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10 unexpected role of popular actors


Most actors once famous in a particular genre, become his hostages. This genre is becoming kind of a comfort zone: for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to be born for militants, and Jim Carrey for Comedy. Not everyone has the courage to leave that comfortable niche, but sometimes there are brave souls.

Today we remember 10 actors who surprised their roles.

10. Tom cruise, "tropic thunder" 2008

In 2008, Cruz has already been "rain Man", "Interview with the vampire" several parts of "Mission impossible", and 3 nominations for "Oscar" and the prize "Golden globe". In General, no one had any doubt that Tom copes with dramatic roles, and images of brutal heroes, saving the world and "kicking ass".

But as a comedian he first showed themselves only in "tropic thunder" and it was truly epic.

First, the handsome Volume is not so easy to find in the balding overweight producer, and secondly, his game is fundamentally different from what it was previously.

They played the character Les Grossman became a meme and was invited to the ceremony where MTV Cruz in this manner danced the dance with Jennifer Lopez.

9. Wesley snipes "to Wong foo, thanks for everything! Julie Newmar" 1995

For 3 years before Wesley snipes donned in black leather and went to exterminate the vampires in the blade, he starred in the Comedy Bibana of the Kidron, where was dressed quite differently.

In this movie he tried on the image of a drag Queen: actor, acting in a female manner. Imagine the surprise of the audience in those years? In 1993 they released "Destroyer" with Stallone in the 1994 Thriller "the drop Zone", and a year of brutal snipes wears a dress and with makeup on her face.

8. George Clooney, "burn After reading" 2008

The role of George Clooney successful, charming, always popular with women a man. In tragicomedy, the brothers Cans "burn After reading" he's very different. This is not a rich businessman, not a clever robber, not daring hero. Here he is just a common civil servant who sleeps with another man's wife, and afraid of her.

After this role Clooney repeatedly experimented with the images, agreeing on non-standard suggestions, but this film can be considered the first "abnormal". Time has shown that the experiment was successful.

7. Adam Sandler, "the Deserted city" 2007

Adam Sandler has always been considered and will be considered a comedian not scared of participation in the Frank "the slag". The sad part is that this is the "slag" it sometimes produces, shoots, and wrote for him the script. In General, the ears having gone to Comedy with jokes that much below the belt, he suddenly appeared in the drama "Empty city" with Don Cheadle. He again plays a two-timer, but with a huge life tragedy: his wife and daughter died in the September 11 attacks and then he like fell into childhood.

Unusual for the Sandler role was given to him surprisingly easily, but the film itself, unfortunately, went unnoticed. On IMDb he's got a rating of 7.5, much higher than most comedies with his participation.

6. John Travolta, "hairspray," 2007

In the 90-ies Travolta became a real action hero and tried to stay in this genre with the advent of the new Millennium. In the beginning of his career went on the decline, so we started throwing and attempts to break into other niches, but I wasn't always successful, however, the role in the musical

"Hairspray" is a pleasant exception. Despite the fact that the tape itself is a fan of the game Travolta deserves attention: he got the role very full of middle-aged women, which educates teenage daughter.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow, "Love hurts" 2001

The actress in 1999 she received an Oscar for his work in the film "Shakespeare in Love", in which she played a lover of the great playwright.

The viewer is used to seeing her in the image of the beauty with a memorable appearance, always slender and well-groomed, so "Love of evil" was a very bold experiment on the part of Gwyneth. Here she plays a woman weighing 150 kg, which falls hero Jack black. Later, the actress admitted that this Comedy is base substitution, to act in which she agreed solely because of the fee.

4. Cate Blanchett, "I'm not there" 2007

Cate Blanchett at the time of filming in the drama about the life of Bob Dylan was considered one of the most diverse and talented Actresses of Hollywood. Over her shoulders was shooting in "Elizabeth", "the Aviator", "the Lord of the rings", but despite this role in "I'm not there" was a real challenge. She had to play Jude Quinn, the alter-ego of Dylan, and coped Blanchett is amazing.

Her partners in the film was Heath Ledger, Christian bale, Richard Gere, Julianne Moore, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Ben whishaw, but the best actress at the Cannes film festival that year recognized Kate.

3. Charlize Theron, "Monster" 2003

Charlize Theron was and still remains (even in spite of the fact that she is already 43 years) one of the most attractive Actresses, so every film she shines.

Each, except "Monster". In this drama, based on real events, it turned into a serial killer descended a street prostitute, Aileen Wuornos. Gaining more than 10 lbs. overweight and with makeup Charlize has completely changed, greatly surprised all. Not surprisingly, this role earned her an Oscar, a Golden globe and a bunch of other awards.

2. Nicolas Cage, "Kick-Ass" 2010

In the 90's and zero cage in almost every movie someone saved, someone chasing someone opposed. He became a hostage of the image, the career went on the decline, and he sought for a way out, taking everything suggestions. One of these came from the creators of the film "Kick", where he was offered to play the father of Obyvacky. Not the best, but certainly one of the most unusual roles.

1. Jim Carrey, "the number 23"2007

This collection just can't do without Jim Carrey: all know how, after the "ACE Ventura", "the Mask," "Dumb and dumber" and other comedies he surprised everyone with his play in "the Truman Show" and "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind". However, these films, though beautiful, but still most unusual in his career.

"The number 23" tape less known, but much more suitable to the subject of this article. A psychological Thriller without a drop of humor, which Kerry really different. Sometimes harsh, and sometimes frightening, but not a bit funny and not good.

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