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The 10 most popular shows of TV channel TNT


The TV channel TNT, according to the end of 2018, ranks 6th among the Russian TV channels. The popularity of TNT is easy to explain: the channel always pleases the audience with new television and the old do not lose their relevance.

We will talk about the most popular shows produced on TNT. And in this list are not only "old" winning hearts of viewers for many years, but very young show, beating all the possible ratings of the channel.

10. Studio Union

Humorous and musical program was released in theaters in 2017 and managed to win the love of TNT-shnogo of the viewer.
Hosts of the show – former KVN players from the same team. The program invited two guests that are in the gaming process must take place in musical competitions.

For example, to guess which contemporary song sung in old Russian style. Or add the missing words in the lyrics for a song is absurd. Or guess who owns the line "I never played GTA," the rapper or policy (a phrase, by the way, said Bulk).

The program is suitable even for the whole family: there are no dirty jokes or aggression, also in some singing competitions, the viewer can play along with the contestants on the show, enough to just cover pop up on the screen clues with the answers.

9. Lethal League

The show, which aired from 2007 to 2010 and gave us such famous comedians as Ruslan White, Denis Kosyakov, Ilya Sobolev (performed a duet "Beautiful"), Anton Ivanov and Alexei Smirnov (duet "Cattle"), Eduard Matsaberidze, Stas Starovoitov, Dmitry Romanov and many others.

Really a modern and familiar comedians came out of the walls "Slaughter League", at the time, the ratings of this show was through the roof. Despite the late show time (from 23:00 to 00:30), the program came in first place for viewability among all major Russian TV channels.

After the "Slaughter League" followed projects "Slaughter night" and "Slaughter night". "Night" begins immediately after the "League", and was in the office until 01:30. In this program, attended by the best comedians from "Lethal League" and the show also had high ratings

8. Battle of the psychics

The show aired in 2007, at the moment, went 19 seasons, and there was an additional branch of "Psychics lead the investigation" in the shooting which bring together the best psychics from "Battle".

The program is the story on the shootout: the first half of the series the participants are tested, resorting to the help of his psychic abilities, and at the end of the issue leading in the preliminary vote throws one of the weakest members.

Of course, the media is often criticized this show, after a huge number of fraudsters and charlatans. But the program without interruption is released every year, sometimes even releasing two seasons with a break in between just a month.

7. Comedy Battl

Comedy show aimed at finding new Russian-speaking comedians. The show's host is Paul Will, constant jury – Semyon Slepakov and Garik Martirosyan, place the third jury member is an invited guest.

Qualifying tests are held in three stages, each of which eliminated a weak participants. The winners of "Comedy battle" was a resident in the program "Comedy club", but in the new season of 2019 participants, you can choose absolutely any show Robin hood on TNT in which they can become participants after a victory in battle.

6. Improvisation

Show coming up on the screens in 2016 and still not lose its relevance. As they say on TNT: "Improvisation is the only show without a script".

Indeed, jokes 4 participants of the program come up on the fly, relying on the power of his improvisation. Leading – Pavel Volya – sets the boys the unusual situation that they must wager. The main condition for improvisation, of course, to amuse the audience.

The first improvisation in the issue usually goes without a guest, speaking as a warm-up for program participants. For the rest of his improvisations to the program joins guest: the show was attended not only by the employees of TNT channel, but also many large online bloggers.

5. Dancing

The show will be released later in 2014 and in the framework of this program, the participants fight for the title of best dancer of the country and a cash prize. The program has completely changed the attitude to dancing, serious and professional activities in our country.

The young guys perform in front of famous Russian choreographers Yegor Druzhinin and Miguel, hoping to get into the team to one of the mentors.

The challenge for dancers is not just to please the jury, but also to capture the hearts of viewers. Each week one participant is eliminated from the show, gaining the least number of votes audience sympathy.

4 season regular members of the jury joined Tatiana Denisova, and place a guest often is Sergey Svetlakov.

4. Stand Up

Russian comic show, which is a leading Ruslan White. In the program are the comedians in the genre of stand-up, that is in the format of a monologue one person steps on stage and talks about some current issue with humor and irony.

The show is from 2013, but its ratings are not falling, and the new comedians are becoming more. From the beginning of 2017 on TNT started out the project "Open microphone," this kind of "Comedy battle" in the world of stand-up. The winners of the Open MIC have a chance to perform on stage TNT-Stand Up and be one of the main residents of the show.

3. Bachelor

The premiere show was held in 2013, and a new season will be released in the spring of 2019. Every bachelor is unmarried, rich, and famous male and female participants must be of legal age and with good external data. During the show the bachelor goes out with girls on dates, and finally chooses between the two remaining contestants.

Bachelor of the first season was a famous football player Evgeny Levchenko. In the second season to look for a bride came Maxim Cherniavsky. Also on the show as bachelor came Alexei Vorobyov, Ilya Glinnikov (actor of TV series "Interns"), Timur Batrutdinov and Yegor creed.

2. Comedy club

The show is broadcast on the channel since 2005, new residents until 2014 came from KVN. The program participants are well-known all English speaking viewers comedians – Pavel Volya, Alexandr Revva, Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov, Garik Martirosyan and Marina Kravets, Sergey Gorelikov, and many others.

Within the show there are music groups such as "Lip", "USB", "Nestroy Band" and musical stage character, Edward Harsh.

Residents show movies in their scenarios themselves fulfilling roles in films. The most famous films, released under the logo of "Comedy Club Production" part 3 of "the best film".

1. House 2

The project "House 2" was launched in 2003 and still airs in primetime of TV channel TNT. In the first season of the show built a house, which was supposed to be played among couples with audience voting.

Initially, the top show was Xenia Sobchak and Xenia Borodina, but after Sobchak, the chair took a leading Olga Buzova, which was part of the show in one of the first seasons.

The project couples still "build" the love show much criticized. It even filed in court with the requirement to forbid to show a program about family scandals in the daytime. After this "House 2" came out only in the evening and at night, but when the court case has redefined the show again began to broadcast the daily show.

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