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Top 10 traditional representatives of the Russian scum


Now Baba-Yaga can only scare a small child, and a few centuries ago, the Russian people believed in evil forces. If the house had lost any thing – sinned on a house. Lost in the woods – blame the devil. Mermaids, swab, vampires – they were afraid both adults and children. People told each other scary stories, from which the blood froze in his veins.

Modern man has long been not afraid of evil spirits. He believes it's all fiction, fantasies. Of course, didn't exist before the Internet and TV, what other pleasures could come up with?

Still not worth it so radical to deny the existence of evil. Maybe it's not just fantasy, otherwise people would not believe in the existence of these creatures for many centuries. Anyway this is our story: the myths, legends and beliefs.

Below is a list of traditional representatives of the Russian scum. You will be able to get to know them, learn their habitat, character, and ways of dealing with them.

10. Anchutka

Previously called devils. It is the evil spirit of small stature, covered with hair, with a snout instead of a nose. Their distinctive feature is the lack of heel. According to legend, one imp a werewolf bit off the heel, then this part of the body has disappeared and the other inutoc. They can be found in the fields, the pond.

Anchutka not afraid of people and often settle near them. The devils can transform themselves into animals and people, love to play pranks. Often these jokes have been the cause of deaths among people.

The nature of anchutka depends on its habitat. The most dangerous water anchutka. They can drag people into the swamp or river to drown.

Bath and field are considered less dangerous, they can make a joke, to scare, but not doing anything wrong.

Anchutka afraid of salt and iron, so before people always wore a pin.

9. Mavka

The so-called mermaids. They are easy to confuse with regular mermaids, but that's a completely different character. Mavka – drowned maidens, or children killed by mothers. These beings are the people in different form, in women or children. They are usually very beautiful.

According to some beliefs, mavok on the back of the back no skin, and you can see all the internal organs. Mavka pretty harmless, but I hate those people who are to blame for their death. They are active only at mermaid week. At this time, you can find them in ponds, rivers.

Mavka not afraid of spells and prayers, there are only two means of dealing with them – Holy water and quick feet. Enough to sprinkle Holy water, and creatures will disappear. Also they can just run away. Mavka not leave his dwelling place, can't go far from the water.

8. Fright

Kikimora is the wife of the house, the house is in a female form. Frights settle in houses. This is a small little creature, she's not wearing clothes and shoes. Most of the time she remains invisible.

If the household she likes, she will not harm them. Maybe a little bit naughty: squeak or knock in the night. If someone from the household makes her dislike, her jokes become angry and even dangerous. They know all about the fears of people and give them nightmares similar content.

Dummy loves to spin, sitting in the corner. To appease it, if you wash the house floor with a tincture of the roots of a fern. To forever banish her from your home, you can use a special conspiracy.

7. Ghoul

The so-called dead people who's souls are unable to calm down. Vampires were criminals, unbaptized babies, people who died an unnatural death. A European vampire – handsome and aristocratic. In Ancient Russia they looked a bit different. This is usually a half-decayed corpse that walked through the villages and villages in search of victims. He needs human blood.

Vampires are active at night, they usually don't develop the tactics, just go for the victim. Apparently in Ancient Russia was very afraid of these creatures. How else to explain such a large number of means of dealing with them? Wooden stake, garlic, and methods was interesting. At the cemetery in the evening scattered the seeds of poppy, vampires loved to read. Instead of going hunting, they practiced their knowledge of mathematics.

6. Bannik

Mythical character, is the master bath. Could be both good and bad. It protects the bath against evil spirits. He looks like a little old man with a long beard, clothes he replaced the leaves with a broom. The swab didn't hurt if people followed all the rules and regularly cajoled him. He brought bread, left soap and a towel to swab too warm up.

The one who ignored the swab and break the rules, get what they deserve. Bannik could scald with boiling water, to blow the fumes, close in the bath, to throw a stone. Especially afraid of the swab women, they were forbidden to go to the sauna alone. Again, the swab could help solve many of the problems addressed to it with requests, requested health and wealth.

5. Mermaid

In Ancient Russia there were 4 types of these mythical creatures. About Makkah we did the remaining three species differ from their more evil nature. Looked like mermaids? On this account there are lots of opinions. In some traditions this beautiful young girls, other ugly old woman.

Many are mermaids like girls with a tail, but in Ancient Rus no tail they had. Locothe – beautiful young women who lure lonely men and caress them to death. Lobastov – full woman, the eldest, manages the rest of the mermaids. Kills all who come across her path. Vodenica – young girls with long hair, kind, but love to joke, these jokes are often killed people.

4. Brownie

A cousin of the devil. Lives in apartments and houses, friendly people. Not afraid to live pious people, it does not confuse the icons. This little old man in shabby clothes would never hurt a person, if he would never hurt him. On the contrary, it protects the house from intrusion of evil spirits. Likes to joke, may do mischief, often hides things.

Brownie made to appease, to leave him milk, bread on a platter. In ancient Russia there was a ceremony involving house. If the house was a tense atmosphere, there were many strange events, it was believed that the house is not a house, but settled evil. People have done this rite, the evil spirits disappeared.

3. Water

The spirit dwelling in the water and protect ponds and lakes from strangers. The old man with a long beard, with a tail instead of legs, green skin, fish-eyes.

Water is the highest among all creatures, obey him mermaids, fish, and other inhabitants of the underwater world. He controls the water current, creates waves. He loves to scare people, screaming, interferes with fishermen.

If people disturb the peace of the water, he can drown him. If a person fell into the hands to the water he has no chance for salvation, in water he has no equal.

2. The devil

The spirit of the forest, its Keeper and master. This is usually an old man with a beard in peasant clothes inside out. Some sources – hairy creature resembling a huge beast.

The devil sometimes gets bored, then he starts to play pranks. Suitable for mushroom pickers, hunters and asks a question. From the response of a person depends on his life. In any case, just so the devil will not let anyone people long wander through the woods, then the devil let go of them or severely punish. Of course, this rarely happens, but it may open the door to a parallel world. Then the lost man has not the slightest chance of return.

A lot depends on the mood of the owner of the forest. When meeting with him to undress and then to dress again, while turning the clothes inside out. In some cases it helps or prayer Mat.

1. Baba Yaga

The most famous mythological character of ancient Slavs. Even very young children know its existence, thanks to Russian folk tales. It has great power to transform, to become a witch, ghoul or other representative of evil.

Lives Baba Yaga in the hut. But contrary to popular belief the feet of her chicken, and smoky – pillars, smoked the smoke, that is black. Everyone knows what it looks like Baba Yaga is the old woman in the spacious dress.

People don't want to get caught in her eyes, Baba Yaga is prone to cannibalism. She also deals with the fact that manages all witches and other representatives of evil, punishes, and encourages them. Also it supplies the human soul to the underworld.

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