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10 most popular directions, which are written in Instagram


The social network has entered the era of promotion and development. If earlier for blogersha space used Live journal, but now people can write their own thoughts, scientific articles, fiction stories on any social platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others.

A huge number of blogs, gathers like-minded and similar speakers wishing to convey their message to people. Today we look at 10 the most popular destinations, which are written by bloggers in Instagram.

10. Books

In the vastness of Instagram multiple accounts with the recommended literature, to find a blog according to your taste will not be easy.

Like "Hunger games?" Welcome to the blog of teen dystopia, where you talk about the franchise with an equally compelling storyline. Like reading reviews of high-profile new items or reviews of the scientific literature? Subscribe to blogs that meet your requirements.

Blogs, novels, classical literature, blogs that only write about the books which made the movie, and then compare these two products. Book blogs are visually very aesthetic: photo in minimalist architecture, beautiful layout or scenery in the background of the filmed book. Through these blogs you can easily find new books, which you will not be disappointed, and agree, it saves a lot of time.

9. Medicine

Now the medicine is very popular in Instagram. Blogs of young doctors, blogs, medical students, blogs professionals with the opportunity to sign up for them at the reception.

Most often, doctors use the Instagram platform for free advertising of their competence and the recruitment of new clientele.

Because, you see, it is much easier to decide on a doctor, who shows himself as a person in storys or proves your professionalism and helpful articles.

Medical blogs are useful to read, in layman's, because they doctors are free of charge sharing checked and the correct information on health. Of course, a full treatment only on medical blogs, we advise you not to. Remember the basic rule written in any box of pills: "Before applying you should consult with a doctor!"

8. Feminism, bodypositive

In the 21st century, imbued with tolerance, feminism, freedom of speech, new genders and other incomprehensible to unenlightened human terms. Now bloggers are using Instagram-a platform for public statements and discussions of women's freedom, equality, love yourself and your body.

Blogs with similar topics are gaining millions of subscribers and there's nothing wrong there, because first of all, literate bloggers carry the weight that all people are equal and should respect each other. The girls talk about the importance of consent before sex, the boys say that rape is impossible. It would seem, all is clear installation, but read the comments under such posts and be astonished how a lot of girls and even boys are exposed to sexual violence and discrimination.

If you want to further explore the issue of feminism in Russia or wave bodypositive, we recommend that you read articles from popular bloggers, the publication of which in the top hashtag of "feminism".

7. Sex

Restrictions have fallen, freedom of speech is flourishing and is now accepted among young people to discuss sex, sex toys and lingerie for role-playing games. Thousands of bloggers doing reviews on products from stores with intimate topics, discussing sex for the first time, rape, virginity and the Soviet myths about sexuality.

Blogs are very useful, at least that involvement in sex education among young people, after all, is education in our country is completely developed. Teens talk about the importance of contraception warn about birth control, talk about sexually transmitted diseases.

Blogs are useful, but controversial, because we should not forget about the complexity of communicating information to large masses of people, especially for teenagers. All the same people because of their upbringing, mentality and life experience of one and the same phrase can be heard differently, and this can lead to unpleasant consequences.

6. Photo processing

Instagram was initially created as an application with a personal photo album: users applied standard filters and indiscriminately filled tape a photo of your Breakfast. Now, in Instagram a lot of text, but the visual not lost relevance and has become even more important! Even the statistics it is known that for bloggers with a bad visual bad signed a new audience, because the aesthetics in this app are all also important.

Therefore, in Instagram there are a lot of blogs with mobile processing. People are taught to pose, to look for angles to make their own filters, retouch, change the background, to correctly place the photos on the tape and understand relevant applications.

5. Yoga, meditation

Yoga has a positive effect on the quality of the body and our psyche, because while yoga stretch muscles, disappear clips and goes stress, and meditation generally clears the mind from unnecessary flow of information.

Such blogs usually are led by professional mentors, spiritual practices, or simply the coaches in yoga. On the accounts posted a video with detailed instructions on how to do elements how to breathe during meditation, how to warm up muscles before stretching and so on.

Accounts of yoga is often very aesthetic, bright and Sunny. They can subscribe just in order to get inspiration from people who are able to fold your body in half.

4. SMM, promotion

To blog grew in the number of subscribers, it is necessary to properly promote. Someone is doing this on their own, looking for advertising space, picks up hashtags, making cold calls, and someone lays a promotion of your blog on social media administrator.

Blogs from administrators, Instagram often touch on the subject of self-promotion. They talk about shadow Banakh, on popular topics, high-profile titles, statistical analysis or even evidence, which photos gain more likes in Instagram.

Given the large number of thematic accounts, it is not surprising that blogs on promotion among them some of the most popular.

3. Sport

Fashion sport peaked a couple of years ago, when sports accounts on Instagram was probably more than all the others. Bloggers began to destroy the myths about nutrition with a buckwheat and dry chicken, began to talk about the correct training, hazard training on a daily basis, of psychological problems that affect extra weight.

Such blogs often hold their own marathons for weight loss, remotely supervising people within a month to those achieved figures of a dream.

2. Self-development, business

On Instagram-the platform now many people earn money and then write about how they have achieved this with a detailed algorithm of actions. The topic of money and business is now very popular in Instagram, but because the blogs with the business subjects are developing rapidly. In these blogs I write about literature, talk about sales, about the interaction with customers, about the development of the personal brand.

Moreover, speakers of a great variety: from grown men to young 20-year-old girls who, despite their young age, they learn the business and begin to teach it to other people.

1. Relationship

Blogs about relationships has a huge number of subscribers and growing rapidly. And it are quite simple: all of us are interesting to read about other people's problems and ways of solving them. And in these blogs write about family troubles, about the beginning of the relationship, abusing about relationships, about sex and related issues or personal experience.

These posts are commented on, problems are discussed and girls willing to help each other and give advice to questions.

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