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The best contact lenses: how to pick the perfect option


Lens advantages are obvious — security, unrestricted lateral vision and usability. Before the visit to the optometrist will need to be familiar with important information.

Basic rules of use lenses

Wearing contact lenses requires compliance with strict conditions:

  • Before installation, carefully wash hands with soap and water and wipe dry with a towel. Make sure that the fingers do not have traces of fabric.
  • Put on lenses before makeup. Makeup can leave stains on the surface. A dull spot review worsen and cause pollution. To remove you need to remove the cream. Optics can not tolerate the spray. The components of the spray can get under the lens, irritating the mucosa. The same effect causes Smoking or being in smoke-filled space.
  • Swimming with lenses is prohibited. This is a great place for harmful bacteria living in the water. If a cornea has a minor damage, then come keratitis — inflammation of the eyeball, which is accompanied by severe pain.

  • Lenses incompatible with drip drugs. Allowed only a slight wetting. Rich wetting permitted in rooms with air conditioners or heating devices.
  • Installation start with the right eye. Store lenses you need in a special container. The cell is marked with the letter D — right, L — left. To avoid confusion, constantly we perform this procedure.
  • After removing the optics needs a mechanical cleaning. To do this, put it on your palm and sprinkle on top of a multi-functional solution. Wipe the index finger of the other hand on both sides. Then rinse and put in container.
  • Attention! Do not use water from the tap!

    For disinfection to keep the lens need solution. Processing time reglamentary manual. If the solution level in the container is insufficient, the lens will become damaged and there will be discomfort. You can use the tool 1 time.

    Attention: to avoid infection the use of firstgov prohibited.

  • The container handle by the same means that lenses. To prevent infections changed monthly.
  • Wear lens right side, making sure there are no defects. At the point of contact with the eye, it has a smooth edge.
  • List the common causes of discomfort:
  • selected wrong side;
  • interfere eyelashes, dust, heterogeneity;
  • inflamed mucosa. To check this, put on the other eye. If the feelings remain the same — so the problem is in the optics.
  • Do not exceed the time of use. It all depends on the material and manufacturer's recommendations. Remove before sleep.
  • There is a perception that the refrigerator promotes better disinfection. This mass delusion. Storage temperature lens ranges from 15 to 27 degrees. In the cold solution loses its properties. After wearing appear eye fatigue.
  • Note: shelf life starts from the moment of unpacking. Then the lens should be replaced even if you wore it once.

  • If you have symptoms of irritation you need to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Advice from the Internet can not replace professional help.
  • Top 10 best lenses

    We present to your attention a rating of the best contact lenses for 2018-2019, based on the opinion of experts.


    Each lens has its own schedule of use. A day set in the morning and discharged in the evening. They have several advantages:

  • do not require cleaning. Every day after wearing them disposed;
  • no mandatory schedules to replace;
  • save time;
  • do not cause eye allergies. Plaque no time to form.
  • Daily disposable lenses are often chosen by athletes, teenagers, employees of industrial plants.

    The disadvantages include considerable financial costs. Monthly need to buy 60 products.

    10. Cooper Vision Proclear 1 Day

    This is the only lens recommended by the FDA (Office sannazaro the quality of the food and drug administration (USA)). The manufacturer uses a patented technology PC. The product retains moisture after 12 hours of use. Designed to prevent dry eye. Comfort is provided throughout the day. The aspheric design supports the work of the lens. Due to the constant influx of oxygen does not occur redness and irritation. The optics are fully compatible with the cornea. The unique material creates a water shield, supporting the sterility. The molecules of the liquid stored persistently on the surface.


    Country proizvoditelei использованияОднодневныеСодержание влаги60 %in упаковке30Диаметр14,2 masnagetneri in середине0,09 mm, type materialsgeneral

    9. Acuvue 1-Day Moist

    Products manufactured by a well-known company Johnson Johnson. The model is designed for people who value safety and visual comfort. It has a high moisture content. This is evidenced by the name itself.

    Using the latest technology in lens placed moisturizing ingredient, which is as close to natural tear. Partial wetting occurs. This allows long-term work on the computer without experiencing fatigue.

    Lenses safe for allergies. The likelihood of ulcerative keratitis is minimized. UV filter protects from UV rays. The model incorporates 4 of the stabilization zone. The clarity of the overview is saved during sudden movements.

