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Top 10: the biggest shark in the world


More than 450 million years ago the ancestors of modern sharks ruled the seas. The biggest sharks in the world today continue to simultaneously delight and terrify with its size. These underwater inhabitants – being extremely interesting. It becomes misleading to consider them as exclusively marine predators. Among them there are species that eat only plankton and krill, and some sharks live in fresh water.

10. A Mako shark

A Mako shark – the largest and fast predator from the family of the porbeagle. Capable of throwing to develop a high speed over 70 miles per hour. A Mako shark jumps out of the water at 6 meters, making it one of the most agile and dangerous sea predators. It is considered extremely aggressive. The average body size is 3.2 – 3.5 meters. The largest specimen caught had a length of 4.45 meters. A Mako shark is dangerous to humans, but in most cases, attacks on people were provoked. The embryos of these sharks attacking each other even in the womb, and figure out which one of them can survive. They have formed tiny, but sharp teeth.

9. Thresher shark

Thresher shark reaches a length of over 6 meters and is one of the largest predators of its kind. The greater part of the length of its body is elongated caudal fin. Very interesting way of hunting these sharks – they use their tail as a whip and use it to drive first, and then stun the prey. Thresher shark can completely jump out of the water. The large size makes it outwardly dangerous, but actually dangerous to humans, it is not as quite shy.

Did you know that there is shark-Goblin? The second name is the Goblin shark. It is named for the unusual appearance and movable teeth are pushed forward while hunting.

7. Six-gilled shark

Sixgill shark is among the largest marine predators of their family. 5.4 meters – the maximum recorded length. The average size of this shark is 3-4 feet. Danger to humans it is not, but negatively related to touch and trying to get away from divers at depth. Despite the apparent slowness and clumsiness, while hunting sixgill shark is able to perform rapid shots for the elusive victim.

In Indonesia, there lives a shark Hemiscyllium halmahera, which can move along the bottom with fins. She belongs to one of six types of so-called "walking" sharks.

6. Giant hammerhead shark

Giant hammerhead shark got its name for the impressive size of the body and is among the largest sharks that exist in the world. Maximum length – 6, 1 meter. The average size of the hammerhead shark is 3.5 meters. On the people it attacks rarely, but is potentially dangerous marine predator.

Did you know that scientists discovered only two individuals "pocket" sharks? The latest instance is found in the samples collected by the expedition in 2010. The first one appears to be a miniature shark Parin (Mollisquama parini) caught in 1979.

5. Tiger shark

The tiger shark is one of the largest marine predators, which belongs to the largest sharks. Although the body size of individuals of this species reaches an average of 5 meters, the researchers suggest that there are larger specimens. Their size can exceed 7 meters. Like white shark, this species is most dangerous to humans. Often in the stomachs of marine predators find parts of human bodies. To protect people from attacks in some countries are shooting tiger sharks.

5. Pelagic largemouth shark

Honorable fifth place in the ranking of the largest sharks in the world is a pelagic largemouth shark. She is also one of the most poorly studied species. This deep-sea dweller was opened rather recently, in 1976. The maximum size of caught specimens were made of 5.70 meters. Scientists have discovered a total of 60 largemouth sharks.

4. White shark

Carcharodon, white shark, often referred to as "shark-killer" impresses not only by the enormous power of their jaws, but also the size. This most dangerous predator of the sea is one of the largest sharks in the world. The average size of individuals of this species reaches 4.5 meters. In the history there were several cases where fishermen caught carcharodon longer than 6 meters. The white shark is an endangered kind in the world there are only 3500 specimens.

3. Bowhead shark

Bowhead shark belongs to the largest sharks in the world live in the Northern waters. Its size can reach 6-7 m and weigh half a ton. Because of its slowness it, according to scientists, applies special tactics while hunting – catches of seals, when they are sleeping peacefully in the water. The polar shark is one of the most sluggish fish on Earth. Its speed does not exceed 2.7 kilometers per hour, due to the low temperature of its habitat.

2. The basking shark

Giant (giant) shark – second place among the largest sharks in the world belongs to this species. Males slightly smaller than females, the size of the latter reaches 9,8 meters. Perhaps there are instances of length up to 15 meters. In the XIX century in the network of fishermen caught specimens with a length of about 12 meters. Due to mass extermination of large specimens are now very rare. Giant shark eats plankton, krill and small fish. Danger to humans is not, although looks menacing, when mouth opens wide. The basking shark allows the divers to come at a close distance. But touch it not necessary because of the sharp scales that can injure the skin.

1. The whale shark

Whale shark – the palm size should be given. He is one of the largest sharks in the world, and the largest of the modern fish. The average body length of the whale shark reaches 12-14 meters, but it is possible that there are individual members of a species larger and 18-20 meters in length. To eat this gigantic sea dweller struggle every day to absorb approximately 200 pounds of plankton and small fish. The largest recorded weight of the whale shark was 36 tons.

. Megalodon

If we consider the extinct species, here the undisputed winner in the ranking of the largest sharks in the world Megalodon is. Fossil remains suggest that he has reached at least 16 feet in length and can weigh about 50 tons. Ate this superhilac cetaceans and large fish. Was widespread and, due to its size, the enemies had.

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