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Top 10 leading "eagle and tails": how do they live now?


"Heads and tails" one of the most popular travel show on national television. For all seasons, which is broadcast on the screens, the presenters visited many countries, with a hundred dollars and a card with an unlimited limit.

During these years, the program has replaced more than a dozen leading. Each of them was interesting in its own way and applied his own unique approach to the management of the show.

Many fans are interested in the transmission, as it is now live, and also what these people are doing, and whether they will please us again with his appearance on the screen.

So especially for you, we've prepared an article on ten of the leading religious transmission.

10. Regina Todorenko

This native of the hero-city of Odessa since childhood he participated in school plays where she gave mainly the main roles.

In 2008, Regina got on the Ukrainian version of the project "Factory of stars – 2". There she met the popular Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev, so the girl became part of the vocal group "REAL O".

In addition to group work, Regina was successful in writing his own compositions which were subsequently performed Patriotic stars of the first magnitude.

In 2014, the singer took part in the project "heads and nuts. On the edge of the world".

Now Regina took a creative break in connection with childbirth. At the beginning of 2019 in mass media there was information that the singer suffers from severe postpartum depression, what she has personally shared with your followers.

9. Natalie Nevedrova

Natalie from an early age dreamed of becoming famous. At age 12, she earned money as a top model.

After completing school she decided to enter the theater Institute, but she failed the entrance exams. Without thinking, Nevedrova changed orientations 180 degrees and decided to become a journalist.

Even during his studies, Natalie worked at one of the music channels as an assistant. Later Nevedrova decided to try my hand at blogging, and this idea has been quite successful.

After an extremely difficult selection, Natalie became the host of season 15 of "heads and Tails".

Now Nevedrova married to musician Eugene Masham, however, bring up the daughter.

8. Anton Ptushkin

Anton Ptushkin by training a sociologist, but at some point in the career of a social worker, he chose to work.

At first, Anton decided to try his hand in music and work as a DJ. He later dabbled as a presenter on several Ukrainian TV show.

2015 Ptuskin working on the Russian entertainment TV channel "Friday". In 2017, paired with Anastasia Ivlieva he began work on the project "heads and Tails. Restart".

7. Anastasia Ivlieva

A native native of the city in the Field, Anastasia Ivleva graduated from the school of television "Ostankino". His studies she combined with work at the office, so quite early Nastia was able to achieve financial independence.

Ulevoi to fame came through social networks and on YouTube channel. Even before her participation in the program "heads and Tails. Reloaded", she began to study the so-called beauty blogging. Impressive looks and natural charisma brought the girl fame, and now its Internet audience has more than 3 million subscribers.

6. Alan Badoev

Famous clipmaker Alan Badoev, he graduated from Kyiv national University of culture and arts. Literally from the first year of a talented guy started to make interesting short films, for which has repeatedly been awarded prestigious prizes.

Closer to graduation, Alan became interested in the process of creating music videos. This activity brought Badoev real fame in the post-Soviet space.

Alan Badoev became the leading 1st season of "heads and Tails". Then he worked together with his wife Jeanne. But the work on the project, he was able to devote a little time – just one season. In the words of Alan, to all fault its excessive employment.

In 2012 Alan and Jeanne Badoeva divorced after 12 years of marriage. Currently, Alan has been creating music videos for stars of the Russian and Ukrainian pop music.

5. Zhanna Badoeva

Jeanne is the first education – architect. She also received the Director's specialty, where she met her future husband Alan by Badaeva, which was the first co-host in its author's project "the eagle and Reshka".

After 3 seasons of a travel show, Joan made the decision to leave the program, explaining it is impossibility with such a tight schedule to spend more time interacting with the children.

Jeanne now lives with her new husband Basil by Melnichny in Italy, but its more travel projects occasionally appear on national television.

4. Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova graduated from the State tax Academy, but even while studying in this University girl understand that he wants to tie its fate to the TV.

In 2008, the network has created a project about fashion, during work on which Mary met Roberto Forged, making it subsequently participated in the organization of his fashion show in Russia.

In 2014, Mary accepted the offer of the leadership of the TV channel "Friday", concerning its participation in the new project "heads and Tails. Shopping". In this podcast, leading just as well flip a coin, which will show who of them will go shopping having a card with an unlimited limit, and who will go shopping with 100 dollars in his pocket.

3. Evgeny Sinelnikov

Eugene does not like much to talk about myself. It is not a public person, unlike other leading travel show. However, his contribution to the development of the project is difficult to overestimate – since 2011 he is directing the program.

In 2014 on the TV channel "Friday" has started the new season of the program, which was called "heads and Tails. Undiscovered Europe". Eugene used to exist behind the scenes, tried his hand as a lead in a duet Regina Todorenko.

At the end of the season 9 Sinelnikov returned to the position of Director of television.

2. Anastasia Short

This girl was born in the city of Donetsk. She received choreographic education.

Nastya came to the project "heads and tails" in season 6. Co-host of the girl became her lover Andrew Poor.

After season 7 the transmission of Anastasia left the project in connection with the departure on maternity leave.

1. Andrey Bednyakov

Poor Andrew graduated from the correspondence Department of Kharkiv University of internal Affairs. While studying at the University, he actively played in the WHC. Over time, charismatic guy decided to try his luck in the capital of Ukraine, where he subsequently quite successfully starred in the popular sketch Comedy show "Big difference".

Andrew Poor people came to the project "heads and Tails" in the second season. There he led the transmission paired with Jeanne badoeva.

Starting with season 6 Andrew leads the program together with his wife Anastasia Short. They got married in 2014, and a year later they had a daughter, Lada.

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