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Top 10 legendary swords


It is known that the swords of the various alloys used in military campaigns and special historical missions.

The possession of knives of different shapes, sizes and degrees of severity educate future heroes young then. Best master of swords became legendary warriors, epics which are still studying at school.

Some of the famous swords had been lost or destroyed, and others remain to this day in museums or private collections.

Let's look at 10 legendary swords, loud history which still evoke awe and respect.

10. Semizbay sword of the Queen of shaman Shrine

Opens our review of national treasure of Japan – the sword called Nanatsusaya-notate (Semizbai sword). The product has its unique characteristics – the presence of 6 branches, as well as the tip.

The blade was made presumably in the 4th century ad on the territory of what is now Korea. In Japan, it was brought from China as a gift.

Legendary weapons, according to local epics, belonged to the mythological Empress Jingu shaman, who lived in Japan in 201-269.

9. Zulfiqar – sword of the prophet Muhammad

The famous Muslim prophet Muhammad had a favorite blade Zulfikar. The latter is a unique scimitar with a curved blade.

There are two assumptions how exactly looked the blade. Someone claims that he had the traditional form, and someone ascribes to him two parallel blades, which gives an even greater danger and mythical.

Historical sources state that the sword still exists and is in the collection of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi, which he had inherited from his predecessor. According to the historical reminder, the prophet Muhammad still gave his favorite sword to the Islamic leader Ali, who has demonstrated courage and valor in the battle of Uhud.

8. The Sword Of Saint Peter

Did you know that the Apostle and follower of Jesus, St. Peter, was his own blade with which he never parted? It is to them that Peter cut off ear servant in the famous garden of Gethsemane, when Christ was taken into custody.

The artifact survived to this day – it is known that in the late 10th century Pope John XIII has brought to a gift to the Polish Bishop Jordan.

Many are skeptical about the sword, calling it just a quality copy. Other historians ascribe the origins of the new relics, they say, was made in the area of the Roman Empire in the first century of our era. In any case, the product is preserved in Poland and is considered a cultural heritage.

7. Nagling – sword of Beowulf

Folk hero and legendary warrior Beowulf owned two invincible swords, which are armed for battle with the famous fire-breathing serpent.

The first sword of the hero Hrunting failed and broke. The same fate befell the second blade with the poetic name of Nagling – it broke in half, leaving the brave fellow completely unarmed.

But, as we know, Beowulf did not panic and kick blows to the dragon. In a bloodthirsty battle killed both of them, and we are left to study the image of the ancient blades thanks to the illustrated epics and scrolls.

6. The Sword Of William Wallace

The famous Scottish knight lived in the period of 13-14 century and famously led the resistance of Britain during a series of wars for independence.

The primary weapon of the uprisings of swords, so all since childhood mastered the basics of fencing. The famous sword of the Scottish leader is still kept in the national Monument. The length of the gun is average human height – 168 cm, is considered fairly lightweight – only 2.7 kg.

Head blade made in the form of the bulb of iron with gilding and luxurious handle upholstered in leather. They say that the sword has already been restored several times since the original hilt, belt, and the scabbard was made from the skin of the enemy – the commander of the British army.

5. Kusanagi-but, Tsuruga – sword of the Japanese emperors

Legendary Japanese katana belonged to the warrior Jimmu who became first Emperor of the country. It is believed that the weapon was originally owned by the God of wind Susanno after he found it in the body of a slain dragon.

For many years the sword was considered the most important relic of the temple Isonokami Jingu Shrine, but then mysteriously disappeared. Archaeologists have discovered the alleged katana only in 1878. The length of the "divine" sword is more than 1.2 m.

4. Iuaes – the sword of Charlemagne

What are you a king, if you don't own an invincible blade. Charlemagne cheated, and chose the "best" of the two sword, forged from the same steel alloy.

The famous durandal departed Roland, and Carla went to Goias, which can be translated as "merry". Like, hack and excise enemies must with a humorous approach. Oh, those Royal weirdness!

3. Tizona sword Sid Campeador

The legendary El CID, Campeador owned two swords, which then gave a dowry for their heirs infantum.

The failed suitors beat daughters and left them in the forest, for which an irate father sued the swords back and already gifting this to someone, part-time nephew.

One of the swords called Tizona still remained in Madrid, where it is demonstrated to tourists in the local military Museum.

2. Durandal – sword of Roland

The sword received by Roland from the king, were extremely strong and brought a lot of trouble to its owner. Roland, not wanting to give the blade the damned Moors, trying to get rid of it in a variety of ways, and even a rock smash, but in vain.

And so died the hero of "the Song of Roland" with a little cracked sword in hand. According to information, five new heroes, knights could not pull out durandal from the stranglehold of brushes, yet king Charles prayed.

1. Excalibur – sword of king Arthur

Completing a review of one of the most famous adult small blade Excalibur. Legendary weapons have had as many as 4 names and at least 2 owners.

Originally it belonged to the Irish hero, who had a blade to cut the hills. Then moved Excalibur to king Arthur, helping him to cut steel, "how wood" and to inflict such wounds that could not heal.

Together with the legendary king sword got 2 titles, and after his death were thrown into the magical lake Butler.

These are unique "toys" was at one time the most famous heroes of epics and legends. It is unfortunate that some relics were lost. I think the younger boys would be interested to admire the luxuriously finished blades.

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