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Top 10 dog breeds that having a celebrity


For anybody not a secret that it is a dog, not a cat, a fish or a parrot is human. She dispels the state of loneliness and faithfully waiting for his master to tired from work. Not surprisingly, politicians and celebrities give birth to his dogs, allowing them to feel a little warmth and coziness in saturated everyday life.

Today we will see what are the 10 popular dog breeds often prefer famous people.

10. Pitbull from Charlize Theron

Hard to believe that the secret passion of understated and feminine Theron is one of the most violent and cruel dog breeds – pit bull.

Favorite actress pitt was picked up on the street, and now touring with her on the set. Pitt also has time to Shine on screen – Charlize took it for filming PSAs for the protection of animals "fur" industry.

Pitt has become a real nanny for the adopted son of the actress tries to be present at each feeding, if the baby cries, the dog friendly howl "supports" the smallest member of the family. Charlize says that while she has her dog that she does not feel lonely.

9. Corgi Elizabeth II

Her Royal Highness could not imagine life without your favorite dog breed Corgi. After he died last her a dog named willow, Elizabeth said that she didn't want to have dogs.

All 85 years of her life she devoted to education, learning and leisure with these the smartest dogs.

Now the Queen has left another dog breed dorgu, which are a hybrid of Dachshund and Corgi, and one Corgi Whisper that the woman left after the death of his master huntsman Sandrigailo Palace.

8. Rottweilers from will Smith

The star bought the luxurious ranch in California, where immediately sent all 4 of their Rottweilers. He is often on the move, so active and hardy dogs romping mainly wife. She notices that their family Rottweilers are very gentle and love to play ball.

Dogs feel comfortable in society with one another, patiently waiting for the will from the shooting. The actor gladly devotes time favorites and a lot of walking with them.

7. French bulldog Hugh Jackman, Ozzy Osbourne

A small but brave dog is now at the peak of their popularity with celebrities. Hugh Jackman gave the bulldog his children, but then he is so attached to him that now takes everywhere, even to the store. Hugh and the dog came riding a scooter than entertain fans of the actor.

The specific way Ozzy Osbourne is deceptive – he is quite gentle and attentive to his French bulldog, who looks even reminiscent of the flamboyant singer.

6. Chihuahua Pamela Anderson

Attractive, but not very young Pamela decided to pass the old age surrounded by animals. The actress started to fight for their rights and to actively act in social advertising against violence against four-legged friends.

After one of the visits to the homeless shelter Pam returned home with two Chihuahuas, who was named Jean, and Bardo. Its a decent move, the actress has encouraged fans to be kind, and then another 50 animal shelter found a new home. Love their little dogs with all my soul, Anderson spends an impressive money for animals in shelters.

5. A border Terrier Eva green

The lovely actress simply can not live without a dog, and his pet border Terrier Griffin and is doted. Now, Eva maintains a fairly quiet lifestyle, but with a dog places on social networks regularly. In the pictures the actress confesses his love to his tailed friend.

In his free time, green walks with Griffin on inanimate rural streets. Eva once joked in the press that they are ready to get a cane and pretend to be blind, if only in past she was allowed to travel with his beloved dog.

4. Spitz Philip Kirkorov, Mickey Rourke

Interestingly, a cute miniature Pomeranian may prefer brutal and manly men which makes tremble thousands of women's hearts.

For example, Philip just loves little friend Harry. They get along well together, go for walks and play, when the Maestro finds a minute.

Older Mickey no longer enjoys such wide popularity with the ladies, but he found his calm next to Spitz with a great nickname Number One. Friendship stars and dogs is truly touching. Rourke informal account on Instagram dedicated to his dog, and pet, collect thousands of likes.

3. Labrador Vladimir Putin, Orlando bloom, Yuri Galtseva

This sleek, agile and elite breed will never lose its relevance. Labradors preferred by people of Royal blood, it is not surprising that the Emperor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin also brought this breed. Beloved black Labrador Koni was presented to the President the former head of the Ministry.

Actor Orlando bloom is also the proud owner of a blue-black Labrador, Sadie who was found on the street. Since then, dear friends, together in removable magazines, and even sleep in the same bed.

Comedian Yuri Galtsev also doted beloved Labrador Char, willingly suffering the devastation in the apartment.

2. The fee for Adele

The singer with such strong voice is one weakness – her beloved German Dachshund Louie. Adele says that the dog maintains it under strict diet before the tour. Only the singer is going to sneak to eat meat, as a caring tailed friend gives her a very expressive look, after which all desire is lost.

Adele faithfully loves the dog and really misses, when you have to leave it at home for the period of concerts and tours.

1. Purebred dog Konstantin Khabensky, Sergey Lazarev

And complete our review of the star, which did not lead to trends in fashion and the popularity of the breeds, just chose dogs in spirit.

Actor the actor took his mongrel of the capital's orphanage, calling it simple and cute with Frosya. Kostya brought the dog in order – fattened, washed and cured. Now he takes her with him on trips and even rents a separate house, where after shooting you can play the ball.

Sergey Lazarev took his beloved dog Daisy from a shelter, and then does not leave and very bored when forced to leave a friend's house. Serge even opened a confectionery chain for dogs "Poodle Strudel" out of love to your pet.

Many famous people are so attached to their Pets that their illness and death survive extremely difficult. In his spare time, Hollywood stars, singers and political figures play with your favorite dogs in active games, go on sports trips and picnics.

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