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10 actors of the series "Daddy's girls": then and now


The sitcom "Daddy's girls" was broadcast on the channel STS from 2007 to 2013, which is 20 seasons, 410 series! It is worth noting that the series was very popular and, thanks to him, the CTC has repeatedly won first places in ratings. "Daddy's girls" 4 times received the award TEFI. Without any doubt we can say that this project is very successful.

Although at first glance the plot of the series is pretty simple. The viewer becomes witness to the "tragedy" of a man who throws his wife. He forced one to raise 5 daughters. Before anything like on the screens was not, maybe that's why the sitcom was loved by the audience.

It is interesting to observe the life of an ordinary family, ordinary girls and their father. Many girls watched the show and found out in heroines, but the series is not just for children. He had adult fans. This series helped parents better understand their child, because all of the stories from the show could happen in real life.

In this article we will talk about the actors "Daddy's daughters". You will be able to remember what they were at the time of filming, dreamed and fulfilled their dreams. Below is a ranking of actors of the series "Daddy's girls": then and now.

10. Andrey Leonov

Andrew followed in the footsteps of his famous father, but the fame he sought for a long time. Only after the release of "Papa's daughters", where he played a large father Sergey Vasnetsov, Leonov found out what the real viewers love.

Andrew has played so well his role that soon became known as "Chief dad of the country". That's only the Leonov did not share the enthusiasm of the producers.

Filmed quickly, the actor could not stand too much pressure. Several times he left the project, then at the request of the audience and the producers back again, so Sergei may not be present in every season.

Major changes during this time in the life of Andrei did not happen. It looks the same as before, maybe a little older. He continued in films and TV shows.

9. Nona Grishaeva

In the seventh season "Daddy's daughters" appears the girls mother Lyudmila. Dad never forgave her infidelity, he leaves, and mom is left alone with her daughters, with whom she will establish a relationship.

It seems that time has no power over this actress. She absolutely has not changed. Nona Grishaeva all also starred in the TV series and movies, plays in the theatre, she even tried him in the lead. Some time the actress was "Saturday night" on channel Russia-1.

8. Miroslava Karpovich.

Karpovich played eldest daughter Mary. When she came to the project, was 5 years older than the heroine. She graduated from the school-Studio of MKHAT.

The heroine Karpovich – a young girl, windy, even a bit silly. But she is very beautiful, many girls-TV viewer wanted to be like her. With years of Miroslav is worth. This is not cute Masha, a beautiful young woman.

By the way, after the filming of the series Miroslava color and became a blonde, not so long ago returned to his former hair color.

Fans were very excited, according to them, the dark color is the actress much more. Now Karpovich is more concerned about her modelling career, although still dreams of playing in the movie.

7. Anastasia Sivaev

Anastasia played the role of girl-goth Dasha, Vasnecova. This character is very liked by the audience. Sivaeva was 16 years old. Due to the filming of the sitcom, she had to finish school without attending lectures, time to study.

The actress grew up together with his character. Dasha threw the goth culture, got married and had a child. Sivaev recognized that it was especially hard to play the pregnancy.

The actress has certainly changed since she became a real lady. True acting career Anastasia is not specified. There have been several attempts, but now she never removed. What exactly does a girl no one knows. She must have left your dreams of fame and lives a normal life.

6. Daria Melnikova

Fans of "Daddy's daughters" used to see Daria. She played Tomboy Eugene, staring into space. This role made Melnikov celebrity and teen idol.

Dasha not only starred in the sitcom, she has participated in other projects. After the series, Melnikov continued to appear. Her career can be called a success. She had several leading roles, she starred in the TV series and movies.

Here are just fans of "Daddy's daughters" will hardly know Daria. Now it's completely different. However, the sporty style she never really liked. Now this girl is a real beauty. In 2014, she even got a rating of "100 sexiest women of Russia".

5. Elizabeth Arzamasov

The girl played Galina, Prodigy. Then the acting talent of Elizabeth highly enough. Not every child is able to play such a difficult role, Arzamasova did great.

Now it is clear that this girl is very talented. She played a few roles in films and TV shows, participated in various shows and even shot two videos. Yes, Elizabeth decided to pursue music.

As for the exterior, this charming girl quite unlike the Galina. She grew up and has improved greatly.

4. Ekaterina Starshova

Button nobody could leave indifferent. This little girl who possessed a firm and purposeful character. Catherine started acting 6 years old. Soon she became a real star. Learned it in school, on the street, asked for an autograph.

She played a few bit parts in films, starred in advertising. In 14 years came on "Dancing with the stars." Catherine is now 17 years old. Of the Buttons she turned into a young beautiful girl. Acting career does not attract Starshova, she likes to skating.

3. Philip Pale

In the sitcom Philip played the role of student "Bauman". Veniamin Vasiliev – Botanik, which with all my heart fell in love with Dasha.
The actor got a lot of fans, it began to learn on the street. That's just before filming Philip studied at the Institute named after Shchukin on one 5, then the study time was becoming less and less. The result is blue instead of red diploma. However, this did not prevent the Pale as the actor.

Philip is now 30 years old, knows the whole country. He regularly appears in the new movies and TV shows, where it plays a major role. Of course, now Philip even remotely resembles a lanky student with a Broom.

2. Mikhail Kazakov

Fans of the series Michael was familiar. Previously, he played a newsreel "jumble". In "Daddy's daughters", he played Ilya Polezhaykin, fan Galina. The Cossacks gave the impression of a guy who doesn't dream about anything except food. In fact it is not. During filming the actor lost 20 pounds, and also played sports.

Michael admitted that he never wanted to be an actor and not going to develop in this area. He is now engaged in business, but from time to time it can be seen as a showman and presenter at events in his hometown.

1. Alexander Samoilenko

Alexander played the role of a family friend, a dentist of Andrei Antonov. The actor became famous even before the release of "Papa's daughters", but it is undeniable that the sitcom brought him immense popularity.

Now the actor known to all, he starred in many movies, TV shows. In the past year on the screens released film "Salyut-7", where Alexander played a major role. Outwardly, Alexander has not changed, although the time does not spare anyone.

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