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10 most famous heroes of horror films


Horror movies are designed to cause the viewer a sense of fear and anxiety, a premonition of irreversible and adrenaline rush. It's a whole genre of art cinema with its own rules and canons of the genre, legends and cultural value.

Horror have a pretty wide audience. Someone who likes lots of blood, some a masterful job with the frame and heighten the atmosphere.

But even if you are a fan of this genre, there are some characters that you know or at least heard something. It is about them we will tell in this collection.

10. Vorhes Jason, "Friday the 13th"

This hockey mask is known to many, even if you do not have an idea who it belongs to. And is it Jason Voorhes, a serial killer who kills his victims with a machete. First appeared in the film "Friday the 13th" already in 1980 and was not supposed to be the main character, but the audience loved that about him he made 11 more films including a remake.

This anti-hero is one of the most recognizable, along with Freddy Krueger. He has firmly entered popular culture, appearing in books, comics, TV shows, and his hockey mask is one of the most recognizable attributes.

9. Freddy Krueger, "Nightmare on elm street"

Frederick "Freddy" Kruger is an iconic character of cinema, which appeared on screens in the film "a Nightmare on elm street" in 1984. His image is familiar to many: charred before the meat face sweater in red and green stripes, brown leather hat and a glove with claws.

Freddy Krueger comes to victims in dreams, where he's practically invincible and able to raise every night, but a lost person dies and reality. Sometimes he manages to get into the real world where he often has the same appearance, but sometimes looks as looked to death.

Another "calling card" films – counting. It says children who dream of the future victim, is a dreadful sign.

8. Chucky, "child's game"

Chucky – the doll that became the main villain of the movie "child's play" in 1988. In the story the man, fascinated by Voodoo magic, escapes from the police and hides in a toy store. There will nastigayut guards and mortally wound. When they reached the shelves with toys, a man grabs the first doll, cast spells, and his spirit migrates to the toy.

The image of Chucky pretty well-known: red-haired boy with a shock of unruly hair, striped shirt, blue overalls and red sneakers. He was called "Nice guy" (Good Guy Doll), great plays contrast with the evil that was to create a sorcerer in the way of toys.

7. Pennywise It

Clowns – some of the most common objects of phobias. Knowing this, the master of psychological horror Stephen king made the clown the main antagonist in one of his most successful novels – "It."

Pennywise – an ancient demon that came from outside the Universe. He appears in the town of Derry every 27 years, is a disaster and takes small children to a place where they "fly".

The film adaptation of this work was only a matter of time, and the first version was released in 1990. By modern standards Pennywise 90s almost nice, but for its time it was a true embodiment of the fear of clowns. The second version of the iconic clown was played by bill Skarsgard in 2017.

6. Jack TORRANCE "The Shining"

Jack TORRANCE is a writer, the hero of the novel of Stephen king's "the Shining" and the eponymous film by Stanley Kubrick. Jack suffers from alcoholism and angry outbursts, he lost a teaching job and agreed to become the caretaker of a remote hotel is the overlook for the winter. It was supposed to help him fix things.

In the hotel he went with his wife Wendy and son Danny. But Atlee was happening was wrong, and TORRANCE is gradually losing his mind. In the film he played the role of Jack Nicholson.

5. Mask-Ghost, the Scream

Speaking of the mask of the villain from horror movies, first recall the mask from the movie "Scream". This classic slashers was released in 1996 and was called as the love of the audience, and fierce criticism over the explicit scenes of violence.

The Director specifically stressed the bloodlust of the anti-hero, using even the environment of the room. Being a fan of classic horror, Wes Craven used a lot of references to other movies, and the mask has become a cult attribute for all the costume party.

4. Pinhead "Hellraiser"

Pinhead is a fictional character, a figment of the imagination of Clive Barker, who directed "Hellraiser". Pinched he calls Cenobite, a demon, to which reborn people had forgotten their past, and eager to do evil.

Once Pinhead was a captain in the British army, but having been through the war, seeing the cruelty of mankind, he was disappointed in people and tried to drown out the emptiness inside vices.

As a result, it opened the world of demons, in which the captain was able to become a new creature with a split leather and driven into the skull with pins.

3. Balak, "Spell 2"

Balak – the main antagonist of the second part of "Curse". Took the appearance of a hunchback dwarf, but the most popular is this character acquired due to the appearance of the demonic nuns. Her image was so intimidating that came to taste to many fans of horror, and in 2018 he released a spin-off of "the Curse of the nuns", who told the story of a demon.

2. Samantha, "The Call"

The image of a little girl, who became the abode of the evil spirit, the topic is very popular. This includes Samantha Morgan, a girl in a white dress with long black hair that can stop the victim's heart with one glance and posthumously to be captured on the faces of the poor expression of transcendent horror.

Trying to get rid of the demonic child, the foster mother tried to strangle her and left for dead in a well, so Samantha and lives there now. With paranormal abilities, she managed to record a tape with awesome content, after viewing which began with calls to the victim with a countdown to the moment of death. Seven days...

The image of the girl in the white dress from the well – one of the most recognizable in cinema, and chips with the tape and calls have been used in other films, the references and the show.

1. Hannibal Lecter, "silence of the lambs"

Hannibal Lecter is one of the iconic characters of world cinema. Ably played by Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the lambs", he is decades later, causes confusion among those watching the film or just footage of him.

This character was created by writer Thomas Harris as a gifted forensic psychiatrist, a maniac, a murderer and a cannibal. He is very intelligent, smart, educated man, a talented doctor, and with those cold-blooded and ruthless killer. The combination of these qualities is fascinating and terrifying. Hannibal Lector is truly one of the iconic villains in art.

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