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10 most dangerous products for the face, which many use still


A beautiful and young skin without acne is a real women's dream, regardless of age and occupation. Every woman wants to look good, even if finances and time do not allow the skin a good care. And so are born various tips grandmothers and girlfriends, as well as the signature "lifehe" that filled the pages of the Internet.

So, one girl miraculously solved the problem with help of some ingredient, and now a priori attributed it unique properties, and even friends on the blog have advised.

The faster the Internet develops and the more expensive professional cosmetics, the more there is different above and beauty treatments for home care.

Today we present an example of the 10 most dangerous products for the home use that still "walk" across the network and in demand.

10. Hydrogen peroxide for skin whitening

Peroxide our Granny had bleached your hair to become attractive to men blonde without having to purchase expensive foreign paints.

The ability of peroxide to lighten was applied to the skin to achieve an aristocratic pallor and get rid of freckles, age spots.

Does the tool? Perhaps it allows you to lighten a small spot from post-acne. That's just not without negative consequences.

After regular use of peroxide, the skin dries and loses its natural tightness and elasticity, begins unpleasant flakes and covered with red lesions. In the worst case you can purchase the strongest chemical burns.

9. Mask of egg whites

Well, first, spread a kind of slime on the face is not very pleasant – there are more flavorful and interesting in texture home remedies.

And second, raw egg whites contain parasites (e.g., Salmonella) and other bacteria, who are happy to penetrate the cracks and the pores of your skin, contributing to the development of the inflammatory process.

So, trying to moisturize and nourish the skin, you can purchase a whole bunch of rashes and acne.

8. Natural cosmetics "from the fridge"

Cucumbers on the eyes, cream on the cheeks, lemon juice on the spots...the Girls are not averse to try on face is literally all that case was overlooked in the refrigerator. And, it seems that the mask of natural ingredients will give a wonderful result.

Some tools do help with certain problems, but it's all very individual and depends on skin type, its sensitivity, the presence of congenital or systemic diseases.

Many products from the refrigerator is the strongest allergens that provoke rashes and skin trauma. Others contain plenty of organic acids, which provoke the abuse of chemical burn and the appearance of age spots.

7. Home chemical peeling of the face

The procedure of exfoliation the esthetician is quite expensive, so the girls took the invention of budget home options.

So on the face are applied the most amazing combinations of acids, ranging from organic fruit or vegetable, and ending with the chemical purchased at the pharmacy.

As a result, along with dead skin layer of skin and the contents then go nutrients to the cells. So developing erythema (acute inflammation of the skin) appear demarcation lines, chemical burns, and patchy pigmentation.

6. Deodorant effect of matting skin

Noticing how well the deodorant dries the skin of the armpits, the girls managed to apply it on the face as a degreasing agent and a matting tool. And anyway, that antiperspirant is designed to deal with excessive release of liquid sweat, not dense sebum.

The result of the application of funds in the face of the skin pores are closed, and all produced by the fat glands remains. So there subcutaneous pimples, acne and acute inflammation. And deodorant contain aggressive chemicals, so Allergy and irritation of the epidermis will not take long.

5. Vaseline

In the absence of alternatives, our grandmother used vaseline for lubrication flaky and irritated skin. The tool created a thin film, protecting the epidermis from excessive exposure to dry winds and strong frosts.

However, cheap blackout means not only a film, but also clog pores, blocking the normal work of the sebaceous glands. As a result, regular application of vaseline rash and the inflammation bills.

4. Aspirin from rashes on the face

To crush the pill, moisten with saliva and apply to the zit or herpes – this Board can be found in the Internet. It really is for decades, because in this way our grandmothers used to dry various inflammations.

But, people, salicylic and acetylsalicylic acids are different in nature components, so do not ascribe them to the same properties.

Aspirin is an aggressive tool that can leave a chemical burn and lead to disturbance of the pH balance of the skin.

3. Scrub of sugar

The abrasive properties of sugar is hard to miss, so recipes for home peels or scrubs anyway include this ingredient. However, sugar, like soda, is a gross component, especially with regard to sensitive skin.

Sugaring removes hair from dense areas of the skin of the feet or provides excellent drainage thighs with cellulite. But in terms of skin cleansing method works is doubtful – black dots remain in place, but there are new scratches, cracks and pockets of irritation.

2. Toothpaste for acne

A very extravagant method to dry the skin. Of course, the toothpaste in small concentrations contains antibacterial components. But professional tools from acne for the face also contain them! And vegetable herbs, organic fruits and vegetables.

So why torment a harmless pimple so aggressive composition. As a result, perhaps the inflammation dries faster, but the hearth around will dried and start to peel off. And burns or age spots in the neighborhood.

1. Apple cider vinegar is a tonic

Dry the skin with alcohol or Apple cider vinegar – a favorite procedure for lovers of home recipes. These homemade lotions are breaking the pH of the skin, lead to dehydration and early aging.

And increases the chance of overheating the delicate epidermis high concentration of homemade lotion and then have to remove pigment spots and regenerate damage very expensive ways.

Each person must analyze the information that is read and not taken on faith.

For example, if the adhesive is designed for connection of metal and paper, you should not try to use it as an exfoliation of blackheads. Isn't it logical?

However, girls continue to commit the same mistakes, listening to friends savitchin. And then a dermatologist or a professional beautician for months, forced to deal with the consequences of the experiments.

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