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10 of the most controversial characters of Harry Potter


The books about the young wizard Harry Potter has shocked and captured the world's attention. For history fans include not only children but also adults who love to argue about the actions and characters of some of the heroes franchise.

Because the world in the "Harry Potter" is not divided into black and white, and because the characters of Harry Potter are ambiguous and multifaceted.

We analyze 10 heroes of the franchise and understand why they are the main subjects of dispute among fans.

10. Sirius Black

Best friend of James Potter and godfather, Harry. In his youth, Sirius was a very talented wizard, he was a good student, but this did not prevent him from being a bully and adventurer who violate various school rules.

Black is described as a fun guy, able to support in difficult minute, to protect his friends and defend the honor of his name. He is a brave and principled: leaves the family, as it does not support the dark looks of mother in relation to a Mudblood wizards.

Sirius easily charms the reader, while the history doesn't reveal black's as stuck in the age of 20 adult male. He's impulsive and vindictive, still not forgotten the school quarrel, feel their uselessness, this timid and stubborn.

Outside black confident and intelligent wizard, but inside he's still a young boy, by mistake, a prisoner in the terrible prison for wizards. The actions and words of black become a frequent subject of discussion between the fans of the books.

9. Remus Lupin

The reader familiar with the Remus as Professor for defence against the dark arts. Remus positioned himself as a wise and intelligent wizard, his lessons are fun, he interacts with the students, joking, telling stories and otherwise likable.

The final piece against Remus, the reader ceases to be so straightforward. One day Harry calls Lupin a coward, as he cannot, despite his Mature years, to take its essence and fledgling family. So that even this seemingly comprehended the reader the hero is complicated person with his fears and complexes.

8. The Xenophilius Lovegood

Among the fans of Harry Potter are those who do not share the decision to betray Lovegood of Harry Potter in the last book. If the original Rowling is eccentric Lovegood as the editor of a newspaper, the "Deathly Hallows" Xenophilius shown as desperate and Jumpy man, who has kidnapped his beloved and only daughter.

Betrayal by the Lovegood was not expecting anyone, but it happened. And now the act of Xenophilius in circles potteromania philosophical: what would they, if on the spot Lovegood? Does the end justify the means? That is, whether the salvation of the daughter's betrayal only chance for a positive outcome of the second magical war?

7. Neville Longbottom

Neville for readers of the awkward overweight kid who is afraid of Professor Snape and can not fend for themselves most of the story. It would seem that the attitude to the hero is unambiguous – it is a pity, because he is an orphan and always gets into minor scrapes.

But what surprised everyone the first time reading a book, when Neville is the character who will lead the war in school with the dark mages, and those who will destroy one of the Horcruxes Volan de mort.

6. Draco Malfoy

Hermione told Malfoy that he: "Filthy disgusting dirty cockroach", but all readers are in agreement nodded. Draco unpleasant character: he is spoiled by money and power, humiliating the weak, likes to Snitch and to conduct a fair fight.

This character is really annoying and causes no sympathy as long as on the shoulders of the boy rests the task to kill Albus Dumbledore.

In "half-Blood Prince" there's a scene where Malfoy is crying in the ladies room. This attitude to the character many readers have changed. Draco was revealed as a desperate student to take on a heavy burden for the sake of saving the lives of his family members.

He's cold and angry because it brought up so, but it is an excellent example of growing up of your character. And if the Malfoy egotistical, selfish, broken job from Volan de mort, he becomes a thinking and analyzing a teenager.

In the end, Malfoy saves the life of his school enemy, Harry Potter and after that difficult refers to Slisarenko Prince by far.

5. Peter Pettigrew

Peter described as a nondescript boy, who everywhere was hanging out with Potter, black and Lupin. Growing up, Peter joins the flounce-de-mort from fear of the wizard and betraying the potters. Because of the betrayal of Pettigrew Harry remains an orphan.

In the development process of the history of Peter still the same cowardly servant, doing the will of his master, and the opinion about this character develops sharply negative.

But in the last part the reader understands that Peter left the place a sense of gratitude and justice. He is showing mercy to Harry and Ron, for the Silver Hand, given to the flounce-de-mort kills Pettigrew.

4. Percy Weasley

Percy Weasley was the head of the faculty of Gryffindor, then head boy, he studied well and was in good standing with the teachers. Percy predicted a successful future, which, indeed, he has achieved, however, having broken all ties with his family.

Percy believes the newspaper rumors about Harry Potter, trying to turn Ron against best friend, but in the end rude to the parents and leaving the family, fully immersed in the work of the assistant in the Ministry of Magic.

Since then, Percy decided to speak with family Weasley brothers cold claim that the brother they have no more, Molly the first time, constantly crying. Percy has negative emotions, but dig deeper and the reader will understand that Percy was just reaching for his dream.

He was blinded by the desire to be important, to achieve goals and to escape from poverty. To condemn him for it's complicated, but among fans of the franchise most readers will take Percy to the unpleasant characters of the story.

3. James Potter

The father of Harry Potter and best friend Sirius black and Remus Lupin. A good student, a loving husband and father, as well as arrogant and cocky upstart, who was not shy to mock the outsiders of the school. Namely on the Severus Snape.

James Potter either love or hate. Most of all, James hated those who were very moved by the story of the Half-blood Prince, and love Potter those fans of history, who understand that James was just a stupid kid. After all, growing up, Harry was ashamed of his actions and with age, ceased to make life difficult for Snape.

2. Severus Snape

The unjust and the evil teacher, not just their decisions brought students to tears. The character Harry Potter hated throughout his school life, and suspected that in supporting the views of Volan de mort.

The reader agrees with the opinion of Harry about the unpleasant personality of the teacher, however, the negative image of Snape falling apart in the last chapters of "Deathly Hallows". It turned out that Severus was a spy for Dumbledore, and therefore entered into a circle of Death eaters. And even he killed Dumbledore at the request of Albus, and not for personal initiative.

Many readers will forgive the negative things Snape learned about the complex life of a double agent. Other fans of Harry Potter still consider Snape to the negative characters of history for his negative attitude to the students of Gryffindor.

1. Albus Dumbledore

The Director of Hogwarts placed at first place in our top, because he is by far the most mysterious character of history. So mysterious that in the sixth book we mourn the death of the Professor, and only in the seventh understand that not knew the real Albus Dumbledore.

Good-natured, wise and fair – Dumbledore loved all the positive characters of history, and a negative hated, despised and feared.

For six books the reader believe in the bright manner Director while in the seventh part not disclosed new details about the life of Albus. The reader learns that in his youth Dumbledore supported the views of the green de Wald – MAG, unleashed the first magic war. Then the reader asks the question and how it really is treated Dumbledore to Harry Potter? Loved it, or raised only in order to kill at the right time?

Who is Albus Dumbledore? Fair genius or a cruel manipulator? Everyone has their own answer to this question.

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