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10 male actors who played female roles


The actors for their star roles go to the many victims in terms of appearance: lose weight up to anorexia, then gaining weight to obesity, then shave, then... dress in women! Yes, and so masterful, the characters in the movies are not even aware that standing in front of them a woman with beautiful curly hair on a man.

Yes, people sometimes forget about the gender discrepancy, because the actors brilliantly cope with their task.

We'll talk about the 10 best transformations of the actors into female characters. And we are not talking only about light Comedy films, but a heavy drama with deep meaning and purpose. Such films expose the cruelty of society and the unwillingness to accept people different from themselves.

10. Quentin Crisp, Orlando

In the film the female takes the role of actor Quentin crisp and he plays Queen Elizabeth I. In the story, an aging Queen is fascinated by a young aristocrat named Orlando and orders that will never get old.

Inexplicably Orlando performs the request and lives for centuries, keeping its appearance young man. Orlando travels and lives without regard to age, one even falls in love with a Russian Princess. But disappointed in the girl and went to Arabia as an Ambassador.

One morning Orlando wakes up in his apartment, but feels significant changes in your own body. It turns out that he now has to live in a woman's appearance and change your habitual way of adventure and entertainment.

9. Robin Williams, "Mrs. Doubtfire"

Film in the genre of drama and Comedy suitable for family viewing. The Director of the movie was Chris Columbus, and with women's role unmatched coped Robin Williams.

The story tells about a man named Daniel, who happens to be a lot of unpleasant events at one time. First he gets fired, then his wife announces her decision to divorce, and even allows the father to see the kids once a week!

Then the man comes up with an adventure that solves all three problems: unemployment, divorce, and the inability to see their own children. Daniel is dressed in an elderly woman anoint herself "Mrs. Doubtfire" and gets a job as a housekeeper for his ex-wife. Of course, since, as Daniel crossed the threshold of his house in a dress – the story will start to evolve in unpredictable ways.

8. Lee pace, "Soldier's girl"

A dramatic film about a young us army soldier Barry Winchel that the dismissal met with the singer in a nightclub and completely fascinated by the girl.

He's Dating her, which know that he loved girl – a transsexual preparing for a sex change. But it doesn't stop the main character.

Men continue to meet, fall in love with each other all the stronger, while the Roman soldier does not know his colleagues who decide to take revenge on Uinchela for communication with man.

The denouement of the story comes abruptly and unexpectedly, leaving the viewer with a desire to rewind the tape and try to correct the situation.

7. John Travolta, "hairspray"

A movie musical, it will certainly appeal to all lovers of music and dance films. Vivid images, costumes, glitter, smiles main characters and catchy songs – it's impossible not to sing along or to dance from the spectacle taking place on the screen.

John Travolta plays in the film the mother of the main character Tracy. Daily makeup John was applied for 4 hours, and the actor's costume weighed 13 pounds! John did not want to accept that role, so to play the mother of the heroine have suggested Robin Williams and Tom Hanks. But Travolta is still agreed in the end successfully coped with the task.

6. Killian Murphy, "Breakfast on Pluto"

Patrick Braden, a young transvestite and the illegitimate son of a priest. Patrick knows that is different from the rest, and all the rest are well aware that guy is the black sheep and he has no place among "normal" people. From the jeers and cruelty of strangers, Patrick saved only by his incredible charisma and charm.

Soon the young man realizes that in his home town of absolutely nothing and no one holds, then he decides to move to London, having aimed to find the mother.

Big city immediately fascinates Patrick, affecting the breadth and tolerance of local residents. Soon, however, Patrick will experience all the unpleasant and sharp traits of the inhabitants of London.

5. Alexander Kalyagin, "Hello, I your aunt!"

The Soviet film Director Viktor Titov, released in 1975. The main role is played by Alexander Kalyagin, which, according to the scenario, you need to dress as a woman and to help the young men marry their sweethearts.

This is one of those Soviet comedies that like to revise the Russian-speaking audience at least once a year, along with "Irony" or "Diamond hand".

Light and amusing story, pleasant characters and comical situations do not let go the audience and half hour duration flies by as one minute.

4. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, "In a jazz only girls"

Classic black and white Comedy. The film is about two musicians, Joe and Jerry, who become accidental witnesses to a mob shootout and now they have to flee town on the next train, which will take heroes down to Florida.

Men change their appearance with cosmetics and women's dresses are represented by Josephine and Daphne, now playing in a women's jazz band.

Disguise for quite a long time, until Josephine is not in love with the soloist of the group, Daphne – an aging playboy and the mob boss realize that for people hiding under women's dresses.

3. Dustin Hoffman, "Tootsie"

In women's dress in this film is dressed Dustin Hoffman, who plays an actor, Michael Dorsey with a bad career. Michael's claim to the role, not call for samples and generally heavy nature of man does not allow him to develop in the acting field.

When Michael decides to start with a clean slate: dressed in the girl comes up with a new name and soon realizes that his female alter ego like other people, and Michael very soon finds a job in his new guise.

Think everything is finally starting to come together, but how now to build a relationship with a girl that Michael has long been in love?

2. Charlie Chaplin "A Woman"

Charlie Chaplin, this short film stands as an actor and as a Director and as a screenwriter. In the story Charlie is trying to impress a girl accidentally met in the Park, but it prevents another man who has been with this girl.

Anger Charlie pushes the opponent into the water, and he meets another girl at the Park with mom. They immediately invited Charlie over for dinner, to which the man agrees, very pleased with such familiarity.

But when she came to visit, Charlie discovers that the father – the same man that Chaplin was pushed in the river! The protagonist shaves off his mustache and is dressed in the clothing of his new girls, posing as the man the friend of his daughter.

1. Eddie Redmayne, "the Girl from Denmark"

The main role in the film performed by Eddie Redmayne, who plays the husband of artist Gerda Wegener.

Gerda asks Einar to pose for him in women's clothing for writing new patterns. Her husband agrees and paintings waiting for a resounding success, allowing Einar increasingly to dress in women's clothing for the sake of posing for a new painting.

Soon Einar realizes that he likes to transform into his alter ego. He gives to his female guise of the name Lili Elbe, and then decided on a sex change operation.

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