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10 fashion antitrend in 2019


Many women sleep with a Cosmo like a Bible. Crisp bright glossy pages – a guide to modern beauties in the world of gloss, great taste and fashion trends. I'd like to keep their individuality and stand out from the crowd, but to do so in the framework of General global trends.

People began to forget that the man makes the clothes and not Vice versa. So instead of working on their inner world, they buy a ton of seasonal clothes in the new year may already be unfashionable and irrelevant. So, unnecessary clothing (and wasted money) fly in a landfill or, at best, are given to orphanages and the poor.

2019 the current year will be no exception for fashionistas – are already actively updated and published lists of upcoming antitrend in clothing, accessories and shoes.

We also prepared 10 things that will lose relevance in 2019, despite the obvious practicality or pleasing appearance.

10. Leather leggings

This antitrend we miss certainly will not. First, dressed in leather own human skin cannot breathe and sweat well, and it's bad for health. Secondly, buy leggings real leather is very expensive for the average person.

In addition, chubby ladies in such clothes walking is not recommended, because all the folds very tightly obligada and protrude. Well, the last argument against leather leggings will be the fact that they are rather a bit late – 2 years all who are not lazy tight fitting in the vulgar and impractical skin.

Just really wants tight clothes, it is best to choose straight cut pants, or leggings fashioned from latex.

9. Clothes in the linen style

Boudoir dresses and suits will be wasted this year. Women learn modesty – no need to carry on people the clothes that it is advisable to flaunt in front of her husband at home.

The loose cut of this, of course, commendable. But through the thin fabric translucent linen suits all your bulges and curves, drawing completely inappropriate animal interest men. And then ask, and who will love my soul? Well, the New year – it was the last chance to sport underwear style.

8. Black trench coats and coats

Of course, the classic black color is a safe bet. He flatters any hair color, and blush on your face, baby fat still slimming. But during the riot of spring colours black color at the top of clothing is gradually disappearing into oblivion.

Get rid of coats, trenches and coats slim style in black color. Also do not forget that relevance is losing and oversized outerwear. This year will be a fashion cage and predatory print, but if you stick to the classics, note the trench coats Burgundy, camel or sand color.

7. Oversized coats

Separately "in the furnace" leave things without dimensions in which our lovely ladies lose their femininity and natural grace. Oversize go, but they are replaced by tight clothes – coats, pants, socks and other garments.

Designers advise women not to mask your figure and get rid of the problems so that you can wear elegant and beautiful garment. And these coats and jackets with extended shoulders gravitate more to men's style.

6. Skins jeans

Skinny jeans turned out to be obsolete. Fashion slim fit kept no less than 10 years, so time to get rid of common trends.

In fashion in 2019 will be extended bananas and cigars, Boyfriends. And yet, surprisingly, will return the signature flared from the hip or knee – this style "butterfly" is projected this spring.

Now tapered trousers and leggings will be an attribute of the sports style, why we do not recommend to wear them at the fashion party or fashion event.

5. Sweater dress, tight sweater

Followed by hipsters in oblivion going and dress-socks which literally stick to the body. In the world of oversized sweaters and sweaters is not going to overcome and stylish sweatshirts and boxy tops only gaining momentum.

So push the wardrobe away dresses SKIF sweaters, and slinky, as well as other types of elongated jackets with pronounced texture. The trend is high-waisted trousers, which are perfect cropped sweater.

4. High heel

Slim figure and long legs – that's the beauty of the nature, therefore, not necessarily visually "lengthen" with the help of gigantic heels.

First, many girls 10-12 cm heels walk like a grasshopper or a wounded deer. Secondly, this height puts tremendous pressure on the knees and spine, what goes around comes around dopey fashionistas just a few years. And third, men in recent times because of their inactivity "crushed", so you simply will be much higher than his cavalier, and it's not really feminine.

Fashion thickened low heels and "wine glasses". Also out of fashion sneakers and boots on a high platform.

3. Chokers

This accessory circulates in the fashion space, surfacing every 10 years. The last time the chokers came back to us in 2016 and as much as 3 years have emphasized the graceful neck of the fair sex.

In 2019, the stylists suggest to go for a more natural decoration with natural elements. Those stores that did not manage to sell all of the purchased chokers will draw you in to the various marketing ploys. You know that the jewelry was out of fashion even in the winter.

2. Caps complicated styles with decor

Remember, as adults and small paraded with oversized hats decorated with various decorations: ears, buboes, brooches, appliques, painted beads, POM-poms etc.? All these "difficulties" in the performance of accessories in the past fashion season.

This year's welcome minimal decor and a certain concision in style. Decorate the hat can be stylish logos and letters, nothing more.

1. Uggs

Good old uggs, finally, outlived its usefulness. How many years we could still flaunt in these voluminous and not always warm "boots"? High fashion leads to the development of Handicrafts, so many ladies are disappointed by the quality of the fakes.

This year replaced boots, army boots, cowboy boots, and ankle boots. Graceful women's leg should look elegant and petite uggs that is clearly not conducive. In addition, this free shoes deform the foot and leads to back pain.

In pursuit of fashion, remember that clothes are designed to "dress", what is its main function. Always choose what is convenient and comfortable, does not interfere with the movement and nicely conforms to the body.

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