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10 signs that you are Dating abuterol


The theme abusive families became very frequently discussed in modern society. Many do not understand how women let men do awful to a handle. Perhaps the thing that many people consider a negative model of relations are absolutely normal: what are the sayings of the type "Beats – means, loves".

Some women are just afraid of being alone and I think that after breaking up with a partner will not be able to find someone else, but this problem is completely contrived.

So, let's look at the main signs that you are abusing relations.

10. The imposition of aid

Some men impose on ladies of your help because trying to do them as obligated. So they create a kind of binding.

It should be wary if the partner insists on giving you any service even after a failure. Even more worrying sign – if he does as it sees fit, even if you said a firm "no".

9. The denial of his guilt

If your partner is always looking for fault when there is any problem, it describes it very vividly. Keep in mind that very soon he will start to blame you, especially because you often are close. It should take into consideration the fact that such people tend to forget their own promises.

Man often denies his guilt, will always justify itself, showing irresponsibility or upsetting your partner. Some people prefer to live at the expense of loved ones.

8. Egocentrism

When the relationship has just begun, a young man can't seem egocentric, but this trait manifests itself very quickly. It should be wary if your boyfriend is constantly talking, all conversations are reduced only to him.

Egocentrism is a trait that is very difficult to adjust. If the person is still and inclined to ill-treatment of relatives, he is absolutely sure that he has every right to behave that way.

7. Negative and aggressive attitude to the former

Of course, many people have a negative attitude to the former lover, but the thing is how offended people are. If he talks about negative qualities of the ex-girlfriend is already almost on the first date – this is a worrying sign.

Even worse, if the man makes it clear that he despises this woman. It should be wary if he complains that the girl has put forward a false accusation of abuse. Usually such accusations are true.

A man can assert that all the problems that had arisen in his relations, was to blame the girl. This is a sure sign that after some time you will be accused of all mortal sins, and for any reason.

Most often the problems that arise in the relationship, both are guilty, and worthy people will be ready to admit it.

6. Loves to feel his power

Some men like women that much younger than them. Most often, this person tends to feel the power over those who are weaker. He is very much like it if the girl would look up and catch every word. Typically, these women believe their partners are more intelligent, experienced and completely rely on their opinion.

Some abuser are drawn to the injured fair sex who have had some sorrow. These women are very vulnerable, they are particularly easy to psychologically manipulate. Usually in such cases, the man builds himself a Savior, come to protect the weak creature from all the misfortunes in the world.

5. Constant pressure on the partner

If the partner is all the time pushing you, forcing them to have sex when you don't want to deal with them, it is obvious that he is not concerned about the feelings and desires of the partner. He sees woman only as a sexual object.

Some men put pressure on their loved ones in another way: they're too fast to start talking about living together, starting a family. Hesitating for a serious relationship, you should not doubt your partner, so it is better not to rush and to know him better. Negative qualities of people usually do not reveal themselves immediately.

4. Causeless jealousy

If a man too often gets jealous without reason – obviously, it is unlikely to be comfortable to meet, especially live. Some women are flattered by jealousy of partners, but all should be the measure.

Jealousy can turn into insults and abuse. A man can say that just loves you very much and so constantly jealous. Usually, however, it turns out that this is not love, but the banal sense of possessiveness.

3. Total control

At first, you may even be happy that the beloved takes, constantly contemplating plans for the weekend or for the evening. However, after some time you will notice that the male gets angry if you don't like any plan.

Then will come the realization that the partner is in principle able to take into account only his own opinion. He may start to criticize your lifestyle, you require to change it.

2. Anger

Intimidation is emotional abuse, which can escalate into the physical. Should raise the alarm, if a man threatens, yells, waving your hands, pushes, holds, or even swings to hit.

Better to end the relationship immediately, or later will be much harder to do it. Unfortunately, many women prefer to wait, hoping that the behavior of the partner will change. But then things get worse, and they just become afraid to leave.

1. Disrespect You

Ill-treatment is based on contempt. Partner should be polite, to listen to your opinion. If dealing with a woman, a man allows himself to sarcasm, rudeness, he hardly treats her with respect.

If you beloved began to behave this way, make a remark to him. In the case of ignoring can feel free to part with it, as it is so you do not respect that does not even respond to a direct request.

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