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10 stars of the series "Clone": then and now


In 2001, released one of the best Brazilian TV series "Clone". Gloria Perez, who wrote the script, told not just the love story, and showed the way of life of Muslims. We also touched upon the topic of cloning.

By 2010 it was exported to 90 countries, i.e. it was one of the most successful Brazilian television series. Its creators received the award from the American Management on struggle against drugs, because raised in this topical issue of the fight against drug addiction.

10. Carla Diaz (Khadija)

The Khadija Rachid, daughter of jade and said, played by Karla Diaz. During filming, the young actress was only 11 years old, but it was not her first role. Cheerful cute girl fell in love with not only the audience of Brazil.

She is now 28 years old. She still appeared in films, choosing a different, including and challenging role. So, in 2007 came the film with her participation "the Seven sins". In it she plays an orphan named Gina. Over the girl constantly bullied due to the fact that she has AIDS.

Carl is a successful model. She's never been married. Her most recent work shooting in the Brazilian TV series "Mirror of life" and "Strength of desire".

9. Leticia Sabatella (Latifa)

Of Latifa Rashid was a cousin of one of the main characters – jade. For Leticia, this was an important role, because after her she got real fame and critical acclaim.

Before she starred in the series "Lord of the world" and fell in love with his partner, Angelo Antonio. They married, and in 1993 they had a daughter Clara. The girl had 3 months to spend in the hospital. In 2003 there was a divorce, because the husband fell in love with his partner for the next set.

She continued her career as an actress. In 2008 he had his first "villainous" role in the series "the Roads of India." There he met his next love, Andre Gonsalves, but the couple has been together for so long.

In 2013 she married Fernando Alves Pinto. About the life of the actress known not so much. She recorded a few songs, but they have not attracted much public attention.

Leticia almost 50, but she looks very young. The actress says that the secrets of her beauty is a positive inner attitude, a healthy diet and yoga. Her latest work is the drama "Necklace Coraline" and "Happy hour".

8. Marcella Novaes (SHANGDI)

Marcella played Alexandre Cordeiro de Sousa, who in the second part of the series became the husband of one of the main characters, Mel Ferraz.

His childhood had been drawn to the stage. His first success associated with the series "Everything is permitted", but the true recognition he received, working with the "Globo" since 1991. To "Clone" he was already quite a famous actor.

First time he married Sheila BEP, in 1994 they had a son. His second wife, the actress Leticia Spiller also gave him a son. But in 2000, they divorced.

He is now 56 years old. He was a bachelor. Engaged in the production of the group "Os Impossíveis" . He loves to appear at social events, but always ready to meet friends, with them welcoming and hospitable.

7. Debora Falabella (Mel)

Deborah was born into a creative family: her father was Director, and her mother was a singer. Already at the age of 14 she debuted as an actress and 16 years attempted happiness at the casting company "Globo". So gave her first small role in the TV series "Lace".

By 2001, when there was a "Clone", it is already filmed, but these roles did not bring her the desired fame. After the release of the TV series where she got the role of the daughter of one of the main characters, a teenage drug addict, Deborah became a star of Brazilian cinema.

She thoroughly prepared for the role by visiting a rehab clinic, was friends with the families of addicts and read articles about them. The girl got into her role that she had to seek help from psychologists to come down. The surge because she started having health problems, because of which she landed in the hospital. In the series she was replaced by sister Cynthia.

The further fate of the young actress was good. It has been popular in the movies. Now working on new projects.

She's 39 years old, but without makeup she looks like a teenager. Deborah was in a few relationships and one marriage where she gave birth to a daughter Nina. Now she lives a civil marriage with Marilou, Benicio, it is in the "Clone" has played her father.

6. Reginaldo Faria (Leonidas)

The role of the head of the family, the industrial magnate Leonidas Ferras played Reginaldo Faria. During the filming of the series he was 63 years old. By this time he was already a famous actor.

His debut took place in 1958. Prior to 1980, he preferred acting in films, and later in the series. He is now 81 years old. In 2015, he was diagnosed with a serious disease, which he was in a coma.

5. Daniela Escobar (Maisa)

Maize Ferraz, the wife of the protagonist, played by Daniela Escobar. Starting her acting career she decided at the age of 19, enrolling in acting classes.

Before filming in the "Clone" she played many interesting roles. One of them she considers to be the most successful in "Brazilian watercolours".

But fame, like other of her colleagues came to her after filming "the Clone". After that, it could be seen in such TV series as "America" and "Caribbean flower".

She became interested in photography and dance. Daniele is now 50 years old, but she looks beautiful.

4. Vera Fischer (Ivette)

Ivete SIMAS in the series was first a bride, then the wife of Leonidas. Started her professional career as a model at the age of 15 years, in 1969 became Miss Brazil. Since the 1980s she has proved herself as a fine actress.

She suffered from drug addiction, which she was forbidden to raise his son. She returned the child only in 2000, when she completed her treatment. Lucky for Faith and work, because it took the series "family ties."

Now she is 67 years old, but she looks amazing. At 49 years old she posed for the cover of "Playboy", and in 2018, agreed to be photographed Nude for a Brazilian magazine. She is still in films, her latest work – the film "Exercise" and the drama "the chase."

3. Dalton Vig (Said)

Dalton from childhood wanted to be an actor, but relatives and friends dissuaded him, since he believed that without connections it will achieve nothing. However, in 25 years, he began to study in drama school, worked as a presenter on TV.

To "Clone", he played many roles, but the role of Saeed Rashid made him famous. After that, he often acted in films. Actor for a long time could not find a worthy companion, but in 2012, he legalized relationship with Camille Xerces, and in 2016 he became the father of 2 twins.

2. Giovanna Antonelli (Jade)

Got into the series by accident, after being refused the role Leticia Spiler. By this time she was already a famous actress, winning popularity after the release of the series "tropikanka".

During the filming she began her relationship with Murilo Benicio in 2005 was born their son Pietro. But after this couple broke up because of jealousy of Murilo.

In 2007 she met her new love, businessman Roberto Locascio and was going to move to America with him. But Murilo ruined the relationship, forbidding to take out of the country their son. 4 months later the divorce came.

But in 2009 she met with the Director Leonardo Nogueira, bore him two daughters -twins. She is still in films, and also has a perfume and bags.

1. Murilo Benicio (Diogo, Lucas, Leo)

The actor was born in a prosperous family, where he maintained his desire to become an actor. The first success came to him after the show, "In the name of love", and in 2000 he starred in the Hollywood film "Woman on top".

In the "Clone" Murilo played twin brothers and their clone. The lack of new roles. His latest work is "Gentle beast" and "Divorce". In 2018, he tried himself in the role of Director in the film "the Kiss on the asphalt".

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