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10 smart ways to take revenge


It's hard to argue with the fact that revenge – it's not the most noble. With Christian and simply human point of view we would do better to forgive and hope for its speedy correction.

On the other hand, who among us has not admired the legendary count of Monte Cristo, who was able so skillfully to punish every one of those cowardly did with him. After all, there are times when indignation and resentment overwhelm the soul so that they become a lump in my throat that you can't just swallow it without a nervous breakdown.

Therefore, in some situations, it may be better to choose elegant and intellectual revenge, in return for further peace of mind than the alleged mercy and gnashing of teeth at night from repressed rage.

Submitted 10 ways intelligent revenge.

10. Get form

They say that revenge is a dish that should be served cold. You should not proceed with the punishment of the offender as they say "on its last legs".

Needs to heal from the resentment to myself, because strong emotions make it difficult to concentrate and to make a clear plan of action. And in order to for some time to disengage from a situation you can deal with them.

First of all, pay attention to their health and appearance: go to a SPA, spend a weekend outdoors, a trip to a sanatorium, etc. And then, with new forces start implementation of the plan. Remember, after Edmond

Dantes took more than fifteen years to prepare for revenge, while the effect of it was not blurred by a long wait.

9. Saraste kindness

Imagine that a man that made you crap, and waiting for retaliation, suddenly receives a gift from you or a good service? What do you think, is it not discouraged?

It is even possible that such an act will awaken his conscience and he will understand how unfair to you that he did. And if he as about a wall peas, you good deeds will be able to lull its vigilance.

8. Transparency

Most of us do not like to engage in open conflict. Thus, for the most part people tend to be concealed aggressive wishes. Therefore, such people can disguised, to attack passively.

Each of us in one way or another experienced in his life with those who were spewing vile gossip behind my back while smiling in his eyes, and feigning benevolence. To punish such a person? The best means of dealing with passive aggression is transparency.

Do not try in this case, to play by his rules and pretend that the conflict between you exists. Instead, approach this person and ask him a direct question, as they say in the forehead. It is desirable that this was someone else. Usually, gossips, leaving their usual strategies, very lost and even experienced animal fear.

7. Switch focus

Remember the motto: "Die, but I will have my revenge!", it is necessary to forget forever. Do not let the desire to teach the scoundrel to seize your consciousness and become the meaning of your existence. Don't do him this honor!

Otherwise, by the plan, you will be at a loss, because prolonged anger and obsessive desire for revenge is devastating, and sometimes even bring to his hospital bed.

6. Define what he wants the enemy

There are more complex situations. For example, you can become a victim of the so-called "energy vampires." This man can endlessly provoke a response, thereby leading you to nervous exhaustion.

Accept the fact that there is a category of people who "eat" negative energy scandals. Squabbles they need is like air – it helps them feel strong.

Therefore, the worst punishment for them – the restriction of access to "food", that is, if you won't let them wear down by constant fighting.

Of course, it's easier said than done, but just one or two times to show "the vampire," what's wrong with you this will not work and it quickly you get attached.

5. Rationality

The best way to retaliate — under any circumstances to remain rational. Don't let emotions dictate your actions, otherwise, entering the courage, to derail.

4. Create fog

From the moment you decide to take revenge on her abuser, very carefully think about any kind of information about yourself that can be useful to the foe in his the mischief against you. Especially if this person is in proximity to (e.g., coworker, neighbor, relative, etc.).

Therefore, you should not post on social networks personal information or to share secrets with people you don't trust 200%.

Don't put the offender in the hands of a weapon that he can really hurt you, it is better to unleash a "fog" and create a veil of mystery. This you first, protect yourself, and secondly, will make him tremble, because most people are afraid of the unknown and people don't know what to expect.

3. Develop your network

When you are faced with open aggression against itself, the primary desire is to get away from everyone and hide. You may not want to see even close friends, are able to support in difficult times. However this tactic is incorrect.

Overcoming fear and basic instincts, you must not wall itself off from the people, but rather to create around himself a coalition of like-minded people. This will help you to feel stronger and more confident, and the help of friends in the fight against evil will not be superfluous.

2. To do something for yourself

Remember, revenge should not prevent you to build your own well-being. If this idea takes you too much mental strength, which you could use for yourself, it is better to abandon their intention. After all, to create is always better than to destroy, so do not throw in the furnace of resentment the opportunity to make their lives better.

1. Often ask the question: "Why?"

Your motive of revenge (if you're a highly intelligent creature) needs to go far beyond "because I hurt".

Apart from the sense of injustice towards themselves, the driving force behind your actions should be something else, otherwise, your revenge will be to wear some sort of petty character.

For example, you want to punish the accuser, to no longer become the victim of his gossip, or want to take revenge on the boss to understand that his position does not give him the right to treat their subordinates like dirt, thus providing an invaluable service to their colleagues.

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