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10 scary stories of people who have lost the memory


Amnesia is literally a road to nowhere. When a person loses his short - or long-term memory, can not use life experience as a guide to action. In the end, all human existence is wandering in the dark on the level unsuitable to the child's life.

Someone is using a hypno or psychotherapy, medications and treatments can partially or fully restore the memory to someone, she returns alone and suddenly, while the other remains forever a hostage of the unfamiliar human body.

Today we tell about 10 people who lost his memory in the wonderful and frightening situations and their lives dramatically changed turn.

10. Ansel Bourne

This man was one of the first studied case of amnesia, which was reflected in the film about special agent. Ansel, a preacher from a small town States, in 1887, went missing while visiting his sister.

After the discovery of the people did not understand that it took 2 months, did not remember his name. To restore the identities needed some hypnotic experiments.

Dissociative amnesia in his case, leads to a temporary forgetfulness of self, a man gets the opportunity at some period become others – who will draw it imagination or the subconscious.

9. Clive, Währing

English musician in the late ' 80s had herpetic encephalitis – a viral disease, severely damaging the Central nervous system. Complications of disease are 2 forms of amnesia: anterograde (the inability to create memories) and retrograde (partial oblivion of past events).

The herpes virus affect cells of the hippocampus of the brain, which ensure the transfer of data from short - to long-term memory.

So, währing can capture a few seconds of his life. Procedural memory men has not been damaged, so he could play the piano, though not the notes.

8. The Seewald, Scheid

In 1999, the clinic Toronto got a young man with a broken nose, who did not understand how I ended up in the canadian city. Doctors diagnosed post-traumatic SCADA global amnesia and gave information to the media, where he was immediately dubbed "Mr Nobody".

The homeless guy with the accent was discharged and sent to an orphanage and later he was adopted by a family. Later the guy chose a few new names at the end Seewald, has issued a canadian citizenship and even took to wife the daughter of a lawyer.

It is noteworthy that in 2007, SCAD admitted to rigging the disease. The son of poor parents, he significantly played "submission" to freely obtain citizenship of Canada.

7. Jody Roberts

A young American girl in the ' 80s, he worked as intellectual as correspondent, when suddenly began to change habitual behavior. At first, she ceased to care for appearance and addicted to alcohol, and then went missing for 12 years.

Meanwhile, the girl was found after 5 days, 1,600 km from the house, just remembered the name and had no assets. Doctors diagnosed jodie dissociative Fugue when moving one forgets about all the basic data.

Coming out of the clinic, she took the name Jane D. and found a job in catering, got married and had twins. In the end she returned home thanks to the attentive colleague.

6. Raymond Robins

The famous American economist in the 30-ies do not show up for an audience with the President since disappeared. Of course, began to emerge rumors about the kidnapping, however, Robbins found after a couple of months in the mountain village where he lived happily with new information and sincerely believe that is a miner by vocation.

Behind the man came the nephew, which, of course, the patient amnesia did not recognize. Bearded Raymond met his wife and received treatment from a psychiatrist, and then the memory began to recover.

5. Barr Cox

The story of a young priest no less interesting. In 1984, Barr told his wife to visit friends who live in Abilene. The next day found robbed a car on a rural road.

For 16 years the priest has not received information while the parishioner did not know the preacher Dallas Cox. According to the latter, during the robbery he was beaten and lost consciousness, and after a 2-week coma could not recall the past and began a new life.

There is a rumor that Barr deliberately faked amnesia to get away from family and daughter and start a new life as a homosexual.

4. Michelle Philpots

The girl from England in the late 80s as a result of two accidents received head injuries. Two strong shake-up of the brain – and the woman developed epilepsy, as well as anterograde amnesia. The disease progressed – 1994

Pilots lost the ability to remember anything. My husband has the day to day show bride wedding photos to justify their being around. The woman underwent a brain surgery, but so far no improvement.

3. Doug Bruce

The police States in 2003 asked the man, who did not remember their data. Doctors found he had a special form of retrograde amnesia, and in the future his story is the subject of the painting is "Unknown" in 2011.

Identified man people claimed that he enjoyed the UK, who worked in a Paris Bank. Then, gather up the money, Doug Bruce (as they called the man) went to new York to study the art of photography. In his apartment in Manhattan, the man has not learned a single thing, so that memory did not return.

2. Antelm The Mungin

In 1918, in the French town was discovered with amnesia soldiers without documents. In psychiatric hospitals nobody could help, and the Mungin did not know the people who tried to point out the relationship with him.

Subsequently revealed that in 1914, the guy went to the front, where he was captured in military camps. Amnesia, presumably, caused severe stress and trauma from years of hostilities.

1. Agatha Christie

Concludes our look at a person with a world name. English writer of the genre "detective" at the age of 36 years, has disappeared from his native city. After some time the woman found in the hotel under the name Teresa Neal with gaps in memory.

Eyewitnesses say that on the day of the disappearance of the writer flaunted on the road to slim, not the weather cool dress, very confused. Doctors think that a bout of temporary amnesia could cause a scandal with her husband and the recent death of mother Agatha.

Cases of amnesia is always an interesting subject for study and consideration since they may affect the deepest centers of the brain.

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