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10 best cities for budget travel (by British consumer associations)


Budget tourism – a reassuring phrase that has the idea that if you to plan a route for recreation and to consider the security in the selected country, where in addition there is a low probability of natural disasters or natural disasters where not talking about terrorism and threats to health, and considered the boundaries of the family budget – go for it! The impressions!

10. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Vacation will, if the traveler will take the car. It is difficult to deny myself the trip through the Amsterdam canals that cross the 600 bridges. But, if the hands Amsterdam City Card – travel will be free.

There is a "risk" to enjoy the water canals and fragrance Park of tulips Keukenhof. Only 2 months out of the year Park and floral Kingdom opens its arms to visitors. Accessible by different modes of transport. But, if the preference for a Shuttle bus, the ticket price will include a ticket to the Park.

To visit Amsterdam and not visit the van Gogh Museum is unthinkable. Unfortunately, free admission to this Museum is allowed only to journalists who have certificates of the international Association.

A small guide to the free museums: gallery CIVIL GUARDS GALLERY, the City archive STADSARCHIEF, photo Gallery MELKWEG CALERIE: there were music, dancing, film, photography and media art. All under one roof. And the fame gallery is supported by a constantly updated photo exhibitions.

Museum in the Harbor. The garden of the RIJKSMUSEUM. Fountains, statues, Gothic columns, hedges of roses produce fragrant atmosphere of peace and comfort in the shower.

At Amsterdam airport have the opportunity to visit the art gallery, which is a branch of the national Rijksmuseum.

And of course, nobody will prevent to enjoy walks in the centre of Amsterdam and inhale the aroma of antiquity and beauty of this divine city.

9. Funchal (Madeira, Portugal)

Sea port – the main town of Madeira island. If the "commit" flights to Madeira via Amsterdam, then this trick will help to earn more money.

The opportunity at least for a short period of time to be an Islander gives an unforgettable feeling. Especially in the center of the Atlantic. Cliffs, the turquoise, clear water of the ocean, eternal spring. And the silence, peace, contemplation, delicious and exotic food.

Walking around the island will become more mobile if the traveler will take on hire the vehicle as continuous climbs and descents will be mastered only by trained people. And the cars will certainly be no Oka or Lada. And since the road is really lovely – an extra delight is guaranteed. That much important – all the fabulous places are located in the side of the roads and settlements.

The rest of the island afford another for several reasons. The first tourist is own route, and the second he refuses to stay in hotels. Do not forget to dream!

8. Vienna (Austria)

The great thing is to get to Vienna by air and ground transport. This is especially important for travelers who have not shown flights.

But on arrival there is the opportunity to travel by trains. Use of public transport is very convenient due to the large selection of tickets. Tourists enough to determine their desires and to choose the right ticket, including a grace and travel with a tourist map Vienna Card.

Proven bikes. In the warm season they plunge into Vienna daily. Exploring Vienna tourists, as a rule, people with an active lifestyle. For them conceived tourist card, which allow you to explore discounts, and in some cases free.

And finally. If you have the opportunity to purchase mobile guide or audio guide, new facts about the amazing city will always be at hand. Capabilities are breathtaking, because they are forced to return to Vienna again and again!

7. Barcelona (Spain)

Many seen, a lot of experience or simply professional travelers say that at first we must know that Spain is in the Schengen area. It includes 26 States on the territory of which the movement does not require passport control, the existence of a Schengen visa.

From the airport "El Prat" airport to go into town on the commuter train. Although there are also taxis and buses. For the conquest of Barcelona tourist no need to use public transport. For this case there is a special pass that will allow you to use all kinds of public transport, as the journey through the city.

And, if you have the card on hand tourists (BarcelonaCard) is guaranteed the opportunity to save on tours and get discounts in many museums. Plus attractions free days or hours.

There is a small but significant "but"! Do not try to watch a maximum of one time. In this city overdose experiences possible. It is impossible to prevent it. Evening is better to leave for Hiking to quietly feel the breath of bygone eras.

6. Seville (Spain)

The main town of Andalusia. This passion is bullfighting, flamenco is. Burn. Burns and revives again. To get to Seville is not easy. But if a holiday in Spain to plan a visit to Seville, many of these difficulties will disappear by themselves.

The journey to this city of contrasts associated with Hiking, where at least 24 hours or maximum 48 everyone will be able to examine and explore all the surrounding area and attractions of Seville.

Most importantly, the clothes and footwear consistent with the walks. It should also be warned beforehand about the creams, relieves tired legs.

5. Berlin (Germany)

Germany is the single visa-free space. Guides offer to learn a few key phrases that you can apply to the local residents, and then switch to English language directly with your question. This simple technique will offer tourists local residents.

Feature of Berlin is that the main sights are within walking distance from each other. The ability to move around on the bike here real.

If the trip to Berlin the first card of a professional traveler, it is possible to use the double-Decker bus that takes in all the iconic places.

4. Bologna (Italy)

The Schengen area. It seems remarkable that there are flights Moscow –Bologna. And they'll have budget benefits. A message from the city easy and convenient. The bus route crosses the city centre and ends at the railway station.

This Italian city is geographically located so that allows you to stay in it, and day trips to make in the nearby cities.

A walking tour of the city takes place under an endless series of arches, with a length of 30 km And because in wet weather the tourists dry feet. Impressive! Bologna is a major transport hub of Italy. And what direction would not have chosen the tourist – expectations will be met.

3. Budapest (Hungary)

A place where East meets West. Unique thermal bath. You can get there by plane or ground transport. Feature ground transportation that calculate the fare would have given the attractions of the countries through which will pass the way.

If the selected plane, from the airport to the city deliver the vans for 8-10 people. Here awaits a nice surprise. Shipping is made by each passenger to the destination.

In Budapest it is better to trust the trams. It is a popular and well-developed mode of transport. But it's best to stock up on travel, in advance of analyzing the advantages of each.

The Danube divides the city into left and right banks. Here you can find a lot of decent places for photo shoots. Museums of Budapest, a few more economical due to open their doors with the card Budapest Card.

2. Valencia (Spain)

Earthly Paradise. Sandy white beaches. Direct flights from Russia to Valencia are present. The city has 2 train stations providing easy access to every corner of the country.

In the area of the stations is the area of Extramurs, which will satisfy demand in terms of the budget and will be convenient for those who are going to travel around the area.

A number of hotels offers its guests bikes for hire. In the first place this form of transport allows you to connect a residence to the town centre. The city has many bike lanes and Bicycle Parking. Well, say some tourists. Bikes for the energetic. Please! Tram and metro services.

1. Kraków (Poland)

A city of cathedrals, churches, monasteries. Flight Moscow – Krakow takes the traveler's place of destination. Sales of tickets exist, and it should be borne in mind. And by the way, "Aeroflot" in the list of companies that carry them out.
In the city a large variety of housing to meet any demand. Hiking preferred.

The old town has a charm, the sound of the horn, and even the rustle of tires is just insulting. Walk along the Vistula. Amazing boat trip on the river.

Tourist map of Krakov Card will make life easier. It gives free access to more than 40 attractions, free travel on public transport and so on. Facilitate the life of the exchangers, where it is possible to part with the rubles.

Interesting Krakow at different times of the year. In the warm – breathing spring, summer scents of grass and flowers. In winter there is a chance to see father Christmas. And besides the influx of tourists is less and the trip will be cheaper.

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