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The 10 best television series of TNT


NTT is one of the most popular entertainment segments for national television. Every year there are not only television, but the TV series, most of which feature premium quality and high demand among viewers. They are usually involved actors of the first magnitude, and the script is created by masters of humor, the vast majority of which come from the WHC.

In General, TNT continues to delight its viewers with quality content, letting in the air all new Comedy mnogoseriyki.

Introducing the 10 best television series of TNT.

10. Horny2015

This story tells about the lives of three women who had left their native Yekaterinburg to conquer the capital. Each of them hoped to find themselves in this new life.

Sasha dismissed with a boring job, leaves her married lover and hopes that in Moscow it will manage to fulfill their literary talent, but later it turns out that its possible she overestimated.

Another heroine of the film, Kate, who has to carry the entire family — son and husband, former hockey player, immersed in depression and alcoholism.

Alena works in taxis, but secretly dreams of a beautiful city life, and to achieve the desired, it is ready to go for any adventure.

9. Interns2010-2016

This series tells the story of four graduates of medical universities, with questionable professional skills.

Among young talents: Gleb Romanenko – major, the son of the chief doctor of the hospital; Varvara Chernous – infantile lady, kind and cheerful; Simon Lobanov – versed in medicine about how Volochkova in Cybernetics; Boris Levin geek who imagines himself a Nobel laureate.

They fall under the guide to the rigid curator Andrey Bykov, who takes pleasure in bullying a bunch of incompetents trying to play doctor. In this he was assisted by his friend and colleague, Ivan Natanovich Kupitman, head of the Department of venereology, he most likes to play Bykov and drink cognac in the workplace.

8. A police officer with the ruble2016-

This is the story of the police Grisha Izmailovo, which is designed to fight crime on the ruble. He unravels the case, which one way or another are involved the residents of this elite district of Moscow, Grisha and cope with their responsibilities, to put it mildly, not the Charter, that is exceeding authority.

In addition, the main character takes care of younger sister, nick, that you have to pull out of this mess. He constantly mocks his boss Volodya, who believes that such a slave given to him for all mortal sins.

7. PE2014-2017

The Central character of the series — Oleg Fomin, nicknamed "Foma". All his life he worked as the head of security at Mamaia – a big businessman with a criminal past.

When mom dismisses Thomas, because he "stuck in the 90s", he tries by all means to regain the trust of the chief and back.

After watching the old cartoon, "there once was a dog", from Thomas in the head Matures plan his triumphant return under the wing of the mother. To implement his plan, he decides through his daughter Sasha, which is arranged as a physical education teacher at the school where she is studying

6. Barvikha2009-2010

In this series talking about the children of rich parents, which is customary in our society to be called "majors" and their relationships with other teenagers, the children of the middle class. The film is set in an elite school "Castalia", where the training came from ordinary families and children "difficult" parents.

5. House arrest2018

The current mayor of a provincial town, Arcadia Anikeeva, caught red-handed receiving a large bribe. After that, a corrupt official falls under house arrest at his residence communal apartment.

From Arkady takes his wife, which now belongs to his estate. Now the former mayor has to live in appalling, in his view, the conditions far from the usual luxury

4. The law concrete jungle2015-2017

On the periphery of the capital of four friends — Tim, chick, beetle and gosh decide to become an organized criminal group. They think that crime is an easy way to earn big money, but they don't understand what can cause them dangerous idea

3. Betrayal2015

In this series the Central characters are the people in my life had to somehow face the change.

Dasha is married, but at some point she asked her friend ACE, which in addition to the legal wife has three lovers. Dasha asks her to teach to exist in the same "coordinate system" that she is.

2. Sweet life2014-2016

The show's main characters – six successful young people in the capital, whose carefree life is changing with the emergence Alexandra – women, who came to Moscow to be able alone to feed the child raising without a husband.

Finding no better option, she takes a job as a dancer in a night club. After the birthday party of a wealthy majeure is an unpleasant story, she decides to send the child to his mother, and she this time was going to visit a friend Lera. They share a common ballet past.

Throughout the film, the lives of all the characters undergo tremendous changes. And each will manifest themselves in completely different ways: in the range from the incredible cynicism to the unexpected generosity.

1. Call DiCaprio!2018

The action of the series revolves around the actor who played the main role in the popular series, Egor Rumyantsev.

Sudden fame and professional success turned the head of a newbie actor, he got this stardom.

He doesn't care about others, he disrupts the shooting, changing lovers as gloves and deceives people. But everything changes in that moment, when Yegor finds out that he's a terrible diagnosis – a HIV.

His brother Leo is also an actor, but, unlike Egor, he was not lucky in the creative field. He is married and has two children. He makes every effort to feed his family, but he is not lucky in all his endeavors. But once he's had an opportunity to replace Yegor in the popular series

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