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10 places to meet your love


Many believe that it is not necessary to spend efforts to find your soulmate, supposedly "the fate on the stove and you shall find." This is partly true – there are times when an unexpected meeting is fateful.

But, in our world, when most of the time people tend to work, would be a bit careless to rely on fate.

When we are young and energetic, we feel that we are still ahead. We expect that one day, on the way to the store or to work, to meet us POPs Prince charming in a frock coat on a white limousine, and immediately lose his head in love at first sight. Unfortunately, this scenario is more like a fairy tale.

Therefore, if you are concerned about the lack of privacy and even any acquaintances that would hypothetically could in the future develop into a close relationship, you should not expect mercy from nature, and to show some activity. For this, first, you should define the range of places where you will have more chances to meet your love.

We present 10 of the best places for Dating.

10. At the bus stop

Well, where else are regularly going to the most diverse audience? Of course, at the bus stop. So while you're waiting for your bus, try not to spend time in social networks, and look around. Maybe you will see the right candidate for future communication.

If you noticed someone, try going into the bus, sit down. Well, if he's waiting for another bus, then try to strike up a conversation at the bus stop. To find a reason just: "can you tell me how to get there?"

9. The restaurant

Here you have more chances to make a good first impression on a potential lover because the restaurant usually come in full regalia.

And even the music and the possibility of the young man something to eat the girl any Further, as they say, a trick.

8. In his yard

Remember, as heroine Leah Akhedzhakova in the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears" complained that people stopped to chat, and now that the housemates could get to know each other, they have to enroll in a Dating club.

Now the situation has become more complicated with the advent of social networking, which creates the illusion of communication. But how great it was before when people lived in one friendly yard, the neighbors greeted each other and went to each other's homes.

Perhaps your mate lives just around the corner, and every day, leaving his apartment, hoping to attract your attention. Just take a look.

7. In the campaign

Hiking or horseback riding tour, a mountain pass much more opportunities to meet a serious man, for example, than the beach resorts of Turkey or Egypt, that through the swarming gigolo.

In addition, difficult or even extreme conditions of the campaign, can be seen the strengths and weaknesses of character, because in the face of danger or when faced with some difficulties, a person becomes difficult to keep up.

6. In the cinema

There are more chances to meet someone with similar tastes, he likes the same movies as you. In addition, in the cinema it is easier to "weed out" non-free men who do not mind to go to the left with a naive girl who dreams of personal happiness, as there usually go together with your partner.

The only negative – during the session the hall lights go out and it will be difficult to consider or build the most eyes of any man, but it does not matter – sooner or later the movie will end, the light will turn on and you will have the opportunity to continue this evening in the pleasant company of a new acquaintance.

5. At the wedding

Among a large number of relatives and friends of the young is likely to meet bachelors who, under the festive environment of the event, will be ready to make new friends.

Besides, weddings in our country, people hold many different competitions, which facilitate the process of meeting the guests among themselves.

4. In the fitness club

Nowadays, many large successful companies in the benefits include not only health insurance, but also payment of training at the fitness club.

Now many employers care about the health and appearance of their employees, because they are the face of the company. In

other things, even if those classes are not implemented at the expense of the company, the living men are much more reasons to keep your body in shape, because now it is considered one of the components of success for women.

Therefore, to meet you at the fitness club with a smart and successful man quite possible!

How to start a conversation? Very simple: "Judging by your biceps, you do here a long time"

3. At the party

According to statistics, most often the future spouses find each other in the company of mutual friends. So if you want to find love, do not refuse invitations to friendly parties.

What to do if not invited? No need to worry. Perhaps you just created around himself an aura of workaholic or nerd, who prefers the pastime with friends, communication with owner, friends can be sure from such events, you will refuse.

So now begin to actively communicate, at least on the Internet. Just remind your public that you still exist.

In addition, it is possible to organize a theme party and invite friends.

The main advantage of friendly parties is that they are in the most part people who already passed through a certain "filter" and therefore the probability of meeting a close-minded person is much higher than in any other situation.

2. On any trip

In seaside resorts it is very difficult to meet your soulmate, as most of the rest going there with family or looking for a short relationship.

But besides beaches there are many other opportunities for travel. We have such a big country and it has so many interesting places, which you have not seen!

Incidentally, intelligent men are very fond of active rest and active women who devote a lot of time traveling.

1. In the most unexpected places

But no matter how you plan your meeting with love, fate, most likely, still going to do it my way. You just have to be prepared for this fateful meeting: always keep yourself in "shape", be friendly, and believe in your luck.

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