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10 foods that burn belly fat


Fat accumulation in the abdominal area is called visceral fat. In small amounts it is required by the body, but an excess can cause health problems. He perelavlivaet the stomach, intestines and liver. One of the consequences of such obesity – metabolic syndrome.

Scientists believe that to get rid of excess belly fat needs to go on a high protein diet. It is necessary to include in your menu chicken breast, tuna, eggs, baked beans and red lentils. Such a diet is capable of a 60% reduction in food cravings and increase metabolism to 800 calories per day.

What other products are promote weight loss, you will learn from this article.

10. Cayenne pepper

This spice is also called chili, it is one of the hottest on the planet. An international group of scientists found that pepper improves digestion and promotes weight loss.

It contains capsaicin, which, entering the human organism in therapeutic doses, it stimulates digestion. He makes chili peppers so hot.

Scientists have studied a huge number of works devoted to this topic. They also watched people who ate Chile for 12 weeks or used at 1 time. They found that due to capsacin increases fat metabolism, a person consumes energy faster.

9. Salmon

Scientist Jamie A. Cooper of the University of Georgia is sure that hormones are responsible for how much a person eats. He, along with his colleagues conducted a study that proved that eating foods rich in polyunsaturated fats, significantly reduces the number of hormone greyline. It drives hunger. But increased the content of another hormone responsible for satiety.

The man who eats a meal containing polyunsaturated fats, remains longer fed, respectively, lose weight. To get rid of extra pounds, you should eat salmon, tuna, walnuts, take fish oil, oil from flax seed.

8. Blueberries

Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland have proved that eating blueberries prevents obesity. They conducted experiments on mice, whose diet was a lot of fat.

Rodents were divided into 2 groups. One of them just got special meals, and the other at the same time gave freeze-dried blueberries. The mouse who ate the blueberries, gained less weight.

7. Eggs

Once scientists urged us to abandon the consumption of eggs, scaring the increase of cholesterol in the blood. But modern research shows that the cholesterol contained in eggs does not have a significant impact on human health.

Egg man gets a lot of vitamins and the necessary minerals. Eggs affect hormones appetite, provide energy due to the large amount of leucine.

Those who suffer from obesity, researchers are advised to include this product in the menu. They quickly satisfy hunger, causing the person eating less during the day, and, consequently, loses weight.

6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal gives us the feeling of fullness It removes from the body heavy metals, helps to cope with insomnia and bad mood. It has a lot of vitamin B6, which improves brain activity. This is the most delicious and nutritious Breakfast. But scientists warn that most people eat it wrong.

If you want to lose weight, you need to cook the oatmeal is not cereal, like we used to, and of real oats in the form of grains. It is impossible to put sugar and other sweeteners. In porridge must be low oil. And we should not overeat, because oatmeal is very high in calories. Only when these conditions are met, you will not gain weight, while eating oatmeal.

5. Beans

Early beans, and nuts, were considered high-calorie foods that are not recommended for people with overweight. But recent research has shown that they do not contribute to obesity.

Beans are high in fiber, which reduces the speed of absorption of fats. And the proteins in building muscular tissue.

The rate of fiber per day is 20-25 g. If the human body comes in 10 g fiber more then 5 years waist size can decrease 3.7%. 1 tbsp. black bean and 4.8 g of fiber.

4. White tea

This kind of tea undergoes a weak fermentation, it cannot be thermally processed. There are a lot of vitamins b and C and PP.

The scientists were able to prove that white tea helps to burn fat and also prevents the formation of new fat deposits. After each meal is to drink a Cup of this tea.

3. Sun-dried tomatoes

In dried tomatoes, lycopene lots, by which they of such vivid colors. It is necessary for our body, because it can prevent cancer. Accumulate, oligopin improves metabolic processes in the body, stimulates digestion, destroys harmful microflora in the gut.

Foods rich in lycopene is recommended for those who wants to lose weight. Those who sat on this diet, could boast of a slimmer waistline, they have less belly fat.

2. Almonds

Nuts are also high in calories, but, nevertheless, those who want to lose weight, it is not necessary to refuse them. If you eat 30 almond nuts a day (about 43 g), the person lost the feeling of hunger, and he does not overeat. And not gaining weight.

Scientists from Indiana conducted an experiment, which was attended by 137 volunteers who had the risk of developing diabetes. They were given no special instructions did not limit the power, i.e., they led their normal life, except for the fact that the participants ate 43 grams of almonds. But those additional 250 calories per day had no effect on their weight, amount of calories that they have consumed, not increased, since the nuts give a feeling of satiety.

1. Garlic

Scientists from the Israeli University Wiseman conducted a study on laboratory animals. They found that volatile allicin, contained in garlic, reduces appetite.

It normalizes blood sugar levels, namely because of the spike in sugar there is a feeling of hunger, and aktiviziruyutsya hormones that contribute to fat deposition. It should include in its menu for those who want to lose weight, especially since the garlic has many other useful properties, for example, it reduces blood pressure.

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