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10 films with a record number of remakes


The main goal of producers and Directors dared to tackle the development of a remake to surpass the original by adding new special effects, introduction to the plot of the new interesting episodes in the script, and just bringing in a cinema or a fresh look at all their favorite movies, or on long-forgotten tapes.

However, there are paintings that once inspired filmmakers to create new copyright versions, many of them surpassed the original version.

We present 10 of movies, which was filmed remakes.

10. Seven samurai1954

It is the famous film created by the greatest Japanese Director Akiro Kurosawa. The film is set in the country "rising sun" in the era of the Azuchi-Momoyama period. At that time the country broke off internecine strife.

The inhabitants of a village learn that soon they are going to attack the members of the horse gang. These thugs have once taken away from the peasants a considerable part of the crop and kidnapped a young woman.

Now the villagers face a difficult choice: to repulse the enemy, relying on their scarce opportunities, or to submit to fate and give the hijackers everything they ask for?

"Seven samurai" became widely known throughout the world and in many countries. In the following decades, filmmakers were filming the remakes to this movie, trying to imitate the great master.

The most famous version of "Seven samurai" is a picture of John Sturges "the Magnificent seven".

9. Perfect strangers 2016

Seven old friends get together for dinner. In the process of friendly communication, the hostess of the evening, and in combination experienced therapist Eva, trying to persuade friends to play the game: to read aloud all messages coming to the phone, and calls are put on speakerphone.

Cute fun turns into an awkward situation, because now become clear the most incredible mysteries of cronies.

Despite the fact that this picture was taken recently, in many countries of the world appeared in her remakes. Domestic audiences the story must be known for the film "Speakerphone", which was released in 2019.

8. The lost world 1925

This legendary film based on the script of Arthur Conan Doyle. The journalist Edward Malone is going to write a report about the lecture in which the famous Professor stands ready to prove the existence of prehistoric reptiles that lived before our time.

To confirm their words with facts, he gathers a group of volunteers to participate in the expedition. In the end, a group of brave men, passing on a given route, found in the Amazon basin isolated plateau. There are dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

This film in its time was a breakthrough in cinema. Never once did he have inspired famous Directors to create their interpretations of "the Lost world".

7. Batman 1943

Of Batman from a lot of movies where Directors shared their perspective on the famous comic book hero. The first time the story of Batman was filmed in 1943. In this part, Batman had to fight with the famous Japanese gang terrorizing an entire city.

6. King Kong 1933

This is the first film about a giant APE with a sensitive heart. In subsequent years, the story of the famous king Kong portrayed three times: in 1976, 1998 and 2005

5. The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, 1905

It is difficult to remember and more popular among filmmakers literary hero than the greatest sleuth of all times and peoples, and part-Creator of the deductive method, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Filmmakers around the world have repeatedly appealed to the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle to create his films.

And now that it's been over a century since the writing of the first story about two unusual inhabitants of the mansion at number 221B on Baker street, famous Directors going to film their own versions of popular detective stories.

Many of their works have become a real cult and collect millions of audience (recall the "adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" directed by Igor Maslennikov or series production of the BBC "Sherlock" with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role).

4. Untouchable 2011

Edmond Vidal spent his childhood and youth in a camp for the Roma refugees. From an early age he realized that family is the most important value in his life. He wasn't ashamed of his background and were faithful to their national traditions. He had a friend Serge, with whom he went to prison for a trifling theft.

This event encouraged the friends to organize a gang that was involved in the daring robbery. In the early 1970-ies it has become known throughout the country, but it lasted not for long – four years later, its leaders were detained by the police.

It took more than forty years, Momon has been living a different life. He tries to forget the criminal past unlike his friend, who is now in jail and is not going to change the way of life

3. Nikita 1990

Nikita is young girl with a very obstinate character. In a drugged stupor, she and her friends commits a robbery and kills a man.

The court sentenced her to capital punishment, but the sentence shall not be executed. Later it turns out that unknown to her people prepare the girl to a special school for performance of especially important and secret mission.

After that film came out three versions of it: "Her called Nikita" (1997), "no Return" (1993) and "Bullet" (1999).

2. Godzilla 1954

The film tells about a giant reptile Godzilla. It for millions of years were in suspended animation at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, but in the mid-50s she suddenly came back to life.

Due to her sudden awakening in the sea of Japan begin to fade court. Next in the village on the island of Odo begin to occur terrible events. Locals say, that to blame a mythological creature called Godzilla

After the release of this film on the screen, was created a huge number of versions of the story about the prehistoric reptile. The most famous remakes, this version from Director Emmerich and a later adaptation from Gareth Edwards, which is more reminiscent of the original version.

1. Dr. No 1962

This is the first film that marked bongomania, which stretched almost half a century. British actor Sean Connery became the first performer of the role of the legendary agent 007, and, according to many fans of James bond, the best James bond of all times and peoples.

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