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10 most beautiful and stylish politicians


You think sex symbols are only singers, actors and athletes? Wrong! Now comes the time beautiful and fashionable politicians who promote to the masses, not only the idea of equality and social justice, but also ideas of high style.

They are mostly young, charismatic, energetic and successful. They become an example to follow and a standard of taste for millions of voters.

10. Gabriel Vikström

The Minister considered the property of the whole of Sweden. For five years he holds the position of Minister of health and sports. After the appointment of his photos hit the Internet, after which he within days became known to the whole world.

All because of his attractive appearance, which is uncharacteristic of the members of the Cabinet in this country.

9. Kakha Kaladze

Now the former player has held the post of mayor of Tbilisi. But this guy is known not only for his former sport achievements, but also an incredible sense of style.

For example, Kaladze, did not hesitate to unbutton the top button of the shirt, unlike other political figures. He also allows himself to play with the colors and generally likes a variety of hats. He usually appears in society in that "free" style.

A conservative approach to the selection of clothing policy is clearly not fit Kaladze – he's even in his responsible position manages the creative to dress up with special fashionable chic.

8. Zac Goldsmith

Once in early youth he was expelled from Eton College for the "indulgence" of soft drugs. Later he is seriously interested in Hinduism, and then Tibetan Buddhism. For 10 years he was editor of the journal The business ecologist, has since become a fierce defender of nature.

But this man is known not only for its political and social accomplishments, and bright appearance, unusual for British politicians. It is quite pretty and charismatic.

It is difficult to say whether this adds weight to debate with political opponents, but the popularity in British society is clearly caused by including this quality.

7. Justin Trudeau

To the natural charisma and charm of the canadian Prime Minister, few people can resist. In addition, Justin is very popular in social networks. Thanks to his charm, he can conquer even the most sullen opponent, which of course adds to his political weight.

6. Emmanuel Macron

It is the youngest in the history of France's President. He came to power in a difficult period for the country and for the whole of Europe. His victory in the presidential election was a surprise for supporters and for the haters, because earlier he had neither his own party nor mass support of the electorate.

Of course, the macron – a young, energetic and charming. Someone will say that its beauty is the connotation of latent homosexuality, but "the taste and color-no friend".

5. Enrique Peña Nieto

Many have compared the current President of Mexico with a soap actor. To govern the state he started in 2012, and before that winning the presidential election, he held the position of Governor of the state of Mexico.

I must say that with actor Enrique confused not by accident: in 2010, he married the star of the TV series, Angelica Rivera.

4. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum

This is probably the most well-known Oriental sex symbol. A huge number of girls in the world dream to be his wife, because he is filthy rich and incredibly charming.

Prince repeatedly told the press that lead a busy lifestyle, and this is connected not only with political activities but also with his many Hobbies: he jumps with a parachute, scuba diving, hunting etc. Also composes poems, the main theme of which is love of country and family.

Also, the heir has many Pets, among which are the white tigers and lions. But the main passion in his life are horses. The crown Prince loves equestrian sports and even has numerous awards for victories in prestigious competitions.

3. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic

This woman could become the first woman President in the entire history of the existence of the state of Croatia.

And it's not just a woman, a striking blond lady with a charming smile and a fantastic figure. Kolinda his example destroys the stereotype about blondes, proving that a woman in politics can be not only beautiful and personable but also an important political player in the international arena.

By the way, Kolinda loves to share pictures in the beach kits what fuels interest in his person even more subscribers hotly discussing the appearance and features of the figure of the head of state, which apparently does not bother the President.

2. Antero, Vartia

This cute blue-eyed blonde in the recent past has been a successful actor. Now he is in the "Green League" — one of the most influential political forces in the country.

Also, Vartia successfully engaged in business and continues to capture the hearts of young (and older) voters.

1. Aaron Shock

This popular American politician became the youngest Congressman in the history of the country. In the spring of 2015, he was forced to resign due to the disagreement regarding the use of funds of the Federal budget.

Aaron never commented on his sexual orientation, however, despite this, he is considered a sex symbol of the American gay movement.

But in spite of this, a Shock is known for its hard stance, and was even strongly against the abolition of the famous law of "Dont ask, dont tell", allowing gays to serve in the army, and voted for the amendment, which President Bush wanted to ban gays to marry formally.

Not long ago, one well-known journalist, who openly preaches the ideals of the gay community, on his page in one of social networks said that politicians who hide their true sexual orientation and it supports homophobic laws, it is necessary to arrange the outing. Understood the hint, so the rumors of non-standard preferences policies haunt him to this day.

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