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Top 10 riders of Russian stars


Most people think that the work of the organizer of the concerts easy and pleasant. Only need to invite a star to find a venue for performances, to find a hotel. After the concert, split the money with the contractor and the owner of the concert space and ... you can search for the next star.

In fact, this work is quite nervous and tense. To please celebrity guests, the organizer have to give our best. Find a hall that will meet the requirements, the equipment, that is to fulfill all the conditions of the technical rider. But more problems arise when the conditions of domestic rider.

Some stars show such strict requirements that surprise even the most seasoned workers in this field. The star, who yesterday did not know what is popular, today asked presidential suites in five-star hotels, expensive alcohol and gold toilets. Russian celebrities are not excluded, and some are much more demanding celebrities.

10. Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana first of all appreciate comfort: five star hotel luxury class car. And "age" the car must not exceed 5 years.

The hotel also has a few requirements, Loboda wants the Windows were covered with blackout curtains and they went out into the quiet street.

Singer, like many other stars, requires expensive alcohol: two bottles of brandy and a few bottles of Italian wine.

The strangest desire Loboda is called socks. In her household rider includes 12 pairs of socks of different colors and density.

In the "basket" Svetlana includes cold cuts and cheeses, berries. Before and after the performance the singer wants to eat hot food.

Perhaps the most difficult condition – the ban on photo and video shooting during the concert.

9. Sofia Rotaru

The famous singer of many helpers, so the organizers of the concert should provide a few cars: Executive cars, auto easier, a 48-seater bus and the car-support DPS.

Hotel – only luxury apartment for star and three rooms for the closest aides must be next to each other.

In restaurants, the rotor is not powered, prefers to be fed freshly prepared dishes. She loves the products from the market: eggs, dairy products, vegetables.

In the dressing room be sure to water, juices and a bottle of expensive whiskey, tea, coffee, fruit. That's not the whole list of food that should be in the dressing room. Apparently, the star or her assistants like to eat during the concert.

Sofia demands to backstage and the dressing rooms have no people, only security and technology.

8. Nargis

Not so long ago the star had a nasty accident. The Manager of one of the concert Agency complained about Nargis. The singer is asking the impossible. For example, she prefers to ride in the car not sitting, and lying down. That's just not in each car allows for such a possibility.

She wants to smoke in a hotel room, organizers have to pay fines because recently prohibited by law. In addition, the girl can't speak without alcohol.

Against this background, the Azerbaijani cucumbers, Uzbek tomatoes and 200 towels seem childish pranks.

7. Vera Brezhneva

But in the Ryder Vera Brezhneva alcohol has no place. She leads a healthy lifestyle, so requirements it appropriate. In the dressing room must be set grocery: beverages based on oats with different flavors, fruit, water, cheese, fish and meat cutting.

To live the Faith wants in the quiet rooms of luxury. The apartment star and her team have to be water and fruit. The hotel should be a room for yoga or the gym.

Cars Faith is not so biased. Girl does not require a limousine, sometimes she agrees even on a comfortable bus and rides along with his team.

6. Sergey Lazarev

The rider Sergey Lazarev's nothing special. Apartments for accommodation should be comfortable, not necessarily hot and cold water, telephone, TV.

In the dressing room – water, juices for Sergei and his team. Singer also requires a jar of honey and ginger. Honey is the only natural, not from the store and from the apiary.

If domestic Lazarev rider problem would arise, to ensure that the technical requirements will have to work hard.

Concert of Sergey – this show. You need to prepare a lot of special equipment, sliding design, led screens.

5. Philip

Philip imposes rather stringent requirements for the stage on which he will speak. The rider is painted the required length, width, depth. A prerequisite is the stream of the sky behind the artist.

The city star prefers to travel in a limousine. Live Kirkorov wants luxurious accommodation – the presidential Suite, which should be at least two rooms: one for Philippe and one for his closet.

Some of the conditions of the rider striking: shortly before his concert the audience should show clips of the stars and the film "a year in the life". Apparently after the film about Kirkorov the audience better understand the artist's creative work.

4. Valeria

Ryder Valeria a more than modest. Singer notes that needs comfort. Comfortable room in a luxury hotel where there will be problems with water and long-distance telephone. The room should be equipped with air conditioning or a heater, depending on the time of year.

For a snack in the hotel: water, tea, fruit, necessarily electric kettle, Cutlery. For lunch, the star prefers conventional products: buckwheat, salad, fresh juice. To city travel – Executive cars.

3. Stas Mikhailov

A favorite of all women recognizes that his rider is quite complex. The singer prefers the train, and will have to buy the whole car. It will go Mikhailov and his team: the Director, musicians, security.

To meet the Stas have the car of the German mark. The driver also has certain requirements: non-Smoking, silent.

Hotel mandatory fitness centre, as Mikhailov cares about their health and loves to play sports. The most important requirement to the hotel – no repairs. Stas likes silence.

Requirements room standard: TV, telephone, blackout curtains. Food pack: fruit, water, tea. In the dressing room should have a fruit, cognac.

2. Egor Krid

Rider Egor placed on 30 sheets of A4. The singer is in need of an Executive car (year from 2014). His life creed will only trust a man, no women driving.

The hotel is 5 stars, the requirements for the room are indistinguishable from the claims of other celebrities: blackout curtains, orthopaedic bed, mini-bar, Bathrobe.

To eat singer agree in the premium restaurant, that's just where he must provide a separate room.

Set for the dressing room: water, juice, electric kettle, shrimp, grilled chicken. Egor also asked to provide his full-length mirror and black condoms.

1. Olga Buzova

The requirements of the singer is quite standard: a Suite in a five star hotel, a good auto security. The driver of a car must be familiar with the city and the chance to tell the star about local attractions. Olga also requires that a car was Smoking.

Great attention is paid to Olga alcohol. Her rider has expensive wine and cognac. Plus to this star want to indulge in a hookah, cheeses, fruit.

The room should be a large number of towels, water, fruit. The organizers must provide Buzova daily – 7 thousand rubles.

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