    The lens is equipped with a sensor of the correct form. Before installing they take the desired position.

    Country proizvoditelnosti in упаковке30Период заменыЕжедневноМатериалГидрогельсодержание влаги58 %Radius кривизны8,5 ммДиаметр14,2 mastodinia кислорода25,5 Dk/tЦветные

    For girls, they serve as a fashionable addition to outfit. Eye color transforms the appearance. Along with a beauty help to correct vision. List the features:

  • Some people think that colored lenses harmful to the eyes. However, in the area of the pupil they are colorless.
  • The wear time is limited to 8 hours. This is due to low oxygen intake.
  • In the daylight the color is not distorted. But at night when the pupil is dilated, they are less effective.
  • Life is different at the one-day, quarterly and semi-annual. Color optics completely change the eye color, and tint emphasizes the depth. Meet crazy-lenses capable of changing the shape of the eyeball or add neon radiation. Used at parties, when shooting video.

    An important parameter is the radius of curvature. It determines only the medical equipment. Before buying you should consult an ophthalmologist.

    The color palette of the models differ. The hue of the iris of each person is different, so trust the photos from the Internet should not be.

    8. "Oftalmix Butterfly" trentanove

    The model is presented in the turquoise color. Truhtanova color looks charming. Blotches along the contour of the pupil create a glow effect.

    The lenses are made of hydrogel with the quarterly period replacement. When using no discomfort and dry eyes. Lenses are not afraid of smoke and cope with the dust. Overnight these lenses should be removed. The user is not experiencing difficulties throughout the lifespan.

    Country Proizvoditelia Karastergiou влаги42 %МатериалPolyhemaРадиус кривизны8,6 mmperiod замены3 months.Formatterassemblystyle in package2

    7. Air Optix (Alcon) Colors

    Comfort is maintained by continuous oxygen supply. The lenses are made of hydrogel with addition of silicone. By the end of the day his eyes don't look tired. The smoothness of the surface achieved by plasma treatment. There is no friction on the cornea. No need for additional drops. Moisturizing formula eases first use. The range includes 3 kinds of bright and natural colours. Dark rim highlights the iris. Equivalent fits to light and dark pupils. Is oxygen permeability 138 Dk/t.

    Country производительСШАДиаметр14,2 moliceiro in упаковке2Режим ispolzovanpokoleniya влаги33 %Term службы1 months.Radius кривизны8,6 mm

    6. Adria Glamorous

    Lenses are designed for a glamorous look. The surface contains a dark pattern, giving the effect of mystery and natural iris is blocked. Selling models are available with diopters or without. Technology gives a High Definition aspheric shape. There's no distortion in any light. Absorbent protects mucous membranes from drying out.

    Country proizvoditeley использования3 months.The contents влаги43 %Диаметр14,5 moliceiro in упаковке2МатериалPolyhemaТип materialographers extended wear

    They have the greatest thickness, so less comfortable to wear. The service life is from one month to six months. Sell products in glass bottles. Have high strength. Consider the strengths and weaknesses.


  • reasonable price;
  • you can leave for the night;
  • do not require daily maintenance;
  • correction from 6 to -12 diopters;
  • allow you to lead an active lifestyle.
  • Cons:

  • low moisture content;
  • small transmission of oxygen;
  • sometimes cause individual rejection.
  • Material products are divided into 2 types. Gas permeable made of silicone. They can be worn for 30 days straight at night. A rigid structure will require time getting used to. The diameter of the lens smaller cornea, and legs are deformed. If after use, immediately to wear glasses, the clarity of the review will be low.

    Another kind is made on the basis of silicone hydrogel. The soft material holds its shape well and does not distort the cornea. However, there may be a sense of dryness. Experts do not recommend him with astigmatism.

    For reference: extended wear Lenses choose truckers, athletes, travelers.

    Doctors sometimes suggest to remove the optics for cleaning. Recent studies have shown that the continuous wearing without breaks leads to microbial keratitis. The disease is dangerous complete loss of vision. The use of such optics should be the same as the other lenses: to wear in the morning, and at night, pour a solution.

    On the market there are many manufacturers.

