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Top 10 most cynical series


In the middle of the two thousandth in the West there was a demand for a series where the Central characters become not positive the characters are pursuing in their actions only noble goals and questionable personality whose behaviour challenged the prevailing TV stereotypes. These heroes are not known for conscientiousness, and sometimes showed unprecedented cynicism.

The first striking cynical TV series hero is the legendary Dr. house, who turned the established idea of on-screen doctors – sweet and caring, holding the patient's hand to the last breath. This character has proven that a sociopath with a grim sarcasm, drug addiction and apparent impatience to patients can become a crowd favorite.

Of course, such is the popularity of "Doctor house" could not fail to inspire the television producers on the creation of megaseries, with a cynical main characters. And oddly enough, they were right – many of these projects have been very successful.

10. My name is Earl 2005-2009

The main character – Earl. This is a professional conman and then trying to catch the bird of luck by the tail and each time is a fiasco.

And he had to win an astronomical sum in a lottery, as it is hit by a car, and the lucky ticket with the winning number is lost. Lying on a hospital bed, Earl realizes that the reason for his failures – bad karma, because of which he becomes the cause of bad luck for all his family.

After this insight the main character decides to radically change his life. He wants to correct all the mistakes committed since the days of elementary school. To do this, it is a detailed list of all their bad deeds and decides to find every person he ever caused any harm and try at any price to make amends.

9. The type of happiness 2015

As we know, young and energetic people whole life ahead of you, and it is in their hands is our future.

But what would you do to the man who little more than forty years? He's still not old and quite energetic, but its prospects to build a bright future are not as encouraging.

These are the issues at the forefront of the protagonist of the series. Being a man of middle age, he struggles to find his place in a rapidly developing reality.

8. Dead, as I 2003-2004

Young Georgia lives an ordinary life — she left College, tried to find a job, spat on his younger sister and arguing with parents.

But everything changed when I devushkiporno. Georgia soon learned that after the death of the physical body, the life of the soul will not be denied. Took her under his wing Rube Sofer, head of the group of grim reapers, whose mission is to help people to leave his body without pain

7. Suckers 2007-2013

The series tells about the lives of several teenagers from Bristol. Each episode addresses a different issue that relates to one of your characters.

Every two seasons the cast of the TV series suffers drastic changes. The film raises to the surface the most pressing concerns of modern Teens: destructive relationships with parents, psychological and mental disorders, sexual identity and attitude toward death.

6. House of cards2013-2018

Known Congressman Frank underwood has extensive support for the presidential candidate Garrett Walker. Of course, such a favor is not done from altruistic motives – Walker promised in case of his election victory to make Frank Secretary of state.

But, contrary to expectations, the last, after the elections for the position of Secretary is assigned to another person. Discouraged vile deception, Frank is willing to risk everything if only to take revenge on the newly made head of state

5. Dope 2005-2012

The creators of the series did not intend to devote his struggle with drugs, or to tell the audience about the dangers of drugs. Here are the look brand from a different angle.

Nancy lives in a suburb, where every inhabitant of their secrets, which they don't want to share with the neighbors. She is a widow and mother of two extraordinary children. Oldest son is intellectually developed boy, with a chronic failure in his personal life, the youngest constantly asks his mother daily doses of antidepressants.

And then one day, Nancy finds nothing better than to start to sell marijuana. She buy drugs neighbors — all very decent looking people

4. Scum 2009-2013

Five of the violators of law and order, practiced their offense on public works, during the raging storm struck by lightning.

After that, each of them understands that possesses supernatural powers that reveal their most problematic traits. So instead of the joy of owning an unprecedented superpower, the characters begin to experience new challenges

3. The preacher 2016-2018

Priest Jesse Custer by force of circumstances became the bearer of unearthly beings, called Genesis. A "product" of the merger of angel and demon, therefore, at the same time there are elements of perfection and absolute evil.

Only the Genesis can stand on a par with God, and the media automatically becomes the most powerful among mortals

2. On the verge of 2015

The plot of the series revolves around a geopolitical crisis, which is having a tremendous impact on the lives of three different people: Secretary of state, official diplomatic missions and fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy. Only they can stop the chaos unfolding around and avoid a third world war.

1. Californication 2007-2014

Hank recently been promising writer. He enjoyed befallen him popular: his novel was made into a movie, so the demand for his works has increased several times.

But suddenly Hank's life came a black stripe – a creative crisis, family problems, alcohol dependence. All this has left a big imprint on his writing ability.

Losing your talent, Hank mired in the depths of alcohol and drug "mist". Besides, now he has become quite promiscuous in their sexual relations: because of its natural beauty, eloquence and glory he is able to easily persuade to reach almost any beauty

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