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10 most anticipated games of 2019


The gaming industry continues to delight fans with new releases, promising even better graphics, freedom of action and more twisted stories. Or preservation of the good traditions that will bring a lot of pleasant hours passing.

What awaits us this year, what new gamers are waiting with bated breath, we tried to understand this article.

10. Doom Eternal

Continuation of the game in 2016 will be an exemplary shooter in the vein of their predecessors. The action will be transferred from Mars to Earth, which is attacked by hordes of demons. R
the monster promise that the picture will be more colorful, action and enemies even more, and the game overall more interesting.

9. RAGE 2

Rage 2 offers to plunge into the turbulent atmosphere of post-Apocalypse, where the burnt land lording mutants and crazed aggression people.

The game is a continuation of the original project, and the action takes place 50 years after the end of the previous story.

The player is invited to try on the role of Walker, Ranger Vaynlend who is forced to confront a brutal government.

The developers have created a seamless world, divided between groups that are not particularly happy about the protagonist. You can travel both on foot and in different vehicles and race through the desert. And for extra fun, a hero, an Arsenal of weapons and special abilities.

8. Dying Light 2

After the events in the first game, it's been 15 years. The story moved to Europe, in a city that due to a zombie Apocalypse rolled into the development and where residents are suffering from lack of electricity, and the streets are drowned in crime and anarchy.

Player waiting for the crowd of monsters, exciting action and, of course, parkour has become a hallmark of the series. Feature of the new part will not only be a seamless world, but also the variability of action. From every decision of the player the world around you will change as his story.

Anyone who are immersed in the oppressive, gloomy atmosphere of Dying Light 2 will receive a unique experience.

7. Devil May Cry 5

March 2019 marked the long-awaited continuation of the popular slasher Devil May Cry. Once again we delve into the history of the adventures of a fighter against the demons of Dante and his friends and foes.

A key character will be Nero, who players saw in the previous section. He will fight with the white-haired fighter of evil.

The developers promise all those things that we love about the series: hordes of demons, exciting battles, powerful bosses and guts of the dying world.

6. Anthem

This is a new action RPG with elements of a shooter from BioWare. The player is immersed in a new world, which began to sculpt Gods, but halfway abandoned. It was shaken by the disaster, the beast broke free, and the wild power, not restrained any more by the Gods, seeks to destroy everything what will reach. People have created a special exoskeletons that help them survive, run, swim underwater and even fly.

The user is prompted to manage one of the Freelancers, a man-in-the exoskeleton, which, in the group of four went to explore the mysteries of mad world.

5. Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The second part of the popular third-person shooter will be released in 2019 on all platforms. The action takes place six months after the events of the first The Division, this time in Washington. The city is in ruins after the disaster and suffers from the raids of marauders. Players must defend the last Bastion of civilization, from the final fall.

4. Cyberpunk 2077

The long-awaited project in the genre of action RPG from CD Projekt RED based on the Board game Cyberpunk 2020, but the action will take place later, in 2077, in California, in knight city. The choice of the player will be offered three characters, however, they can change gender and appearance.

The developers do not focus on large-scale confrontation of corporations, as is usual in the works of cyberpunk, and in the lives of people, their lives and interaction with new technologies. We are promised several alternative endings depending on the player's actions.

3. Far Cry: New Dawn

The new part of the Far Cry series will serve as a continuation of the fifth game. Gamers will see familiar locations, only 17 years after the disaster.

The player will try on the role of a nameless captain, who will face the two sisters, twins Mickey and Lou, who kept at Bay the whole district hole.

The series featured in the game, different from that to which we are accustomed, it is bright and a little crazy. At least, that's unusual.

2. Metro: Exodus

Universe Underground, created by Dmitry Glukhovsky, captivated readers both in Russia and abroad, and games created based on it, gained no less popularity among gamers.

In 2019 came the next part of the series Metro. It is a first person shooter with elements of survival and stealth. This time the developers have released us from an underground tunnel and sent to Siberia to fight monsters and hostile people.

To play again for Artem, who on the locomotive Aurora leaves a post-apocalyptic Moscow. In his Arsenal, as before, a variety of weapons that you can upgrade and improve. The developers promised dynamic environment with changing time of day and weather conditions.

1. Resident Evil 2 Remake

The game was released on 25 January 2019 on all popular platforms. The beginning of the year in the gaming industry is clearly specified.

Before us is a pretty good remake of a popular game with updated graphics and slightly altered story line.

Play is still possible for Leon Kennedy or Kate Redfield, while their stories differ. City raccoon city covered zombie epidemic, over the strain which employed the Corporation "Umbrella". Kate and Leon are trying to leave the deserted city and to figure out what happened here.

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