    5. OKVision Season

    Hydrogel lenses with a quarterly replacement period. Comfortable to wear, not bring discomfort, resistant to pollution. The material has high hydrophilicity (moisture retention). Throughout the term optics retains its softness and pliability to handle. UV filter protects eyes from UV rays. Ultra slim design preserves the sharpness of both primary and peripheral vision.

    Materialcontainer materialovedenija замены3 months.Admission кислорода27,5 Dk/tДиаметр14 moliceiro in упаковке2Влагосодержание45 %

    4. Gelflex Sea Clear Vail

    Contact lenses with a semi-annual deadline for the correction of myopia. Not to constantly buy a new pair, it is enough to observe proper care. Optics made of durable material. On the surface not accumulate body fat. No discomfort thanks to ultra-thin wall of 0.035 mm. the Elasticity of the product makes it easy to wear. Unfortunately, in the series no lenses with plus diopters.

    МатериалPolyHema PlusТип materialeigenschaften кислорода23,8 Dk/tДиаметр14,2 soderjanie влаги47 %in упаковке1Для sensitive eyes

    In this case, suitable products on a soft base. What is sensitivity and how it manifests itself?

  • The dryness that occurs during prolonged work at the computer, on the street, in smoke-filled rooms. The first symptom is redness of the shell, leading to fatigue.
  • Profuse lacrimation. Appears when a malfunction of the lacrimal glands.
  • The discomfort and pain. Feeling debris eyes — the result of mismatched optics.
  • Allergies. Accompanied by itching and redness.
  • Even weak illumination provoke eye irritation.
  • What parameters to look for when choosing lenses?

  • Indicator of moisture content. It will require additional drops.
  • The flow of air. Oxygen brings nutrients.
  • Schedule replacement. Depending on the mode (continuous, prolonged, flexible, daily) selects ophthalmologist optics.
  • For patients with sensitive eyes are advised to wear daily disposable lenses. This is due to their thin structure and minimal risk of exposure to dangerous bacteria. Optics a long period, which can be worn for several days, is not suitable. Pay attention to the increased Dk/t. The higher it is, the less there is the presence of the product in the eye.

    Care tips are the same as for other types. The main thing — cleanliness and schedule replacement.

    Attention! Before you buy be sure is to consult with your personal physician.

    Below is the list of the best contact lenses for sensitive eyes.

    3. Dailies (Alcon) Total1

    Due to the ultrathin structure is not felt when worn. The main thing here is not to forget to remove them at night. Photogrammetry material completely mimics the natural tear.

    Developer is the American company Alcon. Lenses provide such refraction, as in the natural crystalline lens. This is facilitated by a gradient distribution of moisture. The lack of silicone reduces the risk of allergies. During blinking, do not feel the discomfort. Optics are allowed to wear 16 hours a day.

    Lenses suitable for people who suffer from allergies. There is no risk of dry eye syndrome. This is especially important for those who spends a lot of time behind the laptop.

    ПроизводительСШАДиаметр14,1 immaterialisation Aperiod use1 dinostories кислорода140 Dk/tРадиус кривизны8,5 moliceiro in упаковке30

    2. Proclear 1 Day

    The product requires no solutions and accessories for storage. The pack is for 1 month. Thin materials allow to forget about the inserted lenses. Instead of the discomfort you will feel bright picture before my eyes. Optics allows you to get rid of the feeling of sand in eyes. Frequent replacement prevents the accumulation of proteins on the surface. The disadvantage is that one complete set of lenses with the same diopters.

    Country proizvoditeley ношенияОднодневныеДиаметр14,2 mm, type материалаГидрогельВлагосодержание60 %in упаковке30

    1. IQLens Oxygen 1-day

    Lenses aimed at combating myopia. Unable to correct violations from -12 to 6 diopters.

    Production deals with British company Mark Ennovy. During use on the surface do not accumulate lipid deposits, so the lenses are safe for eyes. Used material — polymer etafilcon A. He is excellent in terms of moisture content and oxygen transmission. Lasting comfort is achieved by the fact that hyaluronic acid not decomposed, and remains on the surface. In hot weather you will not experience discomfort.

    БрендIQLensФормаСферическаяПериод заменыЕжедневноДиаметр14,2 mm, type materialeigenschaften влаги58 %in упаковке30
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