyo has 290 platforms and lines 13 and annually transports up to 3 billion passengers. From the huge passenger traffic in the Japanese system of transportation introduced the position of Hosea. Osity help passengers to get into the car. The Japanese name for the transport system sounds like:ke: Chikatetsu. The length of the network stations about 300 km. the busiest station is Shinjuku station, which transmits about 3 million passengers daily and is one of the largest in the world.

6. The Paris metrostation 303

The Paris metro operates more than one hundred years. Paris high-speed transport system originally was called the Metropolitan railway. 220 km is located 303 stations, excluding interchange, and 16 lines. Annual passenger traffic is approximately 1.5 billion people. Some of the stations are of Russian names, for example, Stalingrad, Sevastopol and others. Line 14 is one of the most modern in the Paris subway. It is fully automated, and the length of its platforms is 120 m. Line 1 is the most loaded, its annual flow is about 166 million.

5. The underground transport system Beijing319 stations

The underground transport system of Beijing is one of the longest and most downloaded all over the world. Its length is 527 km, while annual ridership of 3200 billion people. Here there is the largest movement in the world by number of passengers during rush hour, which can reach 10 million people.. the construction of the subway started in the 50-ies of the last century with the participation of Russian specialists.

In the near future planned expansion of square on lines 13, which will increase the underground for another 700 km. By 1920, plans to increase the underground transport system to 1050 km. currently has 319 subway platforms and 18 lines. This is one of the longest subway in the world. Also subway is considered the most clean and light.

4. The metro of Madrid326 stations

The metro of Madrid is included in the top 10 biggest subways in the world by number of stations. Total length is 293 km, It is one of the first subways, with a 2 ring line. The annual flow of passengers is 560 million people. One of the stations, called station, used as a Museum. They call it the Ghost station. On-site subway is located 326 platforms, and there are 16 lines.

3. Shanghai metrostations 355

Shanghai metro with a length of 560 km annually transports up to 3.5 billion people. This is one of the longest underground transport systems in the world. The Shanghai subway has about 355 stations and 14 lines. Within 5 years it is planned to build 125 stations, which will increase the area at 220 km Is the youngest and fastest growing Metropolitan in the world. Note the severe congestion of the subway during peak hours. People's square is one of the busiest stations.

2. The Metropolitan Seoul436 stations

The Seoul metro is one of the busiest in the world. Annual ridership of 2.5 billion. Subway has 436 stations and 18 lines and its total length of 394 km. Line 5 is the longest in the world, its length is 52 km from the Seoul transport system is recognized as one of the best in the world. In Korea, the subway is called sudogwon chonchol, which translated into Russian means "the Metropolitan capital of the region." Subway entered the top three largest metro in the world by number of platforms.

1. Subway new York's468 stations

Subway new York city has the largest number of platforms 468, and includes a 34 line. The total length of track is 1355 km, of which 1056 km used for passenger traffic. Annual ridership is 1.7 million people. One of the deepest stations is 191 street, which is located at a depth of 50 meters. One of the world's highest stations is considered Ninth street, she is situated at altitude 27 m. It is one of the oldest and biggest subways in the world, which operates around the clock.

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