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10 simple ways to calm down and stop being nervous


Anyone would agree that the most effective way to calm your nerves — this, of course, to exclude from his life the source of stress. However, it is not always possible to do quickly.

Therefore, first and foremost, you need to realize that you have a nervous condition, and be convinced that in the end, you'll definitely solve all your problems but gradually, and only after you regain emotional balance.

Look at your stress, as the next SARS and give yourself the opportunity to cheer, because only by overcoming this illness you will be able to change things for the better.

Simply put, give yourself the opportunity to relax from it all and free up the time to recover mental strength. Otherwise, all your efforts will be ineffective, as mentally you will be constantly next to his stress.

Submitted 10 ways of dealing with nervous tension.

10. Get out of annoying situations

Some Troll constantly rude to you in the social network? On the birthday of a colleague is someone bothering you with stupid talk? A neighbor periodically terrorizes you for any reason?

These situations can bring yourself and leave a very nasty mark on a long time. While on the other hand, the Internet-Hama can be send to the ban, from the Day of birth leave under the pretext, and the nose of the neighbor just close the door.

Don't try to please everyone at the expense of their psychological stability. If you feel that some stimulus makes you nervous, and you feel that you lose control over yourself and the situation, just physically step back from the aggression of external factors.

9. Weep

Mother nature is not in vain endowed man with the ability to show their emotions by crying. Anyway, tears relieve stress. Heard the expression "Cry – feel better"?

Of course, we remember that "crying will not help", but giving vent to his emotions will be easier for us to come to ourselves and return to the solution of the problem than if we just repress the negative, gritting his teeth.

8. A glass of water relieves attacks

A glass of cold water drunk in slow SIPS, neutralizes all known medicine seizures. The fact is that drinking water stimulates the physiological mechanism of samoregulyacii of the body.

So, if you feel that your emotions prevent you from adequately look at the situation – just a drink of water.

7. Imagine the worst outcome of an event

Of course, this method is not suitable for everyone. If you are gifted by nature too vivid imagination and a pronounced tendency to empathy, this technique can put you into even greater gloom. But if you have neither one nor the other, it may be useful to imagine a worse outcome.

Most people don't appreciate what you have. Someone might genuinely cry from Bentley scratched or damaged hair, and someone can bring great joy the news of the decline in drug prices. Think about it and maybe you will change your Outlook on life.

6. Get in contact with water

Did you know that ordinary washing dishes is a free, soothing, and very effective. The sound of running clean running water eliminates tension and "washes" us of all negative emotions.

You can also take a bath, stand under the shower to take a bath, to bathe in the pond. In the end, water is life.

5. Try to escape

This method of eliminating nervous tension is useful in cases when you are trapped and escape to somewhere you do not have the opportunity.

For example, sitting at the meeting listening to his boss. Inside you erupts the volcano, and show you can not and can not leave. A distraction while on the contemplation of something neutral and focus on it — a great way to give the development of your emotions and allow yourself to calm down.

For example, you can look out the window and think about someone from people passing by or look at the beautiful makeup from your colleague and ask: "How did she get it done?".

It should be noted that this method is effective only with those who understands the benefits of such a strategy – to escape from something unpleasant and focus on what brings positive emotions.

If you are one of those who gets energy boost from skirmishes, this advice is unlikely to be useful.

4. Laughter kills all the scary

Laughter prolongs life, and stress shortens it. So, try the first "extinguish" the second.

ri means of humor you can find in every situation something positive to overcome the voltage-induced fear, to defuse the dispute degenerating into a quarrel, and to besiege bit pompous interlocutor.

Of course, if you have absolutely no sense of humor, then you will be hard to use this advice.

3. Use physical discharge

There are many simple physical exercises that can remove or at least decrease the level of nervous tension. These include: walking, swimming, General house cleaning, sex, disposal of trash, work in the garden or yard, dancing, hand wash, cleaning of snow in the yard, splitting firewood, etc.

These simple things will help to relieve tension in the muscles, recharge your batteries and feel energized. While performing these exercises as if you restart your emotional system and you have a fresh look at the problem, "blurry" stress reaction.

2. Positive reframing stressful event

About the method, positive reframing much is said and written. It consists in finding the positive aspects in the current at the first sight of a negative situation.

For example, you cut wages is a good reason to reconsider your diet and finally give shape to order. Or fell in the sea, not a problem in summer in many stores rallies, so active shopping provided to you, besides the time to read an interesting book or review favorite movies. In General, in this spirit

1. Verbalization of everything on the soul

Verbalization – this is a clear pronunciation of your emotions and feelings. But experienced professionals suggest to put that in the form of a letter. You may not have a bright literary talent and you find it difficult to formulate my confused thoughts in a literate style. Do not bother! The letter read in addition to you no one will, but if after it is written you really feel any better, it does not matter how much you have made mistakes.

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