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10 most terrible scientific experiments in history


Ethical research were treated after the Second world war. In the second half of the 1940s was created and signed the Nuremberg code, which prohibit harm to human health, took part in the research.

Until that time, scientists were not afraid to conduct experiments on prisoners or other people in their hands. Such research often ended with the victim very badly.

Later in our article are 10 spooky science experiments on human beings in history.

10. Three of Jesus from Ypsilanti

This experiment took place in 1959 in the USA in a hospital in Ypsilanti. Its essence was to bring together three mentally ill man who imagined themselves to be one and the same person.

The study was managed by Dr. Rockich, it occurred to him to hold him because years earlier he watched the conversation between the two women, I think that they are the virgin Mary, subsequently one of them was cured from his illness.

The scientist decided that putting together men who consider themselves to Jesus Christ, he can cure at least one of them.

The study doctor long watched their wards, kept a correspondence with them on behalf of other people. In 1961, the experiment was finished, a success he did not bring the sick did not abandon their ideas.

9. The Project "Disgust"

This project was top secret, was held in the military hospitals of South Africa. His goal was the destruction of homosexuality. It lasted from 1971 to 1989, he killed about 900 people.

Homosexual persons were subjected to drug, shock and other therapies. Had even resorted to radical methods such as surgery for sex change and chemical castration.

The head of this experiment was Dr. Aubrey Levin. The project did not bring the desired results, change sexual orientation by force is impossible.

8. Experiment with the color of the eyes

The experiment was conducted in 1970 among children-third-graders to show children a clear method of what discrimination was.

The teacher divided them into groups by the color of their eyes and those with brown eyes suggested to treat with neglect, they are deprived of games in the gym, tied on a neck ribbon, they became quiet and suburban.

Other children began to show arrogance. Then the teacher changed the roles of students and brown-eyed began to treat children with other colour eyes.

The next day she stopped the study and invited the children to make peace. For this experiment it was dismissed, and parents bombarded her with angry letters.

7. The study of schizophrenia UCLA

Its essence consisted in applying over people, patients with schizophrenia, drugs that were not fully explored. These projects gave permission, but provided that, if the subjects begin to feel much worse than it was before the medication immediately should stop.

Some scholars have been obsessed with the idea on the cure of schizophrenia, continued to give the patient the medication no matter what. As a result of such studies has killed several people, some committed suicide, such as jumping from the roof.

6. The Milgram Experiment

Psychologist Milgram conducted a study with the aim to find out how much pain one person can cause another, if asked to do so.

In the experiment, one participant was asked to memorize words, and if he made a mistake, the other party would have had to hit it with electric current.

Of course, the role of the first test subjects were performed by the actor, which were not really current, he just screamed at the touch of a button. But the psychologist noted that the second parties continued to press the button, even if you begged them to stop.

5. Project MK-ULTRA

The study was launched in the 1950s, its Essence was to examine the state of the human mind, the influence of psychotropic drugs.

They did not know what they introduced drugs. Subjects were people of different categories in addition to the prisoners, the project could take part and doctors.

The study was conducted under the supervision of the CIA. It is assumed that it lasted until the 1960s, In the 1970s, leadership research MK-ULTRA tried to destroy the documentation, which describes the experiments.

4. The Stanford prison experiment

The experiment was conducted in 1971 under the leadership of psychologist Philip Zimbardo. Its purpose was to study human response to restriction of liberty.

He shared Stanford students into prisoners and jailers. "Criminals" was put in a room under the jail. The guards also play a role.

However, the subjects quickly got used to its provisions, and in the course of the experiment began to occur dangerous incidents.

For example, jailers almost immediately began to show sadistic tendencies, and the "criminals" have received psychological trauma. The study had to be stopped.

3. Nazi experiments with freezing

Few who have not heard about the horrific atrocities suffered by the people in the Nazi camps. During one of the experiments relating to medicine, managed to obtain information about hypothermia.

During the study, people were dipped in very cold water, then they were sent into the cold.

2. The research of Dr. Mengele

Nazi doctor, conducted experiments on tens of thousands of people, it took for them victims. The main essence of his methods was to reduce the birth rate of other peoples and increasing the birth rate race "of Aryans."

He spent sterilization without anesthesia, were irradiated people x-rays, particularly liked to experiment on twins.

1. The Unit 731 Experiments

The unit was created in Japan, led them Shiro Ishii. People in his team have been researching biological and chemical weapons and experiments on people. Their doctors amputated his victims body parts were infected with venereal disease to study them over.

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