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Top 10 food for very rich people


"The rich have their quirks" it's a common expression may have justification. We often see in movies or hear stories, both small portions of dishes rich people pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This phenomenon raises a reasonable question: this food is out of gold?

You will learn whether this is so, when you see the list of products that can afford only wealthy people.

10. The ruby Roman grapes

The price of one bunch is up to 11 thousand dollars, it is comparable to the cost of the aircraft. Grow this species in Japan. The grape got its name for the bright red color.

Each berry is large, the size of a ball ping-pong table. From other varieties has a strong sweetness.

9. Caspian caviar Beluga-albino

Almas ("diamond" with Iran) is the most expensive caviar in the world. Price is $ 25,000 per jar. Which, incidentally, is made of gold.

The appearance of the calf unique. She recalled the Golden, amber or white pearls. Found a dark gray color of eggs, but the lighter the tone, the higher the cost of the product. Not all rich people have a chance to try the Almas. But those who were able to do it, saying that she has a pleasant nutty flavor.

Caviar is rare and because the Beluga-albino listed in the red data book as an endangered species.

8. Black Densuke watermelon

The name in Japanese translates to "help the rice field". The fact that Densuke began to grow, when strongly decreased the rice yield, but there is something needed.

This species grows exclusively in Japan, so to grow it yourself will not work. Before this product was paid $ 8,000. But now the price is high – $ 6,000 apiece.

Peel Densuke plain and black, making the watermelon original. The flesh is much sweeter and softer than other melons.

7. Coffee "Black ivory"

Sounds funny, but a kilo of coffee beans picked from elephant dung, people are willing to pay $ 2,000.

This coffee kind of way: the seeds pass through the digestive tract of elephants, where they are subjected to the influence of enzymes. Acid in the stomach destroys the proteins, giving the bean bitterness. So the drink becomes noticeably softer than those made from conventional grains. Besides, coffee is digested along with bananas and fruit, getting a kind of shades of taste and smell. After bowel movements of an elephant surviving coffee berries thoroughly rinsed, taken out of the grain and travel to Bangkok for drying.

If the high price of the drink you do not mind, you can order it online to try. Besides, this coffee is brewed several times, allowing him to save.

6. Ayam Cemani

For one representative of this breed of birds the rich are willing to pay about $ 800.

The name translated means "black chicken". The fact that these birds have a gene that significantly increases their pigmentation. Specimens entirely black, and not only outside. They are black even the muscles and bones.

Meat production is cheaper than usual, besides, birds are not sick with bird flu virus. Popularity due to the originality of the color and taste, besides, the meat contains a lot of protein and little fat.

5. Kobe beef

This kind of beef refers to the variety of marbled meat, that is, to the most elite. "Extracted" it from a purebred neutered young or virgin bulls. Before beef production verified by the pedigree of each animal.

In muscles of Japanese black cows a lot of fat, which creates a characteristic only for the given pattern of meat and juicy taste.

The fat content is high, but it is useful for health. It has acid do not have negative impact on the level of cholesterol in the blood.

4. Yubari Melon

To buy this Queen of melons is 12 000 dollars. It grows, like many expensive varieties of products in Japan.

This type of melon appeared after combining two other breeds. This crossing gave her a very big sweetness and juiciness.

However, despite the high cost, size Yubari small – about one-sixth of a kilogram.

3. Jamon Iberico de Bellota (Iberian ham)

This meat cost about $ 320 per kg to eat of the Royal family. However, to afford it can anyone. The ride will cost approximately $ 15 per serving.

Ham – the meat of wild boars living on the border with Portugal. Hams are divided into three types, it depends on the food of wild boars. The best of them, jamon Iberico de bellota ham, made from the meat of wild boars fed on acorns.

The Iberian ham is loved for its unique palette of taste and how it melts in your mouth. The latter is due to the fact that the fat in the product has a very low melting point. It is enough to reach the temperature of the human body to melt.

2. The matsutake mushrooms

These mushrooms with spicy smell grow in North America, Asia and Northern Europe. In Russia they can be found on Sakhalin. Most in demand product is in Japan, where per kilogram are paid an average of $ 100.

The popularity of the delicacy is due to the fact that the country of the rising sun is a symbol of fertility and abundance.

The matsutake mushrooms have medicinal properties. For example, they struggle with diseases of the blood, they also prevent cancer. Chopped mushrooms added to medication, they help in the fight against viruses and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The most valuable for medical purposes, young just collected specimens. But they are more expensive than all the others.

1. White truffles (Alba Madonna)

This product is the pockets of extremely rich people, because its price – from $ 8,000 per kilogram. Will you only cook it at a really good restaurant.

Since the Roman Empire, the search technology of these mushrooms has remained the same – do this, specially trained pigs and dogs.

Artificially bring white truffles is not obtained, so that the masses are not available. Besides, even the expensive oil of this truffle is not able to pass it the delicate taste and smell.

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