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10 of the most powerful psychics of Russia from "the battle of psychics"


The show "Battle of psychics" was launched on Russian television in 2007, immediately gathered in front of the screen to millions of viewers. At the end of 2018 there will be 19 released seasons and as many strong finalists who have proven their psychic abilities to the audience and skeptics.

We'll talk about the brightest winners of "Battle of psychics", we learn interesting details of their biographies and find out what kind of future waited for the finalists after the end of filming.

10. Vitaly Gibert

Vitaly Gibert became the winner of season 11 of "the battle of psychics", won the hearts of tele-viewers. Vitaly is practicing healing, and they repeatedly demonstrated their ability to hypnosis.

Gibert won by a large margin from rivals: the spirituality voted 90% of all viewers transmission.

Charm and incredible charisma acted, it seems, for everyone but the opponents Vitali, who disliked a strong competitor.

9. Lily Khegai

Lily participated in season 5 of "Battle", but, unfortunately, before the three finalists didn't get it. The contestants on the show believed that Khegay blocks them and prevents the fair to pass the test, the Lily slander denied.

The ability of the woman manifested in childhood, and when the girl survived clinical death, then learned to use the gift in full force. Now Khegay can remove the evil eye, damage and to see clearly the past and possible future of other people.

On the project she was helping the son of a famous hockey player Valery Kharlamov, Alexander. Alexander was amazed to hear the information about the last hours of the life of the father. And still the son of a clairvoyant Kharlamov maintains good communication.

8. Victoria Raydos

The winner of the 16 season of "Battle of psychics" and a powerful witch. It is also, as Lily Khegai, rivals suspected in the lock information, referring their failures on an unfair fight Raydos.

About the biography of Victoria to a wide audience is almost unknown, psychic stores information about your family and close friends under lock and key.

A woman holds courses where you can personally meet with her and learn to divination by Tarot cards. Very Victoria to read the cards taught my grandmother, handing her granddaughter the whole magic knowledge, what possessed herself.

However Raydos did not stop on the knowledge acquired: the girl has several official certificates, which indicate completion of the esoteric schools.

7. Alexander Litvin

During filming season 6's "the battle of psychics" Alexander's wife died. After the funeral, Lytvyn was unable to stay in his hometown and especially in the apartment, said that he was afraid to go mad from boredom. He took his sons and moved to Moscow, and after the television broadcast live the final release of the 6th season in which Alexander became the winner.

To Lytvyn immediately lined up for the consultation, and years later this place hasn't diminished. Alexander, due to its internal charm, makes a good impression, because a lot of people reaching for the consultant.

Lytvyn even consulted a Russian pop star about making difficult decisions and moments which disturb them. Alexander himself says that he is able to learn all about the man, just to say Hello to him on the arm.

6. Alexander Sheps

The ability of Alexander's childhood, but finally he became convinced of the existence of the supernatural after going to the cemetery on the grave of his grandfather.

That day Alexander heard the scream strict, commanding to leave the boy and the grandmother the grandfather's grave. The voice is so scared of Alexander, that he followed the requirement went with grandma to the side. A moment later, lightning struck the place at the grave, which was Sheps with his grandmother. Since then, Alexander does not doubt the presence of the other world.

The winner of season 14 Sheps became the souls of the dead, whose voices he still hears loud and clear. And for better contact Alexander uses a variety of magical attributes, such as Tarot cards or a pendulum.

5. Roman Fad

Roman took part in season 4 of "Battle of psychics" came to the project after father Alexei, who participated in the 3rd season. Both were finalists and took second place among the participants.

Roman calls himself a hereditary witch, because the ability in their family passed down from male to male. Alexey Fad "took" ability at the age of 5 from his grandfather, but the novel was dedicated in the wizards in 18 years, after receiving approval from his father.

In the project novel produced ambiguous impression: on the surface he was very humble and quiet guy, but starting the work, it started to radiate a strong energy, which attracted and repelled at the same time.

After the show the affair together with his father consulted and magical practice, and after the death of Alexey fad, Roman continued the case on their own.

4. Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa

Mehdi hails from the city of Tehran and at the age of about 20 years, went to Moscow to get medical education. In the end, the psychic has three diplomas of medical specialties: physician, dentist and psychologist.

Prediction appeared the boy already at 6 years of age, they manifested in the form of disturbing prophetic dreams.

He often warned others about impending dangers, but baby, of course, no one listened. Even when sad foresight of the boy came true, it was only accused hex of misfortune on the person.

But despite the failure of others of the gift, the ability to Mehdi developed. But in the end the psychic has won the "Battle" in the 3rd season. The victory brought the man and the popularity.

Mehdi focused on the study of psychology, realizing that his life's purpose is to help people with their psychological ailments.

3. Marilyn Kerro

Marilyn participated already in three seasons of "the Battle", but to achieve the long-awaited first place, which each time came back the girl, it did not happen. Marilyn all three seasons, was a finalist with honourable silver place, that is the second.

She is originally from Estonia, but the gift inherited from her great-grandmother. Ability Marilyn has always been, but the girl they did not believe, until it was visited by the spirit of the dead grandmother, who was in life a strong witch. After "conversations" with the spirit of kerro believed in their abilities and start to develop them.

Marilyn says that the ability to feel the pain and emotions of other people, to communicate with the dead and see the past.

2. Mohsen Norouzi

Mohsen won the 10th season of "Battle of psychics", not just surprising the viewers with their abilities. He correctly saw the past could predict the future, especially well behaved in the tests related people search.

Mohsen explains that during the predictions of his mind visualized the strange characters Noruzi speaks to other people as they understand words.

1. Natalia Vorotnikova

Natalia is the winner of season 1 of "Battle of psychics." The woman has positioned itself as a psychic, healer and clairvoyant, and strong energy from Natalya came back in the days when she was a child. Even then, Natalia began to predict misfortunes his friends and his friends and family, for which the girl called a witch.

With age, Natalia has learned to control his powers and began to predict happy events, less and less focusing on the negative. The woman believes that the purpose of her life is to help people, because first, she became a qualified doctor, and then plunged into his study of healing practices.